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  1. Well, heres my thoughts on it... First, I believe time travel to the past is impossible. Paradoxes (besides grandfather) - You cannot alter the past in any way ( all you can do is change the past into what has already happened, since you are a direct product of what has happened in the past) example - you go back in time to accomplish a mission. However, you will fail, since what you needed to accomplish has not been accomplished already, that means that you didn't change the past from that horrible fate (lets say the holocaust) so that means you fail. 12 monkeys is a good example. Alternate realities - by time travelling you 'create' an entirely alternate reality, thereby giving you the godlike power to go back in time and change anything you want and not have to worry about your memories or very existence. However, this is probably not possible. You wouldn't be able to create an alternate reality just based on time travel alone. Where would it be? Would it have to be created in an alternate universe? This is why I believe time travel to the past is impossible. If you want a story that involves no paradoxes, I would look into Bill and Teds excellent adventure. The_One
  2. Re: On the consistianices of M modified My god, will you talk normally for once? Basically, space is a near perfect vacuum, and unless after emerging from the wormhole earth is obscured by a nebula or a close star, this theory will work. So, my advice to you, if you want PEOPLE who speak ENGLISH to UNDER-STAND YOU (you) U YOU ET AL SIGN COSINE BS OF SAID BSING then I suggest you type in standard ENGLISH form. The_One
  3. You mean wormholes? That is what I am suggesting. A wormhole can be created out of jupiter, you just compress jupiter to 5.65 meters in diameter, give it a negative charge, and compress it a little more. Then it will collapse in on itself and create a wormhole. To keep it open, you need some exotic matter (superstring theory?) but thats basically how to create a wormhole. The_One
  4. Thank you for pointing out these problems. Nobody else seems to want to point out any problems with this theory. As for the time delayed sophistication, I think its possible. Things in space are really clear, since light doesn't get distorted in a perfect vacuum. I think its a real possibility, since our techology advances increasingly faster as time progresses, so that the distance-technology threshold will be crossed. The_One
  5. wasnt that the idea at the end of 'men in black' ? lol it was funny too, since the 'master' aliens looked like the typical stereotype of 'the third kind' The_One
  6. Ah, good point! How do we know, too, that the vessels are unmanned? Well, basically, if they are carbon based they should have a life span of about 30-200 years. (assuming the minimum average age required for them to develop organized brains and be able to reason) So, if they come here from the nearest star (vega) it takes them 26 years (at the speed of light). Similarly, to get back takes another 26 years. However, most scientists believe no life exists near vega. Therefore, if the aliens come from a star system 5000 light years away (the other side of our galaxy, the milky way) then they would take 5000 years (travelling at the speed of light) to get here. BUT, if they started coming here 5000 years ago, they would have no idea of human existance, since for our signals to reach them we would have had to send them out 10000 years ago! Anyway, this might explain why they come and then dissappear. Imagine their suprise to find life already existing on this planet they thought to colonize! The_One
  7. I was merely trying to make the point that Creedo is blocking progress by his act of 'oh look at me I type funny so I must be an alien.' The_One
  8. Re: Igor! I've got it Igor! Light Speed is possible!!! dude, everyone knows light is made of photons! Also, we all know that every particle has a wave nature, and every wave has a particle nature. Why dont you read The Elegant Universe, or Einstein's Brainchild. Particles may act as waves, provided they have the right mass. Guess what, light is as close to zero mass as you can get. So, it is made of 'particles' but it acts like a wave! I thought you knew these things, but I was wrong... The_One
  9. I have a question about Roswell... what if the government invented the "alien" myth to try to spread rumors of how great and top secret they are? What if it really WAS just a boring F-4 hornet crash that spread stuff all around, and they didnt want to be so embarrased about having a good pilot killed for absolutely no reason whatsoever they invented this 'alien' conspiracy just for a temporary coverup, except it blew out of control? That would be very possible... The_One
  10. DUDE DROP THE ACT AND GET A LIFE your not an alien the world will not end aliens have not taken over the world there is no spoon oops, that last line is a mixup. GOD CREEDO SHUTUP FOR ONCE YOUR JUST GETTING IN THE WAY OF REAL PROGRESS You and your stupid stories that you put out there are distracting everyone from the real point of this forum which is : RESEARCH INTO REAL ALIENS Everyone can see your making up all your stories. Please stop, they are annoying and we only want to spend time on theories that are backed by considerable evidence, not just one eyewitness (you). Anyway, a point to all of this is that we should actually start to focus on posting about aliens that are affecting the earth in a visible manner. The_One
  11. RAY GUN? dude your living in the 50s ray guns are out man. The new things are portable rail drivers! Launching aluminum projectiles at near light speeds is the way to go now, not these stupid ray guns that take forever to kill people. Just hit them with a rail driver and BAM guts all over the place, you need 2000 pounds of lysol to get the stuff out. Anyway, Creedo, your story sounds bogus. I dont even think there is a word such as biotelephaic. Your full of @#$% Creedo, so shutup about your alien parents. The_One PS Ptaah sounds like the sound you make when you scoff at something, ironic isnt it?
  12. Hey Creedo, please tell us about your alien daddy! The_One
  13. how can you change what you saw? What you change it to would be what you saw in the beginning, since what you saw is the future and when you look back you would still see the future. Its like the paradox of the past. You cant change the past, because the past has already existed. If you changed it to another past, a different you would exist, and you wouldnt have gone back and changed the past, but then you WOULD have gone back, but then you wouldnt... The_One PS by the way, you cannot see "versions of the future", thats only in movies. There is one future, defined as the outcome of the events of the present.
  14. Re: Igor! I've got it Igor! Light Speed is possible!!! *sigh* Basically, what you need to understand is that we know what light is. Light (made of massless photons) travels in a wavelike pattern since it is not really a particle. ( a particle has mass, which is why it travels in a straight line.) So basically what you have is mass that has gone to the speed of light and has turned into pure energy (light... duh) and disinegrates when it hits something solid. Now, I know what your thinking. "If this is true, the universe should be gone, since we have been making light for billions of years and disinigrating it!" Well, black holes absorb light, They then funnel the light into the singularity. The energy inside the black hole sometimes leaks out in the form of radiation (antiparticles and particles suddenly pop out of space near the outside edges of the black hole) and it dissapates into the universe. So you see, its an endless cycle! Also, all these time travel theories are easy to disprove because there are certain basic laws of physics that they are breaking (energy conservation theory is one of them)! The_One
  15. ah, please look at my posts in the time travel forum, the ones dealing with seeing into the past but not going there. The_One
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