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  1. My theory is that rotating magnetic fields mess with electronic devices such as digital clocks.
  2. Time travel does not violate the law of conservation of Mass. No mass is created or destroyed it's just moved from place to place along the time line, much the same as teleportation would move an object from place to place along the a physical plane. Time travel does ofcourse mess with the bucket theory, as it changes the total mass occupied by the universe at any given point of time.
  3. I believe the paradox causer will just be removed at the point of travel... a lot easier to destroy a man than a universe.
  4. Wow that is funny, someone had the Username John before me and I think I got credit for his posts.... because my e-mail most definately is not [email protected] and I didn't even know about this site until 2003. Also in some of his posts the other John uses language that I would not use ever under any circumstances. I wonder what ever happened to the other John, who has a much dirtier mout than I..... oh well.
  5. "it would be impossible to wipe the memory of everyone person on earth." chronohistorian No it wouldn't, it would take a long time but it could be done. Just declare a millitary state round everyone up, maybe set one person per town incharge of altering the memmories of the people, erase all memory of the millitary state and whatever else you wanted people to forget and violla. Ofcourse I understand that some people will hide or escape, but when 67,999,999,572 people say that Abraham Lincoln was the founder of the United States of America and 428 people say it was George Washington, those 67 billion or so are going to think the 400 are insane or stupid. Besides many of the people wouldn't need to be brainwashed, such as young children, people who are allready deemed insane, and anyone who did not have knowledge of the event or thing the government chooses to erase. Besides, you said that they erase peoples minds in the past, now I'd assume that a government that can regulate 68 billion can handle all of our tiny 6 billion with no problem. The government could come tommorrow and make it seem as though they have been in control for all of time to the few of us who dwell in a little thing I like to call the present. Keep this charade up for a few years until the 68 billion see the governmental leaders as all powerful immortal entities that can not be challenged or stopped. My point is though the government is chosen by the people it still must be controlled by the people or else the people don't matter. And I don't care how you justify it changing the memories of another human person is just wrong.
  6. I agree, unless you had a machine that could travel instantaniously through time and space. Or if you had a machine that would take you to any point at which that machine existed, you would definately need some sort of anchor or else some means of facing the cold emptiness of space. I whole heartedly agree with what you are saying.
  7. This plan could never work. When you go to check for the plans and they are not there you will never build or look for plans for a time machine, because you assume you will never have these. In effect stopping you from building a time machine even if you would have normally. This experiment is time travel suicide and should not be performed.
  8. Re: Three more methods for the list Before I add them to the list I would like to know a little more about the Alpha-Omega Points Theory and the Kassimir Effect. But I am becoming very proud of this list which is up to 10 possibly 12 theories for time travel. :) 1. A tesseract (wrinkle, or tear, in time) 2. Black Hole, White hole, Worm hole (or any other condensed matter warping space and or time.) 3. Faster than light travel 4. Suppernatural event (including ghosts, magic, and visions of the past.) 5. Anti-time particles (which travel backwards through time.) 6. Susspended animation (or long sleep.) 7. Mind/Will Power 8. Temporal Displacement (due to Gravity) 9.Slowing down light, with extremely low temperatures (almost absolute zero) 10.Prime Temporal Point state (acheiving a dimension past time, theorized to be the fourth dimension)
  9. Wow if you really are from the future it sounds like it's about time to realease a movie based on 1984. Alot of the stuff you said sounds really kinda Big Brotherish. "...no one is allowed to go back in time without the goverment's permission..."chronohistorian. What qualifies the government to choose who can go back in time. I don't know about the future but in the past and today the governments of the world have been very corrupt. Assasinations and powerplays occur constantly without much concideration for what may come. "If the government wanted the time guards to change time then they would be stupid because after they change something a completely new government could be voted in or the leader may never have existed."chronohistorian Well greedy people are stupid. And you must not forget your government leaders can be or become greedy and corrupt. If we forget this we are only setting ourselves up for a ruthless and dangerouse dictator. He who buys friends with gold will find such allegiances so bought so sold. "...because if they haven't got permission they are most likely terrorists" Ya or the government is trying to cover up something and they know and he knows he can expose them. It is not a new idea for a government to label any who oppose them a terrorist or a criminal. "they wipe the memory of that incident from the mind of that certain person" This sort of technology should never exist. With the power to alter human memory you don't need a time machine to change history. The government says something is so, then they change they alter the books and memories of everyone, and it is so. Or at least everyliving person on the planet believes it to be so.
  10. I read it on Yahoo News, it may be more credible than you think. It may even be more credible than the 2 inch identicle belly dancers who did not have a shadow. If you can believe that. But seriously there is a link in one of these posts, I think it may have been mine that will take you to the Yahoo News version of the story. I hope that helps, I myself am working on a novel, that drug me to this site, I just have a few history details to work out and it will be all but writen. Once again good luck.
  11. John


    What's on Second, I dont know is on third.
  12. Doing something over and over again expecting a differant result is the deffinition of insanity. Just in case you were wondering.
  13. "1. it will seem like you traveled into the furture because the farther away you get from earth and teh faster you move the slower you age, so you will get back to earth and it will be older and you wouldn't be." Keven Where is the proof of this, that is an untested theory. You can not argue with it. "2. you wouldn't be able to see where you were going because the way human sight works is, the light hits some thing and bounces back into our eyes, but if were moving at the speed of light, it would get back to our eyes until it bounce off of something and by then it would be too late." Keven That point was made in the original post. "3. You can look into the past, by moving faster than light and catching up to old light beams that bounced off the earth, then just turning around and looking at earth from where you are, mind you you'd need a pretty powerful telescope." Keven This point was also made in the original post and was a main driving force of the original argument. People you need to read before you comment.
  14. "I haven't studied Physics for a long while, so I could be wrong - but I don't think that the speed of light is actually an attainable speed." James Anthony The speed of light must be attainable, atleast in a literal sense. If not, how would light travel at that speed. We must not forget, that it was reletively recent that we discovered we could travel faster than the speed of sound. And not to long ago it was thought rediculous that anyone would own 1 billion of anything, we now have multi-billionairs. The farther along this path we call time we travel the more we will learn can be done. Faster than light travel is the next frontier, the next insurmountable boundry that will lead to great advancements in the world of science, with attempts at conquering it.
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