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  1. i believe this 100% but there is far more to this sham like why was there a cash or change shortage all of a sudden? never had one before in a pandemic like this and its what they are going to do with the vaccine i believe this will be where you will be required to take a microchip in your hand as a way to make you think yo are free of the virus ,so think about this virus and micro-chipping it is all linked to the fake testing soon they will force you to take this vaccine and with the vaccine that tiny chip thats already developed , they just havent developed that vaccine with no side affects yet
  2. if there is one it wont be in the public eye thats for sure
  3. if there is a prototype they would do anything to hide it from the public eye ,but i do believe there is a way and its not near as complicated as people make it to be ,physicists are trying to figure equastions that there is no answer to formulas they pull their hair out trying to figure out ,its all thinking inside the box ,they try to produce results by unnatural phenomenon which is more diistructful than helpful ,,it needs to be by natural phenomenon ,for example lighting and or static electricity you are not actaully forcing it to produce itself ,in a forceful manner ,even with a van de gragh machine or a tesla coil its all still natural ,scientist or physicist are trying to find a or produce a CTC closed TIME LIKE CURVE ,.but what they dont realize is they dont have to produce one ,they are already existing and most likely have been around for centuries physicists are trying to break the laws or defy them to break the laws of physics ,go beyond the speed of light which they believe has to be done to accomplish the impossible to make it possible the LIGO OBSOERVITORY has been detecting gravitational waves between the earth and sun producing X patterns ,i believe those gravitational waves are a key to unexplained phenomenon and play a big part in the CTC OR doorway to the past or future ,for example de ja vu ,WHAT CAUSES IT ? know one knows but im sure its connected with a CTC AND gravitational waves are on such a frequency that possibly only the human brain can detect the algorithms or frequncies it works on possbily on a specific wavelngh or frequency the key formulas are in frequency, wavelength, timing and detection i have experinced this in a mental state and its a very well repeatable event based on timing i believe its much more simple than they make it out to be ,moral of the story ,time travel can be acheived by working with and production of natural ocurrences not going against the impossible ,the ctc has been existing for decades which could explain alot of unexplanable events related to time travel
  4. there is one thing that makes me think its possible ,there is so much unexplainable phenomenon in the world unexplainable events just like for example when i was a child about 10 or 12 i pulled a digital alarm clock off the window onto my head ,the clock never worked again but i can keep good time without the use of a clock or watch if i need to ,and those days when it seems like time either drags or goes by fast ? well in reality it really is happening but some may realize it but don’t actually perceive it as really happening and think of it as just a figure of speech ,the THE MYSTERY SPOT in California for instance ,no real explanation ,defying the laws of gravity ,by natural phenomenon ,there is no equation no mathematical reason ,is that fiction? now think of time travel in the same sense ,to get the answer to a long time question is time travel POSSIBLE ? you must not look at the laws of physics ,no equations no quantum mechanics ,LOOK AT THE UNNATURAL LAWS OF PHYSICS ,its complete opposite ,what goes down will come up ,what goes left will go right ,what goes forward will also go backward ,natural phenomenon supports the unnatural laws of physics ,which in other words means it cant be explained ,and the more you try to figure it out the more confused you get ,maybe all this makes sense
  5. i believe that people make time travel more complicated than it really is especially the physicists,l,for get quantum physics for get wormholes and it does make sense thinking of a CTC AS parallel running horizontally thinking of 3 lines ,the past present and the future running side by side ,and the continuous time like curve overlapping to one of the three lines ,lets think of alternate dimensions running vertical ,space and time overlaps both horizontal parallel and vertical dimensions ,but here is the real interesting part think (natural phenomenon ) in our existence they both have been occurring for thousands of yrs even in peoples lives without any way to explain it ,for instance a time lapse ,time slips ,i know that there is a ctc that opens at a certain time of day in the evening about three to 5 hrs before sunset ,its open then it closes ,and it is not controlled by any human being ,form my experience you can go back to the past but you wont be able stay ,when the time is up and the sun is completely down ,it throws you back to the present and when you get back its like deja vu ,like was that real ? did it really happen ? i will have to say yes ,after the third time ,or third trip i figured out ,it wasnt a dream by any comparison of the word ,you can interact iwith people ,i dont believe you can change the past ,but its one heck of a ride let me tell you
  6. that an incredible theory and makes alot of sense but one thing ,i believe is the CTC already exists tome going forward and time going back with the present time running in the middle ,the three run parallel with each other and always have its all by natural phenomenon ,the things you just cant seem to explain ,any and all natural phenomenon is not bound by the laws of physics ,no matter how in depth you seek the answer it just cannot be found ,the CTC is not creatable by any machine but can be detected and the horizon at certain time of the days plays a big part in the CTC opening and closing but only around specific parts of the day ,specifically a few hours before the sun goes down and time dilation does occur 4 hrs in the present is like an hr or less in the past ,and the window is open till dark the ctc closes ,but dont worry when the window closes it throws you back to the present ,you wont be able to stay there
  7. i myself have experienced mental time travel ,and it does work and is repeatable and the ctc opens up at a certain part of the day ,i did it three times and it took the third time to realize that is what i was doing ,and it was not thru transfer of consciousness ,it is like you are physically there just as you are and still the laws of physics are not broken ,but when you are gone in the past its only for a short time and in the present time it seems alot longer ,and from what i have observed ,you can interact but i dont believe you can change the past ,the horizon and the X patterns CROSSING THE SUN and the time the waves hit the earth play a big part in this affect ,the firs time i went back to 1981 ,the second time was 1989 ,i watched myself talking to my friends when i was in junior high school ,thew third time was when i went back to nov of 2013 ,my father passed away ,i got to hug his neck before he died i got to tell him i loved im ,it was then i knew i could not change the past ,but i could relly interact ,i cant say it was a memory ,because when he past the first time ,i did not get to see him ,i believe mental time travel is a very cool experience ,the description of how it works lets say it 3 to 4 hrs till dark ,you lay down and its 6 pm and you lay down ,the doorway opens ______5p__6p__7p____8p___9p then the CTC or window to the past is closed ,in the present time ,the CTC opens ,for about 4 hrs ,now when its dark outside and its 9pm you arent able to stay there you are pulled back to your time ,
  8. well here is something that may give you hope in the possibility and its from my own experience ,i have time travelled in a mental state three times in the past ,its kind of like that move SOMEWHERE IN TIME with Christopher reeves ,not realizing i had travelled three times not realizing it till the third time and it was repeatable ,of course not all at one time ,but #1 ITS A NATURAL PHENOMENON we cannot control when the door way opens or closes ,#2 its opens at only certain times of the day which i estimate it has an affect to deal with the horizon affect ,lets say an estimated 2 to 3 hrs before dark < #3 time dilatation does occur i was gone for at least three to 4 hrs regular time estimated from about 6pm till 9pm ,when you lay down when the sun is going down and you wake up when its dark it seems like your mind is playing tricks on you #4 you cant control when you return ,whne the door closes you come back ,,you can interact with people ,i went back to see my dad before he passed away i was at least able to hug his neck before i died ,but the trip was very much worth it
  9. i believe physicists miss the whole thing and it goes right over their heads ,#1 they try to figure the calculations and look for that random equation to fit the explanation ,#2 i believe its very possible but only by natural phenomenon ,and it happens all the time everyday ,it doesnt take a vast machine and a large power source ,you don't need a machine to bend time ,when time actually bends every day at certain times everyday ,recently LIGO Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory detected gravitational waves between the earth and sun , these waves are what trigger the CTCs continuous time like curves on earth ,and i believe that these waves that hit earth bends time and space on earth ,from my experience and what i understand of it ,in the evenings with the sun going down and about 3 to 4 hrs of sunlight till the sun goes down on the horizon a the ctc bends over to our time by the time the sun is gone the doorway closes ,ive had the mental experience of time travel to the past and its nothing like a dream ,but i believe you can go back observe and react with others but the past is still unchangeable , but its an incredible ride like no other ,REMEMBERER ITS BY NATURAL PHENOMENON MORE on this story to be continued >>>>>>>>>
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