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  1. Re: Call me a sucker. \"Timetraveler_0\" My email address is [email protected]
  2. What about all of his pictures? The manual? His predictions? Im actually suprised people dont actively pursue this more. Maybe Im missing something?
  3. If so could someone please send me the link. Im very curious.
  4. Call me a sucker. \"Timetraveler_0\" If John exists he picked the perfect message board to post on there are enough unstable people here that his posts had minimal effect on our "worldline" as he so calls it. I happen to have the resources to find out if Timetraveler_0 is a hoax. I'm actually very curious as to why the webmaster hasnt taken it upon himself to find John as he would have access to his IP and could easily find out the general location he was posting from ect.. Anyway. Im currently looking for Timetraveler_0 's father. He left enough info that its very probably I will find him quite soon. That is if his posts arent a mixture of lies or half truths. Has anyone else had any luck in exposing John Titor?
  5. Please post John Titor's old screen name. It would help me out greatly. Thanks.
  6. Hi can someone please post John Titor's old IP I have the ability to find you now so if this is a hoax I would call it off. See you soon.
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