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  1. I wish more could understand this. JT picks and chooses what he reveals of the future....but it is ALWAYS said is such a manner that one can draw conclusions at will--or more to the pint--to fit the will of the person observing the "prediction." JT one one hand says he does nt want to involve himself but his very presence and his obvious need to be believed belies that in short order---as he continually teases and strings along the very people who want to believe him the most. If JT were for real, he would either 1) stay silent or 2) tell all. By doing a half ass job at neither leads be to think that he is a storyteller and nothing more.
  2. If one were able to travel back years, why not seconds, over and over and over. It would be possible to have an eternal orgasm. This is just practical, not meant to offend.
  3. People will believe anything. It doesn't take much. There is nothing whatsoever to support the claims made by John Tidor but that doen't make much difference. If you want "facts," you will not find them. They don't exist. Debate Time travel all you want. There is nothing wrong with that but the John Tidor story is baseless and losing steam daily. -DD
  4. This is just laughable No one seems to be interested in anything more than myth. This hoax has a life of it's own.
  5. This is a no brainer. True TT is an invisable action. There is no other way. The possiblity of ANY interaction with ANYONE in a particular time space WOULD alter the course of Time. The idea that someone would post on the internet for months and months and thereby risk changing a history is what makes the JT saga so implausible. I would venture that time travel would be very quick bursts of glimpses into the past or future. The Orbs, Ghosts, MIB, Shadow People, and other unexplained could very well be TT in manifest. UFO and other things could also be TT in a different time. Who is to say there is only one mode of travel if travel is possible at all? If one timeline is altered somehow, then the devepment of TT would by course take many varations. Perhaps some variations are faulty and less developed than others? How would someone know that I did not come from 10 years in the future simply because the limit of my vehicle is ten years? You don't. But of the hundreds of people who read this, there will be one or two who will recognize what the facts are. There are no gray areas in Time Travel. Does anyone see this? If a mistake is made and a traveler is lost, there is no way to even know where the problem was and no way recovery. It is a one shot thing and works or doesn't. Missing a "window" is hogwash. The universe is a place of order and is precise. Humans can't muck it up. I am not One. -DD
  6. This guy doesn't deserve notice. He is most certainly NOT John. John at least was amusing, this is just pathetic. -DD
  7. Your spelling is terrible. Has all this traveling done brain damage? Point I would like to mention, one that I have not seen anywhere else---on any BBS. What I believe is a crucial flaw in the JT hoax. The use of typewriters in 2036-2038. This is such a glaring mistake that it is hard to imagine a talanted writer (as the original Boomer is) making the error. Any futurist can see the problem with typewriters being "commonplace" in 65 years. When did all this massive typewriter production start? Where is paper coming from? Who is producing ribbon? Has anyone tried to buy a typewriter or find PARTS lately? Why exactly is Nebraska the central site for Government. Why are there "States" at all? JT main point is a community based and if that were so, "States" as we know them would more likely become territories. From what I know about fresh fruit, oranges are unstable and NOT suited for the type of commodity JT claims his family earned it's way. Why do you think there are such severe restrictions now on transporting that type of food? -DD
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