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  1. I really think this John Tritor is make believe, if he can do all this....why not show up in time square and demonstrate his ability. As usual another urban legend with no proof, just alot of words.
  2. I stand corrected I was referring to Steven machine in the above posting, but John's truck machine? Please explain why a time traveler so in tune with the law will act in such a manner? X
  3. I can see, people of the future are still as ignorant as the past. For someone who is so in tune with Universal Law, I am surprised you are acting in this manner. If John Titor accomplished time travel, then Im sure he can tell us the beginning of life on this planet, as well as the end. I dont know if the keepers of the law will allow this to happen. The mighty creator created the universe and the multi-universe and to allow humans to freely travel thru time is not scientifically correct. Mr. Titor, if you are able to travel in time, explain how you are able to safely appear in the present. For example: when traveling in this vortex, how do you know what is on the other side far as land, and if the environment is safe for you to breath. Flashing a laser and walking into a wall of light just isnt enough to safely travel in time. Also, is there oxygen in this vortex? How do you breath as you travel this timeline, Im sure there isnt oxygen in this vortex or tunnel. Please explain... thank you X
  4. Real or fake...look at the man in the right of the alien in the background. All filters of this photo shows heat coming from the body as well as the man in the lower right corner. You decide X
  5. Mr_X


    When was this prediction, and where is the original posting?
  6. Well, Lets see...the Masons (A Luciferian - The Light) worshiping party. Many of the presidents in many countries are Masons. They gather in their lodges (Red and Blue) and practice ceramonies to Lucifer. The Masons have been around since the time of the Myans and possibly before hand. The woman pharoah Nefertiti and her brother worshiped the Sun God, in these days we call him Lucifer. Masons are dangerous, many of the leaders before us were Masons. The NWO is made up of all Masons. Sept. 11 was the beginning of the NWO, and soon a civil war will begin if the 2004 elections are tampered with. Beware of them, they are evil. X
  7. Mr_X


    Hello, I have a question, if this John Titor a TT, what computer system is he using when he time travel. Also, I would like some genuine proof of time travel and not words. It appears to be alot of typing and he said she said stories, but where is the proof? X :devil:
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