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  1. ahh the chicken or the egg ... the cycle of development ... I`d say outerspace came first because we seem to have lost the source code hence it has been around longer meaning outerspace has had more time to be misplaced. good question this one !
  2. Re: Wait until you see my time... yea wicked ... which book did you read ... I wanna read it too :yum:
  3. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh pop goes the bubble I was in. :P
  4. has maths or physics or archeology etc determined where Eden was ... ?? 😋
  5. script kiddes strike again ... :confused: they need a good johntitoring.
  6. ``Now from a scientific stand-point`` ``Let me start off from a religious stand-point`` Don`t forget the embarresment of the vatican with there Pope apology list (some public others still a muffled ehh yea sorry about that) ... Pope JP II to Bruno for example ... you being a God fearing soul will know what I`m on about ... read up on a another soul called Hermes T. and yes :) who the :devil: are you to burst my dreams ... not very positive that.
  7. "Imagine A World Where Dreams Come True... And Magic Is Real." :) That would be the world I`d like to live in ... with the odd unicorn close at hand ... that would be cool.
  8. come on then old man ... get on with it :devil:
  9. :yum: I thought that was a profound statement I was making on man-kind :D
  10. electricity ... wait till electronic drugs are available (plug into addiction and pleasure)
  11. good god (I`m not as religious as John) ... John has really created huge ripples with his stone (pictures and wisdom this time). Was the John Titor stroy ever disproved? you ask ... no I don`t think it has ... I think it has been more proved than disproved ... but a mule walks the path he knows no matter how hard you beat it ... Interesting.
  12. greetings Timetraveler_1 ... There is no mandate to destabilize American nationalism ... And what is meant by a ``time cycle`` ? no I am not John Titor.
  13. Re: Call me a sucker. \"Timetraveler_0\" proxy servers can block or even hide IP addresses ... maybe john has a satellite connection ... Nevertheless, good luck on the search.
  14. How interesting ... John you are back ... you appear on edge. I say we listen to JohnTitor ... John, keep it simple and non nervous.
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