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  1. Within the next three days and if nothing happens in three days i think we are good. Fingers crossed nothing happens. Thats my best guess.
  2. Ever since ive been here, back in 2003 ive noticed we all come together when something about to happen either global or time travel related. I feel this moment is now, i have no idea what it is or if it will happen. 0/ I will say nice family here been 12 years in the making ive been here for all of it and a memeber since 2003.
  3. Here the rest of the of the search i did there more. http://www.google.com.au/search?rlz=1C1CHKB_en-GBAU454AU454&gcx=w&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=010c010a11b01
  4. Looking up 010c010a11b01 found this http://www.youtube.com/user/roscojones134
  5. No idea maybe a backlash from some people on all counts. See if anything happens next, ive been read response post for him and its more question to why. What happens after coast to Coast if he gets on will be interesting to hear.
  6. Here you go http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=dvkmPiK6Pmw
  7. Darby can i ask how is Cherenkov radiation possible if a particle has never traveled at the speed of light and is Cherenkov radiation just a theory? Or am i reading it wrong?
  8. Maybe on all counts. The singularity will know all outcomes of everyone past just by searching records of there life. Maybe there is no paradox, If you dumb enough to go into the past and shot you parents or just separate them, wouldn't you just drop dead in the past and become a unknown person with no records. Here is a link as an example: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_people_who_disappeared_mysteriously Here is another http://www.thenewstribune.com/2011/09/17/1828414/washington-pair-missing-after.html http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/story/2011/09/19/mb-reno-air-crash-hewitt-winnipeg.html Wendy Hewitt is still officially listed as missing, though presumed dead. She hasn't been identified yet. Her family is in Reno, trying to find her. All answer are know in the future and recorded in time. Sadly time travel not all fully nice stuff. Copy paste link into new browser.
  9. When it happens everyone's entire life will be mapped from start to finish to the second, based on what you have done in this world in a matter of seconds. Including time traveling.
  10. Looks like it and it will make machine singularity in 2045 more interesting 0/ <a href="http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/science-news/8783011/Speed-of-light-broken-at-CERN-scientists-claim.html " target="_blank">http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/science-news/8783011/Speed-of-light-broken-at-CERN-scientists-claim.html </a>
  11. Nice one http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/E/EU_BREAKING_LIGHT_SPEED?SITE=AP&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT 0/
  12. Found it today. US $3,500.00 http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Vintage-IBM-5100-Computer-1975-/170691932831?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item27be08329f#ht_500wt_922 Info about this item: The computer powers smoothly but it fails to load BASIC from the ROS card. It goes through initialization steps ABCDEFGHI and generates Error Code 18. The top cover screw holes at the back are broken :( Other than this cosmetic imperfection, the system is in beautiful condition. cheap? 0/
  13. Time travel without moving. Just an idea Using a 5th dimensional device you can move space and shift time around you. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NbsYiq0OJe4&feature=related Using a 11th dimensional device you can move parallel universe around you. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5VPKxCxSsRk&feature=related I know the contact movie. Oh yer dune as well. I know prove it you say. 0/
  14. Does Time Travel Elimantes Distance. http://www.youtube.com/user/ToonTopiaDanceClub#p/a/u/0/P7YcSTmNRzU 0/
  15. Ask your self lots of questions as to why and do lots of research. Thats what i do. 0/
  16. Joe DiMaggio top left? Real or Fake who knows. Maybe you can use the face recognizer. A must for all TT ers. http://www.redlasso.com/ClipPlayer.aspx?id=76170762-1d29-406e-ab1d-6805b532af1f Found some more pics :) http://www.freakingnews.com/Time-Travel-Pictures--754.asp
  17. Blair


    It's ok im the same when i get up in the morning and havent had my coffee yet. Darby not mean he just hates that i dont post a novel when i respond and wants to know what im thinking about all this time travel stuff.
  18. Blair


    Anything possilbe with cern up and running now. 0/
  19. Hope this helps https://blogs.secondlife.com/community/features/blog/2010/01/19/2009-end-of-year-second-life-economy-wrap-up-including-q4-economy-in-detail 0/
  20. Good rea dagain never gets dull. http://www.worldometers.info/ 0/
  21. Are you assuming he was telling the truth on all counts about all topics spoken about? One thing to take into account is that timetavel_0 is a real person, male or female the question is what part of the story is real and what it means to you on a personal level as time goes by. My topics of the disccusion made by timtravel_0 are, CERN Music I enjoy watching cerm as it unfolds. On the music side many of the people i work with make there own music at home a topic spoken about by timetravel_0. So some good points i got out of the hole so to speak topic no pun intended.
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