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  1. Large Hadron Collider Could Detect Extra Dimensions
  2. What happened with the emails you carried from 2001 to 1998? What communication did you have with the recipients? Why did the email senders observe reality changes? Have you been to this worldline's future? If so, what is it like? Does the 2015 nuclear war still happen? Have you prevented the death of the woman you love? Have you been modifying this worldline with the intention of staying on it permanently?
  3. Roy Orbison holds the record for me. First he was dead in 1988. Then he was alive again in the early 2000's, dying again within the year. Next I heard he died early this decade (being unaware of his second resurrection). Now he's back to being dead in 1988.
  4. If the police department released the full resolution color video, it would be easier to tell. It's common practice to degrade surveillance videos before releasing them to the media and the public. They don't want criminals to know how capable their systems really are.
  5. Sorry for diverging Paula. :) Faster than light might attain zero divergence. Some improved version of quantum teleportation could eventually allow information to travel to the direct past. There may be a problem with that though. Time itself may exist in multiple states, even inside of the same universe. Time travel (or time communication) could affect the past, but self-correct to avoid paradoxes and major shifts in reality. What do you think?
  6. I like the "Titoriffic" button BTW. One "f" will do though. :) [DOUBLEPOST=1412247997,1412247434][/DOUBLEPOST] Correct. After I experienced altervus (changes to my personal timeline) in 2001, MWI suddenly became the de facto theory. Titor claimed to be in contact with many scientists while here, apparently steering them in the direction we are on now.
  7. In my original timeline (pre-Titor), MWI was fringe science at best. Funny how things change.
  8. "Nostalgia Tours" would be in high demand. I think we'd be disappointed though. Old eyes might darken the beauty our young eyes once beheld. I have a long list of concerts I'd like to attend. Hopping forward a few years at a time also sounds good, just to see what happens next. A Chronovisor would be great! Witness the past and future, without mucking it up - Atlantis, a blue Mars, the grassy knoll, future descendants, etc...
  9. I understand the confusion. The email I sent never arrived on this "worldline" so I didn't get the information. Had Ryan also been able to send an email to another worldline, he would not have accomplished his goal of changing his personal past. The ripples I experienced were an unexpected (and unwanted) consequence.
  10. How about a text transcript? Quick and easy and we'll get the gist. Thanks!
  11. Sure. FTL is the only way to go backward along the same timeline. Not easy for a human sized object. Two entangled particles can be used as an on-off circuit. Changing the spin of one instantaneously changes the spin of the other, no matter the distance. This effectively achieves communication at faster than light speeds. Turn that into a radio signal and a message could be sent to the past.
  12. Faster-than-light communication (quantum teleportation) could solve that dilemma.
  13. If nothing else, natural time travel exists in the universe already. Hopefully we'll figure out how to harness it one day.
  14. Doh! I should have suggested that at the meeting. Now we have to send other travelers back to prevent the exterminations. The past is just going to fill right up! Where were you next week when I needed you!?! ;)
  15. Oh, God no! That was a tragic misstep in the franchise! :) See this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TivqZTq5u6Y The new doctor arrives on BBC and BBC America August 23rd.
  16. Only the most dangerous, time-traveling, cyborgs the Brits could come up with for 5 pounds each! Dalek - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Check out Doctor Who if you can. Every time travel fan should know The Doctor.
  17. I think it's a matter of expediency. They could be all over the past, present, and future but have no reason to reveal themselves to us. Either that or they all got a lecture that went something like this... "As you all know, one of our early chrononauts decided to go off mission, travel to various decades, and post on time travel forums all kinds of forbidden information. Anyone committing such acts will be EXTERMINATED before birth." Did I mention Daleks run the future? :)
  18. The silence is deafening. Crickets chirping, echoes in a cavern... To the questions: 1) John's posts are gone in the way that most of the 2000 - 2001 Internet is gone. However, archives can be found: here, here, here, and probably other places. 2) John stopped posting in March, 2001 because he left this "worldline" to travel elsewhere. 3) Although his stated mission was to retrieve a computer from 1975, he alluded to secret agendas that may have involved: preventing a Y2K disaster, stopping a second civil war in the United States, and avoiding a nuclear World War III. 4) Current location (in time and space) is unknown. However, his 16-year old version is living with his parents in an undisclosed location. According to the family's attorney Larry Haber, the family may have new information for us in November, as it seems nothing was delivered in July. Listen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0LJj6O02Ck for details.5) What happened is a mystery. Apparently, two versions of John visited this "worldline" according to this. The only common arrival date was December 28, 1999 - a few days before Y2K. I now present you with a treatise on the logistics of time travel... Time Travel: A Cautionary Tale Don't do it. Don't even think about it. I'm not kidding. You'll regret it. Just don't. :)
  19. You have my deepest sympathy for your tragic loss. Perhaps you will help make time travel a reality. Anything is possible. Please never give up hope.
  20. I stumbled upon the movie "Sound of My Voice" on HBO. I think it will especially appeal to the "debunkers".
  21. It's possible that we live in a finite multiverse where every universe has its own timeline. Interacting with the past in one universe would require something that's faster than the speed of light. Jumping from one universe to another would not have the FTL requirement.
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