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  1. There is a lot of time travel info on the internet, do a search on www.about.com , www.google.com , or www.dogpile.com for "time travel" "worm holes" etc... Also, a good book by Stephen Hawking titled "The Universe in a Nutshell" has a fair amount of time travel theory in it.
  2. In other words the universe wouldnt explode.
  3. Well i never read anything about computers or automobiles in the bible, but they do exist. And the only thing about space in the bible is probably the line about creating the heavens and the stars. Are we playing god with space travel technology? What exactly is "playing god"? If it is the pursuit of perfectionism and exploration, then I would say we are already doing that. Umm do you know god personally? When did he tell you this? God is supposed to be the most powerful force in the universe - how can a human comprehend that? We wont be playing god until we are gods. We could be considered gods compared to every other species on the planet, but in the total scheme of things are we really all that powerful? Yes time travel could cause major problems, but we need entertainment dammit! Maybe people are sick of reading sci fi books and want to have a real adventure, and possibly blow up the universe in the process... :D
  4. I was reading about the Bucket Factor Theory: "A commonly ignored obstacle to time travel is the simple fact that the universe can only hold so much matter. This is commonly referred to as the "Bucket Factor" by our engineers. Imagine zat zee universe is a bucket. zis bucket is full of water to zee brim. Zuppose now that a time traveller from zee future arrives in zis universe. Pretend zat your fist is zee time traveller. Plunge your fist into zee bucket. Water spills from zee bucket. You have just filled the universe with more mass zan it can zupport. You have just exploded zee universe. Zat is not good. And what of the universe zat the time traveller has just left? Zere is now less mass in that universe zan zere should be. Zee inevitable conclusion is zat zuch an action would cause and immediate black hole zat would swallow zee entire universe. Zat is not good, either. " What i am thinking is that if time and space are actually the same (spacetime) wouldnt it just be the same as relocating material in spacetime rather than inserting more into space. In the end there is the same amount of material in spacetime it has just moved on the 4th dimension.
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