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  1. Looks like you need some more reading. You pointed at a chapter in Revalations. That chapter talks about what happens AFTER the second coming of Jesus. Do I need to point out about the rich man, Lazerus, who begged for his family members to know about Hell cause he was down there. Or how Jesus told the theif on the cross that once he dies, he will be with Him in paradise?? And for your other reply, let me rephrase it: Time travel WILL never happen. Better? :D
  2. Good post ScienceSpecs! I totally understand what you're saying about the Church and their "facts". And I'll head out to my schools library to look for one of those books. ;) Now don't misunderstand me, I'm all for science and technology. I love watching hi-res movies with a DVD player, playing online video games, and even playing my Playstation 2. And no, I have no where near the understanding of physics as you have mentioned - but how in the world can you change something that has already took place? You're telling me, someone will be able to go back to Septemeber 10th, 2001 and STOP the WTC attacks? I just don't believe it... :D
  3. I've been reading this message board for about a month now. I've read stuff that made me laugh, dumbfounded, or lose hope in mankind. Let me get right to the point. You CANNOT time travel. It's impossible! Humans never have or never will be able to. Let me start off from a religious stand-point. I'm a full believer in a loving, caring, all-mighty God that has sent His son down to earth so that we may be saved. And once we die, we immediatly go either to Heaven or to Hell (keep this in mind). Now, how is time travel possible when this is true? When you time travel to the past, you're actually playing God because you're bringing people back to life, taking their souls away from Heaven or Hell so that they are living again. That isn't possible! Some of you will say, "its possible. there are other worldlines with another you living there". Ummm, no. God mentioned nothing about creating a "multiverse" or "world-lines". So you're saying that in another "world-line" that Adam and Eve never ate the forbidden fruit? LOL! I could go on from a religious point. Now from a scientific stand-point. Time travel IS NOT possible. Now please forgive me, but I'm going to use the John Titor story as reference. I've seen the pictures this fella has posted. Let me use the picture where his "teacher" is showing him how a gravitational field is bending a laser light. The image quality of this picture is horrible! You would think by the year 2036, pictures would look a lot better with a high resolution to it. That picture looks like it was taken back when digital cameras first came out around 2000 with low mega-pixels. And the laser? I could make that laser bend into an image of building if I wanted to with PhotoShop. I could also go on and on about this but I want to keep this post short. I'm really sorry to burst your dream of time traveling, but it had to be done. :(
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