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  1. I wasn't being serious. I learned that information in elementary school but it is true that you have probably educated most of the people on this board.
  2. <FORM METHOD=POST ACTION="http://www.timetravelinstitute.com/ttiforum/dopoll.php"><INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME="pollname" VALUE="1065932464ScienceSpecs"> Do You Think John Titor is a Time Traveler? <input type="radio" name="option" value="1" />Yes <input type="radio" name="option" value="2" />No <INPUT TYPE=Submit NAME=Submit VALUE="Submit vote" class="buttons"></form>
  3. "People base theories off of the Theory of Relativity and the Theory of Evolution all the time." John Be careful of your logic John, you said "people base theories" which is exactly what they are-- theories. I am addressing the issue of when people write religious doctrine as an absolute, such as "time travel is 'impossible' because the Bible tells me so." By the way, thank you for writing the successive scientific steps regarding the transformation of an opinion into a law, I never learned them in any of my physics or quantum theory classes. I am not going to get into the subject of ignorance; however, I do believe the most intelligent people are those who are in continual search of knowledge.
  4. my previous response: "just to clarify I do not mind if people want to write whether or not the Bible is conducive to the possibility of time travel or not; however, it is very irritating when people get into squabbles over how to interepret particular versus." Considering the fact that I have a major in physics with an emphasis on quantum theory, I am very familiar with Einstein. It is a good quote that you offered; however, many people take this particular quote out of context. Einstein believed in a higher form of intelligence but was definitely not a Christian. In this quote Einstein was merely referring to the "cosmic religious feeling." Einstein's definition of the word "religion" is very different from those who would use his proclamation to assert his belief in the value and insight of traditional religious dogma/thought.
  5. Oh I am so sorry I could not discern your facetious attitude in your post. It actually really does bother me when people write totally irrelevant material on a public forum that is primarily directed towards science. I was merely directing it at you because I posted earlier to BringerOfTruth. There was no implication that I wanted religious discussions on a seperate forum, as I believe I was pretty direct with it. You obviously can write anything you want; however, I have the freedom to write my opinions as I wish. p.s. just to clarify I do not mind if people want to write whether or not the Bible is conducive to the possibility of time travel or not; however, it is very irritating when people get into squabbles over how to interepret particular versus.
  6. A lot of people on this board have been addressing the issue of religion in regards to time travel. The popular argument is that because Christian doctrine is not conducive to time travel then it is impossible. This argument is extremely misleading because of the fact that one must prove Christian doctrine as true in order to set up this particular argument. I would also be extremely careful with an argument of this structure because of the fact that if time travel is proved possible in the future (and most likely will) then Christian doctrine (based on the argument presented) will be proven false. I am just curious how everybody else feels about people on this board finding us ignorant because of our scientific views not correlating with those views contained in their religious doctrine.
  7. I am definitely not offended by theological discussions; however, I find them extremely tiring when the discussions should be regarding scientific inquiry rather than whether which interpretation of a certain Bible verse is correct. Regarding your question: "Can't I have beliefs in Jesus and in TT?" That is entirely up for you to decide whether you can or cannot believe in Jesus as well as the possibilities of time travel simultaneously.
  8. It is highly doubtful that time travel has already been accomplished. I am very interested to know why you would propose this?
  9. Why are you guys debating Christian doctrine on a time travel public forum? I believe there are some other message boards that you could post on where this topic would be more relevant.
  10. Just because something is not comprehensible does not make it untrue or impossible. Many people said that space travel was impossible; however, we managed to land on the moon.
  11. ScienceSpecs


    He didn't say an accurate prediction because he is not a time-traveler.
  12. Re: Call me a sucker. \"Timetraveler_0\" I am not sure why people are still talking about John Titor. People have already revealed that he most likely used the novel "Alas, Babylon" as a reference for his time era considering it parallels the book so handily. Basically the guy revealed no new knowledge on time travel, all of his logistics have been around for over 5-years now. I am also very skeptical of the fact that time travel would be developed in the next 33-years, let alone the next 100 years. About his predictions, there definitely will not be a civil war in the United States. Most likely there will be a World War within the next 20-years considering the tensions that have evolved between the nations of this world but I very highly doubt Russia would attempt to take on the United States as well as China (China is going to be a super-power within the next 15-years). John Titor's pictures are also very outdated for the year 2036, his "time machine" is hardly as advanced as it should look; however, I must say he really is well learned in theoretical physics. Basically John Titor is a liberal guy who had nothing better to do with his spare time. (p.s. if you still aren't sure if he is a real time traveler then I guess you will just have to wait until 2005).
  13. I have been reading these posts and found some of them quite enlightening. I have another theory to add the list that has already been presented. Not too long ago I read an article on CNN.com that presented the prospect of developing a time machine, or a time portal so to speak. In this article it talked about actually slowing light down to an extremely slow pace w/ two beams traveling the opposite way, and somehow resulting in space and time switching places. Here is an article from spacedaily.com about the proposition of using corresponding light beams to develop a portal. http://www.spacedaily.com/news/timetravel-01a.html
  14. Hello, I am not here to ridicule or make fun of you. I just want to give you a clear understanding of the church's scientific understanding vs. the scientific community's understanding of time travel. Throughout the centuries there have been many different understandings of how the earth is shaped and travels through space. It was in fact the church who kept up the theory that the earth was both flat and was the center of the universe. This seemed valid in theory considering that our speculation showed us that we did in fact live on land that was flat and the sun seemed to be traveling around the earth. The church held these so called "facts" up to the highest degree-- even executing those who questioned or denounced them. Today obviously no one believes either of these, we now know that the world is round and the earth travels around the sun. Now if you could look at it the same way we view time, you notice that our perception of time could possibly be very wrong. Even Stephen Hawking, one of the most famous theoretical physicists in the world, stated that time travel is very possible. I would suggest reading "About Time, Einstein's unfinished Revolution" by Paul Davies or "Time Travel: A New Perspective" by J.H. Brennan to look at the properties of physics that actually allow for the development of Time Travel technology. To make the statement that time travel is "impossible" makes your opinion directly contradictory to some of the most intelligent theoretical physicist in the world and I highly doubt you are anywhere as well learned in the area of physics as they are (no offense, but really who is?). Your John Titor reference is a faulty analogy, John Titor was most likely a fake and a very great storyteller. Considering this you cannot say because John Titor's story is fake that time travel is not possible. Sorry to say but you did not "burst my dream of time traveling" but only allowed me to realize how disillusioned people are by theology and the liklihood that we would not be as technologically advanced as we are today if we relied on the bible as a scientific reference.
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