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  1. How many "others" did the "leap" here with you?
  2. I agree that the term covers tons of things which is why it is being misused. Covid-19 is what should be being tested for but who knows what they are testing for at this point. I think that it is a health issue, maybe not a pandemic but still an issue due to public unknowns and newness of it all. The other issues that I see: When people are die and the data is collected are they labeling it as Covid 19 if that was not the actual cause of the death. In order for data collected to be used appropriately then the data needs to NOT have subjectivity. I have nurse friends who have told me that even if the person died of a heart attack which was not connected to Covid-19 but they were positive for Covid-19 then they were still labelled as Covid-19 for cause of death. This means that the hospital gets more funding and federal money. They are told that they have to do this. This inflates the numbers and causes crazy statistics and panic. When people are in the hospital and then released for any reason, there are protocols that are set up that the "releasees" are supposed to follow. They are supposed to be on a watchlist and/or quarantine for 2 weeks just in case of hospital exposure. For example, if an older adult returns back to their retirement community, they are put in a watch wing for 2 weeks before they can actually return to their living quarters. This is supposed to happen for all facilities but if they lack staff/funding/etc, do you really think they do this. Doubtful. The facilities were also supposed to lock down everything when it was first announced but most facilities did a limited lockdown and did not follow orders and have not had federal consequences for it. These two things could have reduced the numbers and deaths dramatically if people followed it. It is equivalent to having someone with any illness to go back to school or meeting or party. They have the potential to spread whatever bug/illness that they have and the remedy is stay home, drink fluids, and get better before going out. Makes sense if it is followed. Masks are helping but potentially in a long term negative way. Once the virus mutates enough so that the host stays alive and can function decently (homeostasis with the virus in a sense) then it will be similar to the chicken pox before vaccinations or like the flu. Everyone eventually gets it. It sucks for a week and then it's over typically due to immunity and antibodies getting rid of it. Occasionally, death or severe issues happen. This is one of the theories. Masks interrupt this though because it is slowing down the mutation and ability to get to homeostasis. NOTE: I am not saying that it is a good thing to open everything up or not follow guidelines. These are just theories that seem to have some soundness. Also, I am not saying that mask are not important or needed. Just that I believe they will have long term negative effects on what happens with all of this in some way, shape or form. Reopening will be in phases and we will continuously go forward and then back to previous phases. For example, summer camps were opened in some states and now one summer camp is causing that whole state to potentially shut all them down since they have bordering 100 kids and staff infected so far. Another example is restaurants and bars. They reopened and some are now permanently having to close due to staff getting it and exposing countless patrons. States are not going backwards after stepping forward. This will happen in schools in the fall too most likely so we will have them open and then switch to virtual school again at some point. This means we will forever be reopening. I think that there is more to this than mets the eye and media. A lot of things do not add up anymore plus other countries lie and hide thing so we cannot believe their data either. If our data is not accurate and the world's data is not accurate then we have no safe data to utilize. That is something that I have heard about with testing. The nurse that I talked to said they are told to do it to "save tests for people who have unknowns" meaning they can assume that he has it since his wife and daughter do. They however count as "seeing him" which means money for them regardless. Sneaky... Sneaky... I have also heard of places over testing people as well to help pad billing. I have a family member who runs the health center of a retirement community center. They are not over testing but their competition is. Her facility has a wing for potential exposures that are there for 2 weeks and they are tested twice (when they arrive and when the 2 weeks is up). The staff is also tested once a week as well to help make sure to stay on top of exposure from non systematic carriers. Their competition however is testing residents and staff multiple times a week and billing to insurance and federally for it as well. They will probably get away with it as well since the government is so focused on everything and nothing at the same time.
  3. In my opinion, the speed that they are doing the creation of the test and the fact that they are fairly new tests (like @Mayhem said) should cause pause for people. They have not had enough time to test them before they went out to the public and started mass production of them. I just hope that they do not do this for the vaccine for it. The tests have to be continuously modified as the new "versions" and modifications keep surfacing for the virus. These new versions that surface are normal virology but you cannot modify the test until the modified version has been found in a host. This means that more and more types of tests have to be used which means that the costs are higher. Think of it like the Flu test. You are tested for various strands of the Flu but that means that it is multiple tests: One for A, another for B, another for C, and one for D. Companies were eventually able to use one test in some capacity but until they did, the Doc guessed with one to do and if it was positive then ran the next one and so forth. This means that the individual could be charge for each test and not just once. Also, if someone is benefiting then they possibly have a large "acceptable" threshold. This means when they are being tested for quality control the defective lots can be deemed acceptable because they are within the "allowed margin or error". This leads to more people purchasing them for retests anyways and the company does not care that they are defective "a little". They make money either way. I used to make drug testing devices and did R&D and Quality Control for them in a lab. The threshold thing happens a lot more than you think. I ran a testing device and it failed multiple times for a certain drug. This means that the whole lot has to be scraped and lots of money lost. The higher ups deemed it passable and expanded the margin of error to get around tossing it all in various stages of production. Everything went out. About 6 months later, a complaint came in for false positives (we dealt with complains about devices as well). I was for the exact device that the high ups sent through anyways. The complaint explained that they use three of the tests and all showed positive for heroin and cocaine. They used a different brand of device and it was negative. The complaint explained that the "positive" tester has their kids taken away by the courts because of it and they were still in the process of getting them back with the tests that were accurate. My point is that it happens a lot and the CDC, FDA, etc are profiting companies for all of these things with the big Pharma companies as well.
  4. It was not really covered on the East Coast. The West Coast though seemed to have a little more coverage of this though.
  5. So everyone gets colds and the sniffles every so often, right? Everyone is miserable, has to take time off work or school, pollute our system with medications that make us feel funny, and hope that we feel better asap. What if I told you that an Austrian scientist, Rudolf Valenta, has created a vaccine for the common cold and it could be on the market in less than a decade!?! Rudolf Valenta is even to the point where he has registered a patent and is working on selecting the most viable candidate for testing. This development could be exciting and significant since Valenta is confident that he has figured out a way to block the human rhinovirus with a vaccine. Check out the science behind it and the article: A Scientist Just Registered a Patent for a Common Cold Vaccine I can see this as a good thing and a bad thing for our immune systems overall, but am interested to see how the human trials go and if it will work. Let me hear your thoughts!
  6. I agree with everyone said so far but the genetic aspect is possibly a factor as well in a round about way. It is more along the lines of biosocial criminological theory. Biosocial criminological theory states that crime and antisocial behavior can be explained by looking at biological factors (genetics, neurology, ecology, evolution, psychology, etc) AND environmental factors (exposure, location, guidance, etc). The theory then postulates that if you are genetically at risk, then the disadvantageous environment that you are exposed to will lead to high antisocial behaviors in turn leading to criminal activities. This theory also means that BOTH biological factors and environmental factors play a role. It is not just one or the other. I believe that this is more along the lines of what could have happened. I am not saying that this is the one and only reason but it is one of my theories behind how 4 youth could possibly do this to someone, especially someone that they knew and had special needs. There are other criminology theories that fit but we would need to know more about the 4 youth in order to quantify them, such as broken window theory and differential association theory.
  7. I have had all of soylent products before. And I can drink one bottle and feel full most of the day. I probably will drink it 6 times (half a bottle each time) per day because I always felt too full if I drank the whole one in one sitting. This might change once my body adapts to only having Soylent. We will see though.
  8. Halovesya posted a new blog entry A breathalyzer that can test for 17 major and common diseases https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1dhOaArOYdM Check this out! Have you ever wished there was a super easy way to detect diseases that affect so many people around the world? What if I told you that there is a new device that analyzes the chemical signature of the gasses that an individual exhales to detect and diagnose diseases!? Scientists from the Israel Institute of Technology have created technology that is now able to "sniff" out diseases and disorders. During recent trials, this device has been shown to be roughly 86 percent accurate. So how does it work? The researchers explained that they utilize a nano-array which consists of carbon nanotubes and gold particles. This nano-array then isolates chemicals from someone breath. These chemicals are called volatile organic compounds. They did this to 1,404 people and as stated previously was able to have 86 percent accuracy. Once the did the test on an individual, a computer with a trained algorithm was then utilized to recognize signatures of 17 different diseases such as ovarian cancer, kidney failure, multiple sclerosis and so much more. Essentially it is a disease-sniffing device with artificial intelligence just like a police utilize and train dogs to detect specific compounds. Same process but instead of a brain, it is an algorithm. This is very exciting for many reasons. I really hope that this becomes widely utilized for at least initial tests since it has 86 percent accuracy currently. This technology should only cost around $30 which would be very helpful for diagnosis purposes. Think about it. Most diagnostic tests that the medical field utilize are expensive, invasive and no always conclusive until you have surgery sometimes. This would revolutionize diagnostic testing is an amazing way. The scientists are hoping to have this on the medical market in about five years. What do you all think? Is 86 percent accuracy for the initial diagnostic testing fair for trails? How would this affect the medical field? See this post on the main site.
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  11. Halovesya posted a new blog entry Ghost Encounters, Part 1 The topic of ghost encounters is one that elicits a variety of reactions from people. We have non-believers, pretend believers, the maybes, the who the hell cares, the believers, and the experienced. Everyone has their individual opinion, idea or belief about ghosts, the afterlife, and the “other side.” I hope that what I am about to share with you will be met with the same respect we here at Curious Cosmos extend to everyone’s beliefs and that you'll have an open mind. This entry is the first in a series of seven in which I will go through various encounters that I have personally experienced and other ghost related encounters. These experiences include reflections, civil war hauntings, smells, sounds, full apparitions, and movement. I will provide times, dates and locations as well. On the date of all of these encounters, I had no way of recording them or obtaining proof. Some of my encounters, however, are very similar to others for that exact location, though, which should mean something. Right? Anyway, keep an open mind and open eyes. You never know what you will encounter. As a little girl, I remember frequently seeing translucent wisps over grass, around trees, and over the tops of buildings at night. They were only like three seconds of flashes most of the time, but I still witnessed them. When I was younger, I would ask others around me if they saw it because I did not understand what it was. Of course, no one else saw anything. When I would ask adults, I would get told that it was “all in my head,” “not real,” “just the sun/moon/fireflies”, and much more. Eventually, I stopped mentioning this to others due to the comments I received. I kept it to myself, but still saw them for a while when I was younger. As you frequently hear, I stopped seeing these wisps as I grew older. Maybe it was because I stopped paying as much attention. Maybe I was moving too fast with everything that I did and was a part of. It wasn’t until New Years Eve 2005 when I saw another wisp again. This was roughly eight years since I previously saw one. The exciting part of this evening was that someone else saw it as well! Let me give a little bit of background first, though. I was at a New Years Eve party from some old high school acquaintances that I still had. Most of the people there I did not care to see again, but I tagged along anyway. I was hanging out with someone I had known since middle school and who I trusted as well as a friend of his. They all decided to smoke in the woods behind the house and asked me to go as well. Long story short... The guys smoked and eventually I was left there alone with one of them talking. I did not feel threatened by him but he was drunk, and I did not know him. This was not a smart thing to do, but I was intrigued by our philosophical conversation about the “theory of God in religions.” We talked for awhile and eventually, I started to leave, mainly because I had to pee. He decided that it was not the time for me to leave and physically forced me to stay. He assaulted me, but did not get very far because a brilliantly glowing wisp came very close to us. He noticed it, and the wisp stayed there for roughly 15 seconds (though it felt like a lifetime). The guy, likely deciding he was just seeing things because he was drunk, tried to ignore it and moved toward me again. This is when the wisp “touched” him, he freaked out and left. The wisp touched me also and was very cold on my hand. Once I was safe, the wisp disappeared, and I was able to reorient myself and left the party. My theory is that this particular wisp was trying to protect me for some reason. The wisp had no defined features and did not have a discernable shape, either. The guy who attacked me ended up being terrified of me and no one believed him when he shared what he experienced. To this day, this guy will cross the street if we are on the same side (this actually happened about four years ago). I am very thankful for the wisp from that night. I think that wisps are lost souls that are wandering, some nice and some are not so nice. Since this night, I have not encountered many wisps. A few here and there but nothing really worth noting. See this post on the main site.
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