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  1. Number 4 will never happen, due to gobal warming, or is that climate change .Geez i'm confused now.
  2. Re: I was John Titor :) Was it , It never rains in southern california ?[Albert hammond]
  3. :confused: Son of a gun , if your John Titor,who am i ?
  4. :)Man your two months short. my birthday is on the 7-9-2007, not 5-9-2007...
  5. :yum: I just want to know if KFC taste the same in 3050. I used to be indecisive, now i just don't know.
  6. :cry: As you came back from the future,there was a fault in your time machine.You re-materialized into creedo body. Your writing is the same as his now. Please depart, return to the future.
  7. :)Why what's wrong with today? It's a lovely day today.
  8. :D finally a real time traveler! what's it like in the year 2006, and what is the price of gas?.
  9. ;) Welcome to the time travel board,you don't have to be brave to post here.I believe creedo is a real time traveler from another time ,even another planet.How do i know , i can sense it in his posts.
  10. Makes perfectly sense to me,if we could capture images of burned umvees,then beam the pictures to the year 1800, the people there would say look what is happening in the future, they have achieve time travel. B T W what is hist bot ?
  11. Re: TTA & Cre, Ha ha ha ???
  12. ;)B T W Rainmantime,up there in queensland have you driven a ford XR8,or a SS commodore?faster than a time machine.Will get you to 2012 in 14.5 seconds.
  13. Re: I'm From Your Bloody Future! ;) Oh yea ! if your from the future,tell us tomorrow 'powerball,super7, tattslotto' results today .hehehe...Life could be a dream...
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