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  1. The fourth dimension is time. The article you linked to says nothing about "discovering a fourth dimension", it simply says that the quantum Hall effect is 4D symmetric and that the effect can THEORETICALLY be generalized to four spacial dimensions. (again, time is the fourth dimension) Essentially what this article is saying, is that if you could reverse time, it would look the exact same as it would when time was moving forward.
  2. I've decided not to reveal the mechanical aspect of how Hail Mary works. As I've already explained the science behind it. Good luck figuring it out.
  3. Correction, I do know what a tippler device is. However, a Tippler device is completely impractical for traveling back in time. Because to actually be able to travel back in time using a Tippler device, it would need to be infinitely long and would require negative energy. Hail Mary was specifically designed not to need negative energy and has a finite size.
  4. So Creedo, your consciousness was sent back 65 million + years into the past, where you experienced the era of the dinosaurs and your DNA was somehow effected to make you inject yourself with some DNA from a snake? I'm not surprised the air was strange to breath, the oxygen content of the atmosphere back then was was more than twice as high as it is today. It should have been a little tougher to get a full breath. Again, I don't know what a tippler device is, and Hail Mary only uses one black hole.
  5. Also, I've check mated myself? What does that even mean?
  6. You're on the right track Creedo. Hail Mary does indeed create a schwarzchild black hole, and then adds angular momentum to the schwarzchild black hole to turn it into a Kerr black hole. One key fact about Kerr black holes is that they have two event horizons. The inner event horizon and outer event horizon have sizes determined by the angular momentum, and radius of the ring singularity. By plugging in different variables into the equations that determine the size of each event horizon, you can find variables that make the event horizons cancel each other out. Running 1 meter radius, and angular momentum equal to the speed of light, you'll find that the two event horizons will equal each other, where Cos(Theta)^2=1. This means that at that value of Theta, the event horizons will negate each other, making the ring singularity naked in some places. These places are where you can walk through the event horizons unscathed.
  7. Paula asked for the science, and that's what I gave. Only half of the puzzle. I do know how to put the science to work
  8. I know how to practically apply the theory. That's why I am making this claim. I wouldn't be here if I hadn't already designed the device myself
  9. Again Creedo... are you refuting me... or supporting me? None of that has anything to do with what I described other than the fact that it has to do with time travel. I don't use a Tippler device, I don't use a Kerr device, whatever those are, I designed my own device. I named it "Hail Mary." It is specifically designed to create one Kerr black hole of minimum mass, Planck Mass, where the ring singularity has a radius of 1 meter, and the angular momentum of the ring singularity is the speed of light. Because of the chosen values, I found, by running the math myself, that the ring singularity becomes naked in some places, allowing light and matter to pass through the event horizon unscathed. Which is why I can use a Kerr black hole, because I can safely approach it while it does all the things it needs to do to create a wormhole back in time.
  10. So... I'm confused Creedo... are you refuting my claim and the science I described... or trying to provide examples of other ways it could be done
  11. Then I guess I'm gonna be thinking happy thoughts while I fly off to Neverland. What was it again? Second star to the right, and straight on till morning?
  12. Einstein, if you are unwilling to consider that Black holes might exist, even for a brief second, I suggest you stop reading this thread
  13. I won't, thank you Paula. In relativity, when you travel faster through space, time slows down. At the speed of light, as far as we know, time stops completely. When you travel faster than the speed of light, time runs backwards. So, to travel back in time, you need to travel faster than the speed of light. That's if you want to figure out how to create infinite energy. The way most physicists today agree that you can travel back in time is to create time-like curves because its exponentially easier to make those, than to create infinite amounts of energy. To do that you have to somehow isolate time as a dimension, and force it to curve back on itself. The analogy to doing this is to think of a piece of string and then taking two point on that string and making a loop in it. We know that there is an object in nature that isolates time, to a good extent. (Einstein, this is going to be the point where you'll want to stop reading.) The event horizon of any black hole, by its very nature, flips space-time and turns it into time-space because, once you cross the event horizon of a black hole, you are traveling faster than the speed of light. Now that's great and all, because now you are going to travel through time more than space. However, since time is still going to move forward, because you haven't created time-like curves, you are kinda screwed. Once you're inside the even horizon, think of time like the 3-dimensional imagery NASA uses to give you a good idea of how gravity works in relation to space. Now what you have to do, is drag time into a loop to create that time-like curve, and since gravity is the only thing that transcends time and space (Thank you Interstellar), you have to use the black hole in some way to form the time-like curve. That's where Roy Kerr comes in. While he wasn't looking for a way to travel back in time, he did discover the rotating black hole. Wherein the singularity becomes a ring due to centrifugal forces. So, completely by accident, Roy Kerr discovered how to create time-like curves before anyone had even thought of them. The answer has been public knowledge, lost in pieces around the internet. I'm simply the guy who put the puzzle together.
  14. Alright Creedo, I'll start a new thread in that section tonight. However, yes black holes are real. It isn't up for debate, nor is their existence dependent on their distance to us. (Which btw, the closest black holes lies 7,800 light years from Earth) It isn't a technicality, it isn't a simple fact, it just is. Black holes exist.
  15. I know this is going to sound cliche, or like I'm being an arrogant prick, but traveling back in time is actually... pretty damn simple
  16. Creedo... if you reread the initial post you'll find I am not from the future... I have not traveled back in time whatsoever... I just figured out HOW to travel back in time
  17. Stephen Hawking believes that Black Holes are not what conventional wisdom believes they are. In layman's term that translates to "Stephen Hawking believes Black Holes aren't real."
  18. The theories that the real Albert Einstein worked on? The theories that Physicists have spent their lives working on?
  19. In layman's terms, and to simplify it as best I can, a wormhole
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