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  1. A theory has been presented that if a time traveller leaves his own time, then the universe would become unstable, and ultimately be destroyed. This just isn't possible. Why? well look here. Time itself is something that humans have made up. Seconds, minutes, and hours, even days and years, are all things that humans have made up. The universe therefore, has no concept of time. The wrong theory suggests that the universe needs to have a certain mass, and a certain amount of matter at all times, other wise it would be destroyed. It also describes the fact that if the traveller leaves his own time, the universe in his time will be destroyed because of the lack of matter. When the traveller arrives in the new time, there will be too much matter and the universe will also be destroyed. If the universe has no concept of time, then it cannot distinguish, how much matter is existing in a certain time or not. If it has no concept of time, then it will not be affected by a time traveller. The universe will only think that the traveller is only moving from place to place, not from time to time, because as i said before, the universe knows nothing of time. If the matter is only moving about, then it is never lost or gained, its still there just in a different place. I have never heard of anyone disproving the Time Travel Universe Destruction Theory, but this was the closest i could get in my first attempt.
  2. If time travel is possible,which seems more and more likely every day, then a good many people would try and change the past. Maybe not just their own past, but the worlds as well. Fortunately, this is not possible, for nature can not allow that to happen. For example, say I wanted to go back and prevent President Lincoln from dying at the hands of John Wilkes Booth. I go back in time, and try to stop John Wilkes Booth from shooting Lincoln. The universe will make sure that no matter what, Lincoln will be killed in the same spot. The only thing that could possibly change is the shooter. The entire reason for going back in time, would have been to save Lincoln from dying. If all my life I had learned that Lincoln had been shot, then i would attempt to go back and save him. If i had learned that Lincoln had only survived an assasination attempt, then i wouldn't have needed to go back in time to save lincoln, because he wouldn't have needed saving. Basically, I can't go back and save lincoln because if i do, i wouldn't have been able to go back and save him in the first place, because he was already saved. Just a small but answering paradox.
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