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  1. Actually, I'm enjoying jmpet's and indazona's posts immensely. It shows there's still some intelligence left in this site(and good humor). There are jokes, and there are jokes. They don't need to be told which is which.
  2. You are absolutely right nitescott. I apologize. I was wrong. I was responding to incorrect information given to me. I have seen sosueme and peter post on Godlikeproductions. I was told that you do do and so I included you as well. That information was later corrected by this individual to mean the Conspiracy Cafe. I will make sure to research any information given to me in the future. As to the honesty expressed by Peter and sharing the information about the group that has been corresponding with Zeshua, it makes a world of difference. It does not change my opinion on that validity of the whole thing, but it does make him human. That I can relate to. Now it is not trolling, per se, but a desire to get to the truth of the matter. That makes it believable. That I can also relate to. With that said, you don't have to tell me to garn git. I'm a gittin.
  3. Simple Nitescott, Sosuemeto, You (Peter Novak) are all regular posters at Godlikeproductions and all cover for each other as is obvious in just the last few posts. You keep harping on the same EXACT so-called prediction fulfillments that anybody could have predicted. My God, they talked about these things in the media for months!! Of course, not to mention the editing capability here at TTI and the lag between the time edited. You guys are so transparent its foolish. I, also, will do as Jmpet said he will do. I will not respond to this garbage again. When trolls like yourselves get the upper hand on this site and constantly keep your threads at the top of the list by using proxies and bouncing off each other (probably as the same person), then the moderators here are not keeping tabs to keep this foolishness down to a minimum. Mock on you foolish hoaxers. The TimeTravelInstitute is becoming TrollCentralInstitute. I'm happy to say that there is another place where REAL discussion is taking place among several who used to post here. I will continue to keep my membership here just so I can pop in once in a while and have a good laugh--just like Godlikeproductions.
  4. Impet has absolutely nothing to apologize for. Peter Novak has three different IP addresses--just on this page alone. Tracking software is useless when trying to track origins of people using proxies. For your information, it was ME who posted on Godlikeproductions pointing out that Mr. Peter Novak aka Duder, aka 535 aka Zeshua (probably part of Group Titor for all I know). This is all getting rediculous and giving TimeTravel Institute a very bad name--as bad as Godlikeproductions which is a fringe conspiracy forum that is fun to visit once in a while, but is usually a whacked out site for every paranoid-schizophrenic nutjob to express his (or her) particular form of madness. At the very least, Mr Novak and all his comments should be relegated to the claims section. At the extreme, he should be considered for banning. No wonder that Rainmantime (and others that I know) are not posting here anymore. Some of these people coming over here from Godlikeproductions (and sister organizations just like it) can't even spell, let alone put forth intelligent comments on the SUBJECT OF TIME TRAVEL--NOT TIME TRAVELER CLAIMS. It is obvious that Mr. Novak has an ego the size of the Empire State Building--first by cutting and pasting his nonsense from here to the other sites, using his given name so that he will get the proper credit, "solving" the anagrams that he created in the first place and "solving" the "coordinates" of Iran from a jumble of numbers listed on the other site and, of course, making sure that it was HE who solved it. This is adolescent stuff. When are we going to get back to intelligent conversation!!
  5. Well, not quite settled down. Exit stage left: http://www.cyburbiaproductions.com/Productions/Time_traveler.html
  6. Re: Freudian Ray, Although I understand what has been transpiring between you and Javier, I am a bit surprised at your level of frustration. I am not surprised that you tried to "reach" him because you are, after all, a teacher with a heart and his greatest ability is to "sidestep" much in the same way that the harlot in the Bible that drew her men into her bed of death by being "movable". In other words, Javier is amoral. His stances can change, sometimes many times in the same breath. This is what makes "the TTA"(ugh)(I hate enabling him even in a minor way as this), unreachable. From what I can see after going over the posts, Javier deliberately baited you to "get into it" again. This has been his mode of behavior since day one. I really believe that he is totally jealous of your ability to "debunk" because this has always been his alter ego's greatest claim to fame. If there is anyone to blame here for this repulsive behavior, it clearly lies at the MODS feet for allowing him back here. I suspect it may be because there may have been a period where the TTI was becoming somewhat stagnant (it happens from time to time), and perhaps it was meant to "spice up" the forum, but it has had a clearly negative effect and the posts have gone down hill since he was allowed back on. I don't post very often, but I DO check in every once in a while to check the drift of things. I believe that TTI is the best site going for serious discussion of time and our future in it. While I may not agree with everything you may say or do, I have a great deal of respect for your input and your discriminating mind to unravel difficult concepts. With you on board, it truly is rainman time. I consider many of your statements as the "last word" on particular subjects--without the stigma of "idiot savant" attached to the depth of the abilities you posess. Your energy seems to be boundless and the sheer volume of your posts testifies to your knowledge and the willingness the share it with others. The greatest barrier to earnest teachers is the obstinate student who is so "stiffnecked" that they would rather choose death than be taught by others of the joy of knowledge. A college teacher of mine once said that knowledge brings much sorrow. Those who "kick against the pricks" eventually heap great scorn upon themselves. The traps they set usually become their own traps, and although it grieves us to some extent, it is inevitable that they will fall into their own traps and totally expose themselves to the ridicule that befalls "churls". The Bible forbids us to call anyone a fool, but it also outlines quite clearly what a fool is. It is not our calling to expose the foolhardy, and it is even stated that we are to forgive "seventy times seven". Forgive, for your own sake, and then "brush the dust from your shoes." Move on. There are many people here who hold you in high esteem--not just for your knowledge but for you honesty and candor as well--and your willingness to share it with anyone who wants to know. That is humility. That is the true hallmark of a real man. Arrogance is the way of the churl. I'm proud to call you my friend.
  7. Interesting. I was just reading a book writen in the middle 1800's that was discussing the (supposedly) heretical idea of the Trinity. In a nutshell, it was discussing the paganistic origins of the Trinity doctrine and the early Christian history which shows that this was not evident in the early teachings of the church. In other words, the Dark Ages produced a theory that the Father preexisted before anything was, and that the Son was "begotten"--and therefore had a beginning. the same goes with the origins of the Spirit. Of course, she claims that they were of "one substance" and, therefore, all existed eternally. This is a very complex doctrine and just "happens" to be the main "base" upon which all Catholic teachings derive. At least, this is what "she" claims as the basis for which all other churches eventually pay "homage" to her along with the "other" "doctrine" for which she claims sole authorship--Sunday worship. Her claim to fame on this issue occurred in the year 321 when the Sabbath Law was changed from Saturday to Sunday(Christians having worshipped on Saturday prior to this time.) The very interesting thing that caught my eye, however, was the author's mention of "First Cause". According to the author, the Father WAS,IS the ONE responsible for First Cause but then goes on to say that the Son was "Second Cause". In other words, being the "only begotten", there was "another first cause" that was different than, yet indistinguishable from the "first cause" What a beautiful picture this paints to me of the resulting "standing waves" that Cat speaks of. I can't imagine a more perfect way for "Elohim" to create "form" than this. As always, Cat, your posts are very timely and appropriate. Thanks for the input.
  8. This post is not half bad, it is just difficult to make sense of it as it is written. However, to present yourself as above others or to speak in the third person will most definitely put you on shaky ground. I don't see you as insane--or a false prophet. These are obviously deep seated feelings and thoughts, but even Jesus laid Himself down lower than the lowest sinner. He did not place Himself above others as you are doing here. I like your thoughts. I just don't like your method. If you persist, of course, to the claims section you must go!! I have taken the liberty to correct grammar, spelling (and intent in some spots). Helping others to understand you goes a long way to being accepted as a viable source of information. Hope this helps a bit. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ So does man yet see that we are a part of the system (the Els), that you're within a holographic matrix that was created for you to grow within (as a spark), and become as the source itself--and that it is the force of the source (the infinite Love that is part of gravity) which is the creation force itself? Time, space, and matter are all creations created from the gravity of the source (God) and you, yourself, are comprised of this same force and contain the essense of it within your very soul. It is these 3 things which the cycles exist within, and you do not now see that there is a "beyond space/time" and that is where you truly belong--and will in time. You limit yourself with your own mindsets and the reality you are within responds in kind, and the galaxies you are situated in, follows what is chosen below. Do you now see that in the ancient past, a force from beyond "the darkness" infiltrated your space/time of your world, and this matrix began setting man in a prison of time/space? They have lead man to live the way they live and lead man to make silly choices which brings much suffering to our physical experience. They come from a higher cycle than yours and malipulate you from the shadows and have made man not see them for they have conditioned your thought. Do you yet see that there is no limit to what can be, for the universe creates within it, science for you-- and that it is all created from the Love of God. It is changed always, but never truely destroyed-- only dispensed or consumed by the darkness. Man have been decieved for to long, I speak to you now of who I truely I am-- from beyond all cycles of space/time from the very realm which the vibration of creation flows. I am still in union with the source (God) and receive knowledge from it, but it is distorted as it flows down through the levels; and I can not understand the amount of information I'm being shown-- as it is to much for this mind to see. But I see enough to be free, to make choices and to know it is my responsibility for any repercussions that occur. I will be called insane or a false prophet for revealing this to you, but I want people to know there is hope. Powerful beings have came to assist this world, much more powerful than those who keep you binded. It will not seem as such now for they are hidden well. As you, they walk the with same weaknesses and living structures, but there will come an event in the future which will show the truth of these people. My speaking to you is because of Love for you-- for the information I reveal to you empowers you, just be seeing it-- even if you do not agree nor understand, nor see what the true intent of this is. Part of this will help awaken you in the future when the evidence, as you call it, comes. The events to come won't be avoided, but the amount of suffering that results can be reduced. It depends on how many awaken in time and make the choices-- using their will-- which will help them stay protected. The op of this post gives you a important message. Whether you are ready to see that or not, is entirely up to you. peace Adonai bless thee __________________________________________________________________________________________ Perhaps, Jehovah Shammah would be a better salutation. Adonai was a very early revelation of Himself--and there were several others after that. Jehovah Shammah was the last revelation of God's character in the Old Testament (which means "God is There"--concerning the House of God.) His final revelation of Himself was, of course, Jesus. Carry on brother. You will have friends here IF you choose to be human. If not, weeellll, "just because you're paranoid--it doesn't mean someone ISN'T after you" LOL
  9. Only one catch. If, at some point "in between" the speed of light at point A, and the speed of light at Point B, the distance is "shortened", then in the final analysis, the "average speed of light would, of course, be "faster" than the speed of light. This is exactly what happens in the double-slit experiment where light "reaches" the destination before it is actually sent. Of course, there is a vortex "doorway" in between that "proves" that effect can actually happen before cause. It's kind of difficult to wrap our minds around this, but it does not make it untrue nonetheless. Therefore, by this conclusion of science itself, although light cannot EXCEED lightspeed, it certainly seems to have a method whereby it can "cheat" by averageing out its speed. So, by strictly relativistic standards, it is not "impossible" for light to travel faster than 186,282 mps.
  10. katpepul, Welcome to the forum. Being a long-haired "freak" from the sixties, I was a huge fan of Iron Butterfly. Like many other groups of the time, they were much more than just musical groups. They were "voices" of the generation that was completely misunderstood and corruped in the years that followed. They were "psychedelic" in that they experienced first-hand what it meant to have their consciousness "expanded". I believe that this period in time was a "great earthquake" that has been prophesied. This period changed the whole world and made the search for "life, the universe and everything" an everyday byword. I also believe that the very reason that this bassist you speak of was interested in light travel to begin with was because he "experienced it" firsthand. Most of those I know of from the period also had similar experiences of "exiting" this universe and entering another that was just as viable--if nor more so--than this one. Time and dimensional "travel" was quite common during this period. I heard many people speak of it and, without exception, their "comeliness turned into corruption". This entire period was markedly one of self-retrospection and then self-expression which changed everything--right down to the nuclear family unit. Everything that was then held as sacred, was seen to be illusion and a search for truth began that was, to me, a renaissance of sorts. The very deep-rooted things that people are searching for today had its roots in that movement that has gone underground but has not disappeared. Of course, the "drugs" of the period had a lot to do with the consciousness explosion, but it also had a great deal to do with the mind-set of many people of the period. Many of the people who "took" these drugs simply "whacked out" and ended up psychological basket cases. No one of sound mind ever suggested (except people like Timothy Leary) that the general populace start taking these strong drugs. They were(and are) extremely dangerous. However, to some (perhaps like the bassist you speak of), this was a doorway into a place that was "home" to many. "There", you could "see" music, and taste it as well. You could literally experience the geometry of space-time and manipulate it at will. All the senses carried varied experiences and some felt literally "blind" when "coming down". When many of these groups of the period sang, they were singing from these "places". Those who "heard" them, "went" there with them. It was no mystery, but there was also a great longing to be able to communicate this "experience" to others. That was where the mystery lay. How to bridge this gap between the "knowing" and the unknowing? No source of information was anathema. Anything that could be used to communicate this knowledge was utilized on every scale. Only now, is science reaching this point in their understanding and becoming willing to put everything on the table--including the esoteric. Nothing is taboo anymore, but this was common then. It is almost like we are "growing up" as a species. We are exactly where we should be in our maturation process. I, too, would be interested in what others come up with on this. It sounds like you are talking about one of the "brothers". Thanks for bringing it up.
  11. "If this doesn't make perfect sense, you might as well stop reading now because your brain is full of plaster and you are wearing a blindfold and ear plugs." I guess my brain is full of plaster and I have a huge blindfold on and ear plugs. This makes no sense to me at all. As a matter of fact (pun?), statements made within the document show that many, if not most, predictions were not fulfilled (at least in the manner told). I respect your (his?) opinions here, especially since I have been down this road also. It is interesting stuff (at the very least about human nature and how we respond to claims made by people), but even considering non-linear thinking to connect some of these dots just does not make sense. It is wild speculation even though it IS intriguing to say the least. The reasoning, though it SEEMS sound, is full of holes. It is exactly the kind of reasoning that charlatans rely upon to convince people that their experiences are based on fact and therefore should be considered as a valid viewpoint deserving respect. Without exception, their INTENTION is self-serving, if only for the fame involved. Near-death experiences are HIGHLY subjective even though there is some evidence of truth? and sincerity. Any person who meditates will tell you that there are entities that are not very nice on "the other side". They are more than willing to give beneficial? information and even some insight into the future, but many who enter into this sphere are aware of these dark entities that the "good" entities warn them about. I have yet to see ONE psychic save a person from a murderous person. The best they can usually come up with is perhaps a location of the body, or some other insignificant detail that does not change any outcome. So what good is it? It is just self-serving and benefits no one. Psychic phenomenon has always intrigued me, but I have come to realize over the years that absolutely nothing beneficial comes of it. It is almost always wrapped in darkness. In every single case, it has led to the ruin of the person involved. As far as I am concerned, Edgar Cayce (and I have studied him considerably many years ago) was an expert in "suggestion". Though many people claimed that he "healed" them, it was always an "illness" (as the article suggests), that could not be found by any medical means. The world is full of people (I know a few) that continually have "aches and pains" that cannot be explained until you look a bit deeper into their lives and discover that there are definite psychological "abnormalities" that defies a medical explanation. The mind is truly a wondrous thing and can act totally on its own to create a "world" that allows them to keep from going completely crazy. Abused children are a good example of this. It is truly amazing how a person can "compartmentalize" different parts of their "being" for survival. A friend whom I have spent a great deal of time with over the last several years had several "objects" in her home which represented different aspects of her dissassociated mind. She literally "became" these objects from time to time (in very specific sequences)--without realization, of course. Having these objects around her was the only way that she could be a "complete" person. As she became aware of each of these personalities (which were seen as mood swings by those around her), each one of those objects dissappeared from her home. The final step in her recovery was confronting the person who had caused all this in the first place--her stepfather. His sexual and psychological abuse that had lasted for years, was consistently seen by others as "impossible" because he was such a "charming" and personable person. He was a monster that was created by a monster and had created monsters of his own. The "facts" as noted by all others were seen to be false. The one person who "knew" the true facts was not considered a reliable source. So, the reasoning used early on in that article, although it "sounds" sound--is, in reality, an illusion. Everyone can be convinced of the truth when it is really a clever illusion. If there is one thing that comes clearly through from my understanding of Biblical sources--it is that there is NO WAY to prepare for disaster of any sort by stockpiling or other kinds of preparation. History and experience has clearly shown that in that kind of scenario, the strong will overpower the weak and take everything by force. That is exactly the kind of reasoning that "survivalists" use in preparation for natural disaster or war. They are not just defensive in nature. They are prepared for offense as well--and that includes killing you and taking what you have. Once "law" has been removed, all restraint is removed as well. So how do we "survive" the possibility of these disasters? Well, that is a subject completely in itself and, I believe that Rainman, Cat, OvrLord and people like Transient are attempting to address. Let me be perfectly clear here. I believe that there WILL be major disasters to come that MAY have some of the effects mentioned in this article. It may even destroy us as a species. History has shown that the planet has always survived and life has continued. Will we see in our lifetimes? We already have seen a lot. Perhaps more than any of us ever expected. Who here can say they have seen the kind of devastation that a psunami did in the Indian Ocean, or comets smashing into Jupiter? Or the ever-increasing scale of conventional war now going on all over the world. Or even all the conditions necessary for the outbreak of nuclear war? It may be said that we are always living in unprecedentd times, but we are TRULY living in unprecedented times. I believe that we will find the answers. As one scientist I recently quoted said: "we don't know that there is a beautiful underlying theory. We don't know that as a species we are smart enough to discover it. But if we don't believe that there IS an underlying theory, or that we are smart enough to discover it, we never will. Some very famous words, (and I paraphrase), "In the world you will find trouble, but I HAVE OVERCOME THE WORLD." To me, this is the greatest preparation for the disasters to come. If you do not have THIS preparation, all the stockpiling in the world will do you no good at all. There is even a prophecy that states that many will seek safety in caves and call for the "rocks to fall down around them" to keep them from the simple look of Him who will "search them through and through". Now THAT is REALLY scary!!
  12. Re: World War IV - The War of INTENTION Hey Rainman, Thanks for the link on warfare. I had a big laugh over it--not because it is funny but for its irony. It is totally relevant and (ahem) timely. Not surprisingly, not only is it evident that the locals in Lebanon perceive the the warfare as having been WON by Hezbollah--it is also quite evident HERE that there was an apparent victory by Hezbollah that will be HUGE unless our perceptions can change in regards to what the enemy's intentions are. As the article mentions, it was brilliant as well as diabolical on the part of the "resistance"--and may have been the intention of the enemy all along. This was my intuitive perception--even as the war was progressing. Unfortunately, it seems that the direction that our own country is heading is directly in the opposite direction--especially on the corporate front. In the effort to streamline and cut costs by huge mergers and micromanagement, the common "soldier" has been lost in the shuffle and are quickly becoming "Pavlovian dogs" for a more efficient "salivation" response. It amazes me that the "sheeple" are so quickly falling in line. In my case, I am "bristling" with an intensity that will most certainly result in "abandonment of my post". It is not that I am more aware of this process than others because many others are noticing this definite shift. Few have the necessary "tools" to see that this will eventually be harmful to their security. This may be the very reason why we (the US) are losing the ability to compete and to even keep up with the growing gap with the rest of the world regarding Education. It is ironic that we are becoming a third-world country in our ability to recognize that our infrastructure is literally falling down around us. This new "warfare" is also quite applicable in the "war of love". There is a crisis in mainline religion and it is because they have "separated themselves from the world" for so long that they do not know how to communicate with that world any more. The greatest difficulty I had when "converting" from my worldly viewpoints to the spritual ones was maintaining the worldly view as I was incorporating the "spiritual language" that is inherent in the human condition. Just as a "Northerner" picks up the local dialect of a "Southerner" just by being around them--without even realizing it until he returns home after a length of time--we tend to gravitate to the groups we associate with. I was never very succesful at "getting close" to them. I simply had spent too many years on the "street" to fully become "one of them". When I worked with "juvenile deliquents", I more closely associated with them than I did with the "professionals" that were "socally adjusted". As a result, my success was phenomenal in solving problems, but sadly lacking within the "professional" structure. Ironically, the same problem exists here. Again, it is a linear/non-linear problem. Combining the "street" with "science" and "spirit" with the "art" of modern warfare is exactly the way we need to go in order to "win" world war IV. It is "ironic" that the book of Micah speaks of "learning war no more" and turning swords into plowshares. It is not just a possibility out of other possibilities. It is as certain as tomorrow. We truly do "learn" war. That article shows that we do--even if it is not evident to us that we are doing it. Unfortunately (again), there IS a Manhattan Project going on that is being HIGHLY successful at winning the hearts and minds of people--especially youth--and it began at a little known place called Willow Creek. I believe that these incredibly brilliant (and diabolical) methods will eventually unite this country (and world) into those institutions that will bring about the one-world government, one-world religion, and one-world economic system that is almost totally in place now. It is so subtle (just as the methods of the new warfare must be) that we will not realize it completely until it is too late and it will lead to national, and therefore, world ruin. John Titor could NEVER have foreseen that. Interesting times are upon us, and that article was very relevant. The battle for the heart and mind is taking a shape that makes me very cognizant of the need to go to the SOURCE for the proper response to it. The NATURAL man wants to react to it in violent ways--if only in the heart and mind (and I believe this is its INTENT.) Just imagine it. Balancing the trained intent to KILL with maximum ability with the trained ability to psychoanalyze the innocent and win their heart and mind. Almost a contradiction in terms--but the form of the warfare of World War IV. And guess what? World War IV is not a war that is going on THERE. It has many fronts HERE too. Interesting times we live in huh? Thanks again for the article.
  13. The CPE, Unfortunately, many of your "claims" could place you side-by-side with the "fools" in the claims section. For all we know, your engineering degree could be "sanitary engineering" with a hobby in "phisics" (what my mother used to call it when taking a laxative.) With all due respect, your "theories" are full of holes and lack sophistication in purely predictable ways. As Rainmantime has already stated, most of what you are talking about revolves completely around the "romantic" versions of what time-travel would appear to be. I could easily take most of your "arguments" about the nature of "infinities" and turn it around to mean entirely different things. It could be reasonably assumed that it also could be "infinitely possible" that no one would breathe a word of what they witnessed on their romantic time venture. If you truly are a fan of physics, then you must be aware of the strong possibility that the "dimensions" which are thrown about MUST exist at an impossibly small area of spacetime and that it would take a Type III supercivilization to work out the details of how to access that impossibly small "place". For all we know, that place may be a one-way street. Even further, it could possibly be that it is such a utopian place that no one would WANT to jeopardize losing it by coming back to such a mundane place as the "present" to tell others about it. You are making far too many assumptions with many "romantic notions" and I see very little scientific thought going into your conclusions. Any "fool" can see that to call other people fools--is not the best way to get yourself taken seriously. I suggest you read the qualifications for the discussions here. Even we who have wholeheartedly felt that some "claims" be relegated to the claims section to die a slow death, give everyone his due since not one of us has the whole answer on such a far-fetched subject as time travel. It doesn't take an engineer or a physicist to outline for us that 2 + 2 = 4. Those of us here who are spiritually minded are not here to make YOU spirtually minded. We are just simply putting everything on the table since science seems to be doing exactly that. Classic science has come to the conclusion that "classic science" cannot provide the necessary answers to take a relevant step forward in our understanding of "life, the universe and everything".(to coin a phrase from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.) If nothing else, you have shown that you are very closed-minded and strongly predjudiced. You have also taken license to make conclusions about "religious things" that you don't even believe in. That, in itself, is a contradiction. Being an "engineer" you should know that all things are "relative". Relativity doesn't just belong to the physical plane. It covers the whole gamut. Even the "kooks" here (they know who they are), occasionally come up with "gems" that blow away the most sophisticated arguments. My 2 year old great grandson sometimes says things that would put the greatest minds to shame. I'm not trying to put you down here. I respect and honor your input and Rainmantime's response to it. Just trying to level the playing field a bit is all. Welcome to the forum.
  14. Hey OvrLord, Lots of interesting clues here but I narrowed it down to a few that seem really pertinent. "Time and space here are moving in circles." Interesting choice of words here. In my minds eye, I perceive it in much the same way I perceive how the geologic column is actually constructed. Of course, the backbone of evolutionary theory has a great deal to do with the geological column. This is prety much how science plays the movie backwards to get a (very) general idea about the eras that the earth has passed through. Core samples can give us a great deal of information, but it is almost treated as though the earth has stood still for eons for the sake of those who think that they can get "specific" information from the many layers of the earth that are in constant flux--especially those areas which totally disappear when tectonic plates grind against each other and eventually either rise up or get pushed deeper into the earth. It is "like" the layers of an onion if you can perceive the onion as not one layer upon another but a continuous slice that wraps around and around until you get to the very core. The early earth was an "accreting disc" just like everything else in universe was formed, and it is still in flux today--although at a much slower pace. This is also how I perceive time and space "moving in circles". This is not really difficult to comprehend for those who have had a conscious understanding that "what goes around, comes around". We seem to return to the exact spot over periods of time--with some differences, of course--until we get it right. The most prominent of these cycles just happen to be "crisis points" in our lives, i.e., 7 years old, 14 years old, 21 years old, 28 years old, 35, 42, 49, 56, 63, 70, 77, 84, 91, 98, 105. "Know you their law, and you too, shall be free." We know some of these laws--such as the one above about ages--, and others too. Some of these laws, as you so aptly pointed out, are not "comprehension" problems, but conceptual problems. Science seems to be going "full-bore" to attack some of these conceptual problems--and everything seems to be on the table. Unfortunately, for many, just the mention of some of these conceptual problems give some the license to believe that this is actually the way it is. Many worlds hypotheses come to mind along with some very esoteric ideas that have a certain "romantic" appeal to them, but just don't add up to the "ancient" knowledge. Even the Bible foretells of a time when the "Euphrates shall be dried up" which means, to me, that eastern thought will make inroads into western thought which will, in turn, open us up to the "inward way" combined with the "outward way". Aye, free shall you be to move Through the cycles-- This, to me, is what the promise is all about. There is some literature "out there" that has intimated at just what this may entail. We are not talking about astral travel here. We are talking about literal, physical travel between worlds where space and time is irrevelant. We are going to have to "invent" new ways of "telling time". "pass WE the guardians that dwell at the door." This, again to me, is why paradox is impossible in this "kingdom". We may look at these guardians as "angels", but they are much more than that. You might even say that they are US and we would certainly not want to adversely affect ourselves in any way that would preclude us from being a part of this kingdom. We have to think in the same terms that denizens of this "reality" think--that is; "before Abraham was, I AM." In other words, from OUR viewpoint here, we die, we get laid to rest, we are in our graves for an eternity. From "their" point of view, we are already there enjoying all the fruits of timelessness. This creates a "paradox" here that is severe enough to cause entirely different worldviews to clash with each other. An obvious example of this are those who believe that when you die, you go to heaven. Others believe that when you die, you sleep until the resurrection. Whole religions are built around just this one simple idea. From the worldview of eternity--both can fit quite nicely into the reality. Forth were WE formed after our order: THREE, FOUR, FIVE, SIX, SEVEN, EIGHT and NINE I believe that we have addressed this to quite an extent (the sevenfold spirit, the seven notes of the scale, the seven thunders, the seven "orders" of creation, etc.) Again, to me, this is total fulfillment of all forms of communication--about that which cannot be communicated by any "normal" means. That which was nameless, formless, timeless--created a perfect way to address the definition of the "thing", giving it form, and placing "space" around it to give it an "apparent age" as though it has always existed. "that WE descend from unto man. ----------------Hmmmm...Tree of Life come to mind ?" Most definitely!! Again, more layers of the onion. "Watcher of thunder... Uriel's quadrangle is North. ................................................................................................... Interesting to note that in Ezekeil, the tempest comes from the North, with thunder...Hmmmmm...and Uriel's Quadrangle is the North, and is considered to be the watcher of the thunder. Truly, more is contained behind the obvious we are reading in these texts." You are absolutely right here. What clearly comes to mind is the Seven Thunders. Daniel was given specific instructions to NOT disclose the Seven Thunders. It was to be sealed until the end. Well, here we are AT the end. I believe that this is to be understood also, and I can see WHY it was not to be disclosed until now. There was to be millenia of martyrs blood--TO MAKE UP THE NUMBER!! The seven thunders are nothing more--and nothing less-- than the seven specific periods in the life of Christ that CEMEMTED the truth of His Being. Each of these periods were PROCLAIMED which is actually what thunder means. They were seven proclamations that made us aware of what was happening--namely that MESSIAH was here. At each of these junctures, Christ was proclaimed as Son of God. They are: His birth, His Baptism, His Incarnation, His Crucifiction, His Resurrection, His Ascension, and finally His appearance at Pentecost that was accompanied by great sound that was heard throughout Jerusalem and tongues of fire. Thus began the greatest evanglization the world has ever seen. Oh yeah, it definitely came from the North which is where Christ is seen to be "today" as High Priest and King in the Holy of Holies. Of course, "today" is from the foundation of the world and lasts until the "eternal day". ................................................................................................... "I also noticed this... Know you their law, and you too, shall be free . It doesnt say "THE" law, but indicates persons..."their" law. Very important to know. Far beyond man's conception, Conception is an interesting choice of terminology here. Why wasnt the word "comprehension" used, or "understanding" ? Far beyond man's conception.... Any ideas as to the meaning of this sentence ?" This is the most important of all for it really embodies everything else. There are "laws" involved here that anyone who has actively involved themselves in an attempt to bring about concensus. EVERYONE has an agenda. Everyone has beliefs that are "set in stone". No matter how hard you try, the "ball" bounces back and forth and each tries to impress the others with their particular worldview. Each of those "seven" were the complete embodiment of their particular form of "communication". There was no higher understanding. They were "it". Yet, together, they were truly more than "all". It brings to my mind an experiment (reality experiment but experiment nonetheless), amongst twelve of us who endeavored to come to an understanding as to what "this" was all about. I'm not talking about twelve drifters here. I'm taling about twelve people who were about as strong as you can get (within humility) and who were firmly tethered to their specific viewpoints. The task was to bring all of us to a "center" which we could all agree to without compromising "mores" or unchanging beliefs. Needless to say, there was constant friction and endless attempts to divert the center to their particular view. It was only by "conscious" agreement to put "Christ" at the center did we make any headway. Eventually, over a period of months, we reached a point where nothing else mattered. This was the most important thing possible and UNITY was more than just a concept to be hoped for. It became a reality. We came to understandings about things that could not have happened otherwise. We have all gone our separate ways but not without the knowledge that any attempt to do this will meed with STIFF resistance from forces that are from without. This is a subject for another time, but there are definitely LAWS involved and if we can familiarize ourselves with these "natural" forces, the natural result is that we can "overcome" the "limits" that prevent us from reaching that which is seemingly unreachable--such as time!! Thanks again for your imput. Very intuitive stuff!! ...................................................................................................
  15. Hey Thomas, Actually, something did just jump out at me concerning the four creatures and it was the concept that I had remarked about in my short piece on Ezekiel. It was about the four faces and how no matter how hard we tried, we would only be able to perceive the one face which was facing us. No matter which tool we use, we cannot look beyond the veil. It is simply beyond our ability to "see" how one entity can have all these completely unique "worldviews" and still remain to our understanding as a single "person". In each one of those personas, a specific attribute was accentuated (the "fruits" of the spirit such as love, joy, peace, etc.), and in their fullness--to which a limited mind would have to perceive as a single individual. We cannot wrap our minds around a being that is fully all in all. Thus, He breaks down Himself to discrete units that we can understand, but there is no space of any kind between them. It is a single unit, and as far as we know, the only thing we can truly conceive of which is not enveloped in space. Space literally surrounds every thing in the universe--except those four faces. Of course, since we can only perceive one, our minds "supply" the space around it. Another thing that came to my mind was the many names that Diety represented Himself as down through the Ages so that man could have some understanding of Himself. Of course, in revealing Himself in successive stages--He truly was revealing nature beyond our capability to comprehend, but at the same time, He was giving us the tools to comprehend; and thus to master that nature. I don't think that we are going to have to actually invent a time machine. I am more of the mind that the time machine is building itself around us as we speak and the more we open ourselves to it, the more we will realize and see. I can almost dimly see the flashing flames of fire of Uriel surrounding us, filled with the healing fruit of Raphael, having the growing strength of Gabriel, and with the face of Michael who represents Christ--the fullness of the all-in-all within man. Thanks for bringing this back up again. It's always nice to see where you are standing within the temple structure. Exciting times are here amid all these wars and rumours of wars. It is nice to know that it is not those who "seek to fulfill the vision" by bringing chaos on the world, but those who seek to "enter within the veil". When we see THAT number made up, then we will see the end to the nonsense that is going on. Those four faces are truly the "four angels" which hold all those winds of strife from blowing. In the end, reason will prevail. The truth will be known. The LAW will be proclaimed. War will be no more. This will happen when the secrets of time are fully revealed and will show without a doubt what the truth is and what is fable.
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