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  1. This is yet another phenomena that I have run across with people from my past. Both you and I don't share the same memories we have from our past. But the phenomena is universal. Everyone experiences it. My attitude towards math might not be what you think it is. After all it was me that introduced you to the math that showed centrifugal acceleration was real. I used the Pythagorean Theorem to demonstrate the reality. Of course I rigidly adhered to observations which do lend more validity to the math than if I had used make believe. I don't recall the references you made to you using math to demonstrate more clarity in a situation. I also sensed in your reply that you were just trying to be helpful. Something that is unusual for me to see from you. If you prefer I can use more toned down expletives in my opinions. I wasn't directing them at you just so you know. I have been unsuccessful in locating the pickup truck and bungee cord drop levitation video. But surprisingly I found a car with bungee cord drop levitation video. The video was made by MythBusters Jr.
  2. I did find a video where Veritasium attached a tennis ball to the bottom of a slinky demonstrating his claim that attaching weight to the bottom of a falling slinky produces the same delayed fall pattern. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKb2tCtpvNU
  3. I am not convinced that mankind knows enough about gravity to immediately jump to mathematical models to explain what happens. I've never seen you use math to explain anything so far. In my mind the video suggested to me that I want more data. Objects under the influence of gravity usually experience weight when stationary and supported. Objects in free-fall are weightless. Does the bottom part of the slinky experience weightlessness or weight? This wasn't the video that blew my mind though. I believe Veritasium mentioned in one of his slinky videos that a weight was attached to the bottom of the slinky with identical results. Now one of the rules of gravity is that weight does not influence gravitational acceleration. All objects accelerate the same. The video that did blow my mind was a similar experiment was done with a bungee cord and a pickup truck suspended and released from the top of a crane. The pickup truck exhibited the same delayed fall pattern. It did fall after the bungee cord finished its collapse. So weight doesn't seem to matter. When I eventually find the truck video I'll post it. Anyone that makes a device that would simulate the torsion wave collapse would probably have a working antigravity engine. Seems like one could use something like that to move big stone slabs to build pyramids with ease. You still have not made any mention of the second link to the spinning wingnut.
  4. Perhaps you should observe first before you speak. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29FvQgiRNXc
  5. Did I push your bullshit defense button? Bruised ego? Or your faulty belief systems? Possibly I just discovered that you have no cognitive abilities at all in the subject matter you profess to have. And zero observational skills. Of course it could be just a simple case of schizophrenic delusions of grandeur. Sadly there is no cure for that.
  6. You can't falsify bullshit. It's already false. Nobody gets a Nobel Prize for exposing the scientific community for the frauds they are. Facts aren't peer reviewed. Only falsifiable theories are. God does play dice with the universe. Einstein would hate that fact. Observations are facts. Here are a couple of dice for you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vklY1bHIi1I
  7. As you may or may not recall I totally eviscerated the concept of mass quite a while back. I believe it merely exists on paper just so scientists can claim it has to exist or the fictitious model of physics they created would crumble. Mass = Fairy dust is the only way the math models will work. So please do attempt to convince me that mass is real. Almost forgot, I'm providing a Democratic platform for you to make your case. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUu2HKZGxJ4
  8. It appears you've passed my test affirming that you are indeed RainmanTime. No one else has your unique signature of piling on more bullshit higher and deeper than your initial post. Totally bypassing a unique opportunity to answer real questions. It is very difficult for anyone to accept math models these days due to their fallible use in GPS, weather forecast, and climatology.
  9. I don't accept your facts as to what time is. Has it been shown that the flow of time is the same for all the individual basic forces of nature? Don't observations suggest otherwise? I suspect without proof yet that we will have to master the flow of time for each basic force before we will understand how they work together to create the overall direction of time we all experience. That is not armchair physics. Just good old fashioned data gathering.
  10. If you watched the video you would see it violated the conservation law of angular momentum. The wingnut slows down and reverses its spin direction as it flips its orientation in space. A characteristic identical to the nuclear weak force. One could interpret the observation as being time reversed. Obviously the inertial laws we are taught in school do not apply. As to your additional questions, I'm still new to this phenomena and don't have all the answers. But there is another little toy that displays a similar rotational phenomena while stabilizing the flip in an opposite direction.
  11. I'll probably skip the theory and go with the Bob Lazar description of how UFO's cover vast distances. At least his story seems to be unfolding with newly discovered facts that are right in front of our noses. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vklY1bHIi1I&feature=emb_imp_woyt
  12. Would be so kind as to post a link to the article showing wormholes exist. I'm assuming you are referring to the theoretical concept and not the ones made by worms.
  13. I'll just bet lots of folks that survive will be getting whole house generators with large propane storage tanks to run the generator. And plenty of food storage for the next time this happens. I was researching the Tesla power wall. Turns out that storage system would not have worked in the cold temperatures experienced in Texas. Although solar panels would work in the cold. There is no reliable way to store the energy from the sun yet that would provide backup power in very cold climates.
  14. The reason I didn't post my question is because you claimed to be a psychic. The answer to the question becomes self evident after you psychically determine the question. Your other statements about me are a complete miss.
  15. What is the answer to the question I haven't asked you yet?
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