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  1. Time is fiction, its a concept that was develop so mankind can be organized and understand day is night and night is day. Truth is… we are experiencing the effects form our earth spinning and traveling around the sun. Our time is set by our own gravity. For example, a common Housefly lives 28 days, because its DNA has been programmed to do so within this gravity, and within this current environment. Now… how long could a common housefly live on Mars, if to say it had the living resources needed? Would the fly’s DNA develop a different life span? We will truly never understand “time travel”, until humanity is unlocked from this earth. .
  2. Anyone who starts with “you won’t believe me” loses all credibility.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-Fl1Xuob2s Hey guys, since this game was a gold for teleportation/ split dimensions… and fits within our forum, Help me out and check out my recent video… Not trying to spam, just let me know if it needs to be removed. Just need help to build my channel!
  4. However, you’re foolish to show time travel proof for money? The pitch is badly presented thats all I am saying. Post the proof, because in the end, you already posted your claim to have proof, so if its such a risk, you already have labeled via internet, yourself with this risky knowledge, so I see no reasons why not just post the proof, simple logic. Not trying to be rude
  5. This timeline… could be your true timeline, rather then the previous timeline, which means you could be mental, J/K… lol However, I’ll play along… What do you miss more from your timeline rather then this timeline?
  6. You already basically posted by stating what you have and your location… Loops buddy
  7. People get killed for this and 3 mil is worth death? loops buddy
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u7PTzVprlE4 If the urban legend was true, could it be teleportation and not ghost? Ha ha, Happy Halloween group!
  9. I hope this is okay guys, Delete this feed if its not part of the rules… just want to get my videos out there… If you enjoy the video please hit the like button and subscribe… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBxU0bXhPGo
  10. No No No, I’m not a time traveler; however, this doesn’t mean in 20 years I will not become one… or will I? who knows…
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