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  1. If you're putting all your trust in me, then don't worry. You shall be fine.
  2. You have it. Lake at the location. No more questions. BTW - if you can't find your way to a point in this time, how you gonna find your way back to the past? lol
  3. They just come through a portal, like stepping out of a TV screen that just appeared in the air a few feet off the ground. They look like they are wearing "star trek" outfits. Grey colored, one piece, like uniforms. One Asian guy, One Western guy, one "mixed" Asian-Western woman. They change clothes quickly and get into a car that is waiting, they have the key. 3 people. Getting into a car in the middle of the night in a car park near the lake at that location. They will probably just stun gun you if you surprise them tho. Your best bet, I think, would be to just trail them in another car and approach them at the right time. Even if they help you, they might not send you back to that time you want. You don't always get what you want exactly, careful what you wish for, like Cosmo suggests. Quantum jumping is the safest and probably most reliable, even tho the effects are mostly small. Tho if you work at it a lot, the effects will be larger. All these universes / timelines are connected. There is information and memory-flashes that passes between them. It really will change things for you. Not all the information you read is accurate. You can QJ to the past, and alter the situation. Repeat and repeat. Have faith. It is working. Also, to give yourself advice, QJ to your future self that is the successful self you aim for, and see what that person tells you. All of this works better if you can calm your mind. Slow down yourself and focus. All this will become easier the more you do it. Good luck then. :)
  4. I can see when time travelers come to our timeline, and where. If you wanna find them, i think your best chance is to go there and wait for them, and see if you can see them come in. They're not interested in helping people, so you'd have to take the initiative to put yourself in from of them. I don't think they'll put you in a different timeline just to correct your 2015 accident. But in your case, i think the best thing you can do is to pray, and secondly, you can quantum jump back to the past and rewrite what happened in this timeline with your mind. Google quantum jump, you'll get it. It will have some effect. But do you really want to change things? Because there's good in everything bad and bad in everything good. Sometimes, the problem to solve is not how to change the past, but the problem to solve is how to fix the present and future in order to use your time now in the best way. If you changed your mistake, maybe you would rob yourself of the purpose in your life that God has given you. Maybe this purpose is your challenge. Good luck then.
  5. There will be 2 men and 1 woman at the lake near 41.757936,119.431728 in China on December 26 this year, between 12 am to 5am. Real time travelers. But i think they will move it to the southwest after this post. You can still find them, probably, if you're lucky. There's no more scheduled landings this year right now.
  6. You have to manipulate gravity, or have something even harder to find. John Titor was telling the truth. Google his machine. You need mini blackholes. I haven't assessed its truthfulness yet but Bob Lazar's original video also talks about amplifying a gravity wave.
  7. Maybe I am wrong or maybe this is trying to trick me, but what I feel is that, unless you are searching for contact with an earlier version of yourself, the person you wish to contact is dead. And also that recently you have much fury and desolation feelings, probably around this topic. If you are messaging your old self, that old self is dead. Either case, the karmic loops from that era with yours now are ended. It will change nothing. Except how you feel. Which you can change yourself from now. In this case, I shall not get involved, one reason is to avoid getting involved in your karma.
  8. Sorry, not in this case. Since the person you're trying to reach is no longer here, I think if you do what you can from now, change the future not the past, it will be better for you, thanks.
  9. Interesting, thanks for your info. I could feel your travel, but the dates I saw seem incorrect. I saw you had traveled alot, but just got back, since i couldn't follow your timeline back into the past on this world line, it jumped to another, and there was a lot of light in the jump. But from your account this was many years ago. I'll have to take more time and use more focus next time in a case like this.
  10. Okay, I might come back and revise the following later, but just after having a quick look, I see Saturday 2 weeks later North Korea, North Western part, a lot of firey explosive activity. Could be something more, but just having a quick look probably just another test. Tho this isn't that hard to predict since these have been regular. Next Thursday or Friday, I see something I'm not sure of. It's a lot of people noticing something very stinky. Like a gas. Location seems to be Russia, just north of Moscow. Even if this happens, it might be hard to verify. So this could be unfalsifiable. Those two came to me when I was under. The next came to me just now, without submersing. I'm not experienced enough with my power yet to know which, if any, may be more reliable. And over China and India next few days, I see a lot of lights in the skies, like balls of light. Not like triangular formations, but dozens of lights. All of this seems unlikely, and the last one is easily falsified. There will be UFO reports etc if it happens. I'll come back to the numbers later. I feel such specificity requires, at my current level of ability, more focus.
  11. You've just got back from time traveling, haven't you? Were you born in this worldline? Because using my power it seems like you were born in a slightly different worldline, and that you've time traveled alot. I have a question.... Are you doing this for the money? I'm wondering because couldn't you just go to a place where a bank is going to be built, or was, and then jump to the time and back to get money? It makes it seem like you are doing this for the ability to share with others. Which I find very interesting, since that would suggest that, to some extent, the controllers of this technology are okay with a limited amount of this being disseminated.
  12. Yes, I'm just using my self not any additional machine. I've seen earthquakes, and disasters in the timeline days and weeks ahead and gone to look at them closer. I saw leaders winning elections months ahead. I've seen things that happened to friends earlier in the day. I've checked people's accounts of things they experienced, or made up. I've seen people's future and past happenings in their lives, such as at their workplaces, in their health and in relationships. I won some money in Baccarat, but I don't think I've practiced that enough to be reliable. I can't really say how I acquired it nor when. I can say I learned the British spellings, but I also sometimes use the Americanized ones, and right now I live in East Asia, but I'm not from there. I don't think i have the power of lotteries... Yet. But for the draw this Saturday in tallahassee at 11pm, I see 26 35 21 37 05 16 if I look at it one way. And if I look at it from the future looking back I see another set with pb 04. But I'd like to take a look at it again in a little while to check everything closely. I didn't actually mean to send this reply until I had done that, but now it's out there! Edit: so i took another quick look at Tallahassee draw tonight and for red powerball I'm getting something that looks like multiples of 12, most strongly, 24, and I also want to put 36. It seems like that facility is somehow officially psychicly shielded and that they have two production studios, one a dummy one and the other a smaller less obvious studio that I took to be the actual drawing studio. It sounds far fetched but I feel that they've done this specifically to counter vulnerability to time travelers. I didn't spend a lot of time or energy on the numbers but I feel a strong confidence in what I put up. Let's see what happens. Thanks. Edit: ha. There's lots of 6s in the results but red was 17. Not really even close. Oh well.
  13. Ask me questions to help me improve my skills. I'll need a time and a place and I'll go there and report back what I see. Time and place can be in any format. For the sake of the privacy of others, I won't accept queries involving someone's name, such as asking what a person did on a particular day, sorry. I apologize for any inaccuracies, or vagueries, my powers are improving. Ask me questions to help me improve. And maybe find out something useful.
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