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  1. “”"""""“You do not need to post here, just let’s talk through email”""""""" This guy sounds faker that Kim K’s B00ty
  2. John Thomas or whatever he calls himself is fake please.
  3. Daniel_Scott Do you think that HDR is real?? I doubt it bro…
  4. I don’t get what you are trying to ask. I know what i want with the time traveler and would pay the dues if any(I guess that is what he would want with me too)
  5. I’m beginning to lose hope in all these already.
  6. Hi, I would like to know if there is anyone here that has time traveled before or practicing time traveling. Thanks,
  7. Just checking the date. Thanks. I thought he might have some answers to my questions. :( :( :(
  8. Your email address does not exist bro.
  9. I love something about your write ups, although i just registered on here but i must admit your write ups are very clear and explanatory. I only need to go 6 months back if i can get the opportunity. Lots of Love
  10. Would read through and reply in few hours time, got to go sleep. :sleep:
  11. On a serious note, i intend to use for no evil or sudden wealth. If only i could speak beyond words, there and then can you know how i really wish i could go back. If wiping my memory of the time i went back would do, i do not mind either.
  12. Very True. Some thing happens to me once in a while. When i take an action or do something, it feels like i have seen or did that thing before, the scene plays in my head like “”“I have been here before”"" some times it’s just in seconds 1 - 2 and i’ll pause and have more like a scenario of what ever it is i am doing at that moment play in my head adn showing the next thing i’ll do. Mind you, it does not occur all the time, just comes and goes like a flash.
  13. Okay, with all i have read and seen here though i think i know what to believe. But i truly really need to be part of a project if any exists. Thanks.
  14. Hi everyone. I am quite fascinated with what i have heard about time travel, but i find it hard to believe some times. These days i tend to want to know so much more as i myself is willing to be part of any time travel project or program if there is any. Please i am open to any available project if there’s any. Thanks.
  15. If i have 3 million dollars i wouldn’t be here. I would use the money to search for real contacts and not online contacts. This seems quite shady. If you are for real, i have some questions.
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