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  1. Time-crystals configured to accelerate electrons... allowing for stable wormholes also seem plausible to send the inner chamber back in time. Transient mass fluctuations... http://www.fv-berlin.de/news/negative-mass-and-high-speed-how-electrons-go-their-own-ways?set_language=en
  2. Can dreams predict the future? Perhaps all possible histories exist out in the Omniverse, AKA the Fractalverse. In a dream I was on the future Earth and there was no more technology. Everyone was back to riding horses again. Things were different and humans in this reality were more spiritual. We could also telepathically communicate with animals and other humans.
  3. All of space in the universe is full of virtual particles popping in and out of existence. These are the particle-antiparticle pairs that briefly exist and then annihilate each other only to disappear as given by the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle of physics. Stephen Hawking proved that black holes emit radiation due to this phenomenon. During this process of virtual particle creation one of the particles in the pair gets sucked into the black hole as a negative mass particle while the positive mass particle escapes and it thus appears that the black hole is radiating energy, eventually evaporating. The smaller the black hole, the faster it radiates. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hawking_radiation Rotating the spherical shells of the time machine in opposite directions at relativistic speeds separates the negative and positive mass of the virtual particle pairs, generating a shell of negative mass that encapsulates the inner chamber of the time machine. This generates a time tube(wormhole) to the past as the exterior of the time machine is anchored in the future to its relative and gravity bound location in space. This means that gravity keeps the inner chamber bound to its location on the earth even though is is projecting to the past history of that location. The inner chamber traveling to the past/present is hidden from the external observers in the future/present similarly to the way an event horizon hides the inside of a black hole.
  4. The inner spherical shell of negative mass is encapsulated by the exterior shell of positive mass. Within the spherical shell of negative mass is another spherical shell of positive mass which is the inner chamber containing the time travelers. When the machine becomes activated, observers will describe the exterior shell to be immobile and it will not disappear. But within the machine itself, the inner shell of negative mass will carry the inner chamber with it to the past on a 4th dimensional trajectory and the shell will appear to materialize to a past moment of history as long as the future machine continues to operate. This is a tube through time and the travelers are dependent on the future scientists keeping the machine operational until the travelers return and report their findings. [ATTACH=full]631[/ATTACH]
  5. It is hypothesized that reversing the mass-energy of a particle is equal to reversing its arrow of time. Consciousness... "Although I think that life may be the result of an accident, I do not think that of consciousness. Consciousness cannot be accounted for in physical terms. For consciousness is absolutely fundamental. It cannot be accounted for in terms of anything else." -- Erwin Schrodinger What we call the multiverse possibly has a fractal structure with each branch of this tree of consciousness forming a temporal sequence of cause and effect events as a logical derivation. The reverse temporal direction is an inductive sequence, forming a pattern. The forward temporal direction is a deductive sequence.of "if then" statements, as the conscious multiverse explores all possibilities of existence. [ATTACH=full]629[/ATTACH] By using metallic spheres and collapsing outer sphere to the point where a strong Casimir effect is produced and then by rotating the spheres at relativistic speeds negative energy/mass will be produced allowing for temporal displacement to alternate time-lines. [ATTACH=full]630[/ATTACH]
  6. Hello Cosmo, my thought is that the stability of negative mass can be increased using the time dilation effect by accelerating these exotic particles to near the speed of light in various configurations of particle accelerator.
  7. "If you build it, they will come". The prime directive... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prime_Directive#Temporal_Prime_Directive Until a species discovers how to time travel they are not yet interesting enough to be payed a visit by travelers. In place is a law called the temporal prime directive. This law states that those timelines that have not yet discovered time travel must not be interfered with. That is why this particular branch of the multiverse has not been flooded with time travelers from the future. Each timeline is a sequence of causality, a sequence of logical cause and effect relationships. The multiverse resembles a huge fractal tree with many branches. The trunk of the tree is infinite while each branch is a finite sequence. Sentient beings who have discovered how to time travel exist mostly at the trunk, the middle base which is the foundation of reality.
  8. In order to travel in time one must shield themselves in a locally protective bubble of relatively normal forward time progression. The bubble would then become equivalent to a wormhole or a tunnel through hyperspace, connecting two different points in time and relative space. [ATTACH=full]628[/ATTACH] Negative mass can be used to construct the rotational system that generates the protective bubble of space-time, allowing the travelers to physically travel to past historical points(nows) in the space-time continuum, thus initiating the birth of new universes and alternate realities. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Negative_mass#Arrow_of_time_and_space_inversion https://ayuba.fr/souriau/Souriau-time-energy-mass-inversion.pdf The Woodward effect results from transient mass fluctuations, possibly enabling interstellar travel, wormholes, and thus TIME TRAVEL... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Woodward_effect#Warp_drives_and_wormholes Perhaps the universe is like a living system that "breathes" and the relative expansion and contraction of space and time means that time occasionally can reverse direction... It is quite possible that we continually travel back in time but since our memory is erased when time "rewinds" itself, we cannot remember the alternate future from whence we came... The protective space-time bubble which is equivalent to a wormhole, would allow the traveler to retain their memory and prevent them from growing younger and disappearing completely. The speed of light in vacuum is the rate of manifestation of space and time. A photon of light does not experience time and it does not experience distance in space. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FM8WOxHkgt8 Traveling backwards through time merely causes a branch universe to appear as it cannot alter this existent temporal sequence of causality, it merely creates a new branch. Specific configurations of miniature particle accelerators possibly can also generate the transient mass fluctuations that would be required to generate the protective space-time bubble and drill a tunnel to the past history. The malleability of space-time means that it can be twisted like a pretzel, generating closed loops, allowing for temporal displacement from now ...to another now... Teleportation through time... You cannot change the past ...but you can create an alternative past... Reversal of time is reversal of change. Time is relative. There is no absolute direction to time... Memories can change when the past changes ...perhaps it changes without our being aware of it... A protective bubble or shield allows the universe to be relatively rewound back to the past because the traveler is resting inside the bubble that internally experiences normal progression of the thermodynamic arrow... In order to become masters of space and time a memory shield is required... Perhaps in order for a universe to branch off of itself time travel is definitely required... In other words what if the universe(and time) expands and contracts like breathing ...who says the breaths must always return to zero or expand to infinity? So then what if time rewinds to 20 years ago ...will we do something differently? Time rewinds back to the moment of conception ...hence a different sperm meets the egg ...hence a different body other than yours is born...
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