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  1. To over simplify; NOW can be much longer then estimated. Example: When you need to go to the bathroom NOW and can't find one, it can be a very long time indeed.
  2. Sounds more like something interdimensional to me. Then again is could have been a dream. For now listen to Shadow.
  3. I still am not sure how metal changing shape would help in containment fields. Then again I also don't know how Santa gets in when you have no chimney. I guess that's for you guys to understand. Thanks and your opening page blew me away as usual!
  4. Time 02112 This question is for you old friend. Are you involved in any way in the "Morphing Project"? I ask only because I wonder if there could potentially be any aplication in time travel research. I will explain it for those that don't understand what it is. Our gov. buddies in conjunction with NASA has come up with a metal they "claim" is for airplane wings. It can morph into different shapes. If you fire a bullet through it, it will seal it self instantly. I figure if anyone knew if such a metal would be of TT importance, you would know.
  5. Shadow, You crack me up! You have a great dry sence of humor. I've never thought of doppelgangers as the opposite of missing persons-that's really funny. I hope your a stand up comic, it would be a shame to waste your cleverness on just us.
  6. If you were to enter a time machine right now and travel back to 1900, the people of that time may say you could'nt be from the future because you have'nt even been born yet. Their perspective is the same as yours. They are living out their time as if the future is open and empty space not yet used. And yet here we are. Possibly 100 years from now there is someone that has traveled "back" to observe US.
  7. Shadow, Don't feel bad, I live on shakey ground myself. As they used to say, you threw a hissy fit. HAHA We take turns on this board. Your always interesting with or without hairs; and your opinion in always important wether provable or not. Heck, I never shut up and I can't prove anything myself.
  8. Yes, aliens could be our decendants, a thousand years from now. However I still believe doorways or rifts, ripples or what ever you want to call them, open doorways on occasion and some poor unsuspecting jerk walks through without ever seeing it. Poof, missing person.
  9. Wow, what can be added to that! I do recall reading that "radiolaria", a fossilized form of tiny sea life has been found in layers of dirt at high elevations in the darndest places around the earth. I know nothing of bibical things but when you find petrofied itty bitty fishies in mountain ranges, something incredible happened involving a whole lot of water.
  10. It's ok, we can wait while you extract that wild hair from your butt.
  11. That's right Time, I also heard that origionally the continent of Africa was connected to America by a connecting land mass. I believe that's part of the Atlantis theory, that it was the connecting land. I know there are some incredible things underwater off of Biminy. (can't spell it or find it) There are huge greek collums with huge hands at the top holding some sort of ball. Also what looks like roads made of hand cut flat stones that would break a fork lift. What I would'nt give to time travel to before that sunk and see it it all it's glory. It's must have been beautiful beyond comprehension.
  12. Sort of makes you dizzy. Like I mentioned before, when we put someone's face on a milk carton, (missing person) we have to distribute them in every dimension and throughout timelines. I'll bet there are some unwilling travelers in insane assylums.
  13. Roel, Don't ask. Yes it can happen but without a mathematical formula to make all these hard nose scientists happy there's no point in discussing it. It's like seeing a UFO, unless everyone you know, and everyone you'll ever meet sees it with you, don't even try to talk about it.
  14. Also flooding could easily occur with monsoon rains lasting anywhere past 5 days in a region of low ground. And don't forget in those days, "the world" was defined as that small region only. These people had never been to Switzerland! (Hi Time, missed you you ole rattle snake.)
  15. Roel, A very interesting visual you painted; however don't forget that if you look at trees, branches brush against each other constantly. I visualize hundreds of springs like inside of a well made chair or couch that also brush against each other while moving tight then loose. Each one a seperate dimension but they brush each other. Also each spring a timeline that touches when compressed. I honestly believe that some human disappearances are related to these moments of future touching past or one dimension touching another. Then again I really don't know anything. I just theorize. P.S. Hi Pamela! You are the hub of the wheel and hold all us spokes together. what ever happened to Time 02112? Is he still around? I saw another name as discussion lion tamer.
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