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  1. The black holes are used to displace gravity. Titor's machine was a gravity displacement unit. The machine does NOT travel through the black holes. Therefore, no crushing.
  2. I don't see how that would matter.
  3. It IS strange how both Christianity and Islam consider tolerance a virtue and yet spawn the most intolerant people. Both are supposed to strive to be loving and peaceful but they act as though they are suppose to hate those that do not conform to their beliefs.
  4. You don't need to worry about paradox. Nothing bad would happen. Unfortunately, most people would have dismissed the email in 1998 as some kind of joke.
  5. There are many religions that are not based on unexplained phenomenon such as Buddhism, Confucism, and Daoism. Also, in reply to another poster, morality in most every religion is based on love and selfLESSness, regardless of the dogmas and superstitions involved. That simple principle is consistant in most every religion. Yes, there are religions that are based on selfishness and self-love. I do not consider them religions but farces. True love is selfless but a person can only love others as much as they love themselves. Life is paradoxical.
  6. Time stops when movement stops. Movement is energy. Time can not exist without energy.
  7. Re: Didn't Titor change the past?(First post!) The problem is that in order to influence politics, much more than 50% need to believe the inevitability if changes in policies are not made since a rather large percentage of the people who feel a certain way never do anything to try to influence politics. There are probably less than 1% of the U.S. population that has even heard of John Titor. Unless that figure gets up to 60-70% it won't make a difference. The people that believe in the inevitability of civil and world war if we do not improve policies need to state their case to the masses and pursuade them to influence politicians.
  8. I was refering to the Illuminati. Comparing the Masons to the Illuminati is like comparing the Boy Scouts to the Marines. That is why parties were not allowed in the original constitution.
  9. Congress WILL meet on saturday or sunday when they have to. The last time I know of was to pass the federal budget last year.
  10. Time started to exist when matter started to change. A change occured when particles started to move. Space always existed. Then came mass, then came time. Energy is the power of force from the movement of mass. Radiation and light are caused by photons, electricity is caused by electrons, and heat is caused by friction causing the increased vibration of atoms.
  11. While I agree with most of what is said I think I have something to add. I agree that good and evil are subjective. Good is what helps us, evil is what hurts us. Everything we consider evil was considered good or necessary by someone else. Also, good and evil can not exist without each other. They are opposite sides of the same coin. All good deeds can be looked at from a negative perspective, and all evil deeds can be looked at from a positive perspective. Good and evil are radically different from the perspective of a religious person and an atheist. When it comes to religion love, and the encouragement of others to love is the definition of good. People are even encouraged to love their enemies. The atheists would disagree with that because it puts a person at risk for no "good" reason. However, love is a creative force and hate is a destructive force. But it is true that it is sometimes necessary to destroy in order to create. The building that replaces the world trade center will be much nicer and it wouldn't have been possible without the destruction of the WTC. War is often to replace failing governments with ones that work better. Another good reason for evil is that evil helps to teach us. We learn much more when we have problems to overcome. It makes us stronger. In that regard, all evil is good.
  12. Nothing slows it down but the particles or magnetic fields it collides with affects the direction it travels, and affects its vibration (and therefore wavelength).
  13. He would not return to his timeline but one very close to his, and some John from a timeline very close to his own would return to his own. It would appear that it was the same John on all timelines that were near zero devergence. It is like trying to conceptualize "now." As soon as you think about "now" it is "past." There are an infinite number of "nows" in a day, a minute, and a second. When we think of "now" we are really thinking of an infinite number of "nows."
  14. There is another organization which most republicans are loyal to that most democrats are not affiliated with. These individuals DO act as a homogenous unit with very little deviation, especially when it pertains to their objective of world domination. I think Dean is a joke. He doesn't stand a chance. Gephardt would be my democratic choice but I never vote republican or democratic if I can avoid it because niether party appears to value the preservation of the planet or humanitarian concerns. People who are not humanitarian are just highly evolved animals.
  15. You're right. It's not a dictatorship, and I don't believe it will become one. GW is a puppet just like most of the rest of the GOP. As far as the senate remaining republican, THEY have ways to get what they want that democrats do not employ nor are in power to do if they did. (Such as blacklist democratic voters by calling them felons, close democratic county polling places early, lose ballots in democratic counties, all of which they did in Florida for GW.) Unfortunately, I believe that the repulicans are much more united it their thinking, philosophies, policies, and decision making than the democrats. They are much more of a unit. There are far fewer "defectors" in the GOP when it comes to voting. We're screwed.
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