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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-CR2rxRMcTE
  2. Every dog my family has owned has lived past 14 years, except a Maltese terrier that had epilepsy. My father as a child had a huge black poodle and it lived till almost 16 years. Not really a cat person but have one atm hes not bad a big sucker. So you plan on extending their lives all by yourself? Maybe when you get contact with the Aliens, they will help you otherwise dogs, cats and pets lives will remain unchanged. How long do you actually want them to live? while they are stumbling around blind/deaf.
  3. How come people are always trying to work it some way to come back to John Titor? Elsewhere another was saying 113 killed itself and became Element 115
  4. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8053063/Did-1981-Dean-Koontz-thriller-Eyes-Darkness-predict-coronavirus-outbreak.html
  5. That could be a way to address them but as has been seen, some don't like to answer certain questions for fear of being exposed as fakes. Thereby removing themselves from the conversation when the heat gets turned up. But if required on certain fields may work.
  6. Couldnt we all ask a similar question to any of these? As the person asking the question only knows the answer? The other aspect is can the time travel machine read the person's mind if it was nowhere stated, except in thought?
  7. It was a great story when i first read about it some years ago, one of the things that struck me was whether it was connected to the Basques, whom in present day they dont know where their blood originated from. The location might have been a bit hazy given the story.
  8. He was outed as a fake, he was all over Apex's discord channel most days. People used to say noah is my friend hahahahs. His name is Dennis. He says this himself in the video around 3mins. I dont think even Apex believed it would go crazy but they couldn't stop once the videos went boom. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNNN7jQJYaQ
  9. Hi there, yes i have used the HDR about 10-15 times since it came December 4. Gibbs has stated to not use the unit at night but listening to others nothing bad seem to occur, so i first started off around midnight when there was quiet in the house.About a week later began using it during the day as i got a little bit more familiar with it. The operation of the unit is fairly simple and though the stick reaction did take a few times to achieve now its within a minute or so. One particular point on usage here in Australia is the power system and as mentioned above i had to source a step down inverter. While looking for one of these i enquired through a few other HDR owners and Steven Gibbs about the difference in the power system here and whether the unit would work as it does in the USA. The frequency is 60hz here, on enquires the remarks were it shouldnt be a probelm. But really i have no way of knowing. At this point i haven't located a vortex, though i havent looked very hard. There has been no time travelling, but just about every occasion there has been some form of a dream. Some quite intense as if your like remote control on the body while others still interesting with unusual characters most times. Mostly 4-6am. Anything strange? Twice i have wondered if there was some sort of flash for a split second while i was doing some work in the garden a day or so after usage. Cannot be sure, felt like out of the corner of your eye something about to appear but doesnt somehow the body feels it and there is a jolt. A little like in bed when you wake suddenly. Apart from that so far thats been it, i havent used the HDR for about 2 weeks now or havent used it on a full moon either. Let you guys know if anything happens.
  10. Edgar Cayce apparently had some knowledge on the records.
  11. Yesterday i had a delivery of a HDR, its an older model around or near 2000-2004. So i have got a step down inverter on the way to handle the 240v here. As the plug on the unit is a US plug A, i now have to find an adapter to bridge the connection between the unit and the inverter. I have an electrical store quite close so will pay a visit there, will let you guys know.
  12. It was on the boards years ago. Some thought it was a group of three. Wasnt that common knowledge about the IP's? Or maybe you havent looked that hard.
  13. This looks about the same time. Earth Just Got Blasted with Highest-Energy Photons Ever Recorded https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rcwdeb5anYk
  14. Or is it the same all the way around, any initials engraved on it?
  15. Looks like fell off a necklace yes. Reminds me off an egg or a pine cone somewhat.
  16. Will be good for sure, still a while away though. There's been some supermoon/blood moons down my way the last year which captured the attention. The only thing might be if your planning on clearing out that fridge on the night you may not see anything:)
  17. It would be interesting to see how it panned out, choas would probably ensue and some standoff for a while. I seen some one comment on a forum, seemed they were taking it seriously. How many that replied would even be close to the area?
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