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  1. Wasn't decembers activities enough to quell that, and other storms? If not what can someone like me do to assist?
  2. Seems to be a thing today - did @_Ozever mention events like this weekend as possibly affecting his or others travel? In other words what types of technology, would allow for time line A to interact with time line B and if that is possible what types of interaction is feasible? question example @PaulaJedi sneezes while on time line A - @PaulaJedihears and feels the sneeze while on time line B? slightly deeper - Can DNA of person in time line A affect DNA of same person in time line B? Hope all are well.
  3. As November 19 approaches - would there be any signs one could see in plain sight that may indicate a course of action. And while I know this may not be enough (or likely rejected) - let me know If and how I may assist - I'm more than ready.
  4. Should have added some clarification when we affirm the consequent its - If A then C, C; hence A. Sorry - would have edited original - was about to burn dinner ?
  5. not hallucinating - thanks - thought asking questions was okay! and i mispoke on measure/Calc - thanks for clarifying. I was looking into logical fallacies - one of them is affirming the consequent. If A then C, A; hence C. As it pertains to stating mass being make believe - can anything else (other than gravity) explain weight?
  6. What would happen if the derived calculation of weight (based on gravity) - is make believe, and not mass? What if inertial mass is what we call weight and not based on gravity - could magnetism play a role instead?
  7. that said - what change brings about the greatest potential for an individuals foot print on their and others timelines? how does one change the trajectory of tragedy? how does one get the best help when you say others are refusing to allow help? If others aren't helping would it be a sign to chill and let the universe drive, or is more required to sustain positive change? whats the cost of doing nothing? There are times I look around and am just waiting for everyone's mask to drop, and what we thought were monsters were actually angels, or clowns or just bits of cosmos shooting by (no not Cosmos on the boards - then again - maybe) (attempt at humor)
  8. [TABLE] [TR] [TD] 0.36787945118550800000 [/TD] [TD] 0.692200627555347 [/TD] [TD] upper [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD] 0.36787945118550700000 [/TD] [TD] 0.692200627555346 [/TD] [TD] [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD] 0.36787944117144300000 [/TD] [TD] 0.692200627555346 [/TD] [TD] middle [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD] 0.36787943115737800000 [/TD] [TD] 0.692200627555346 [/TD] [TD] [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD] 0.36787943115737700000 [/TD] [TD] 0.692200627555347 [/TD] [TD] lower [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] so there was a video about y = x^x and what happens as x goes from 1 to 0 it starts to go down as you approach 0.692200627555346 and then goes back up to 1
  9. an interesting take maybe? natural cell regeneration - every 7 to 10 years??
  10. are you referencing this? https://www.lifesitenews.com/opinion/archbishop-viganos-powerful-letter-to-president-trump-eternal-struggle-between-good-and-evil-playing-out-right-now
  11. yep - well played. On the photo - is there a way to share those details privately? I would rather prefer that (and nothing to be concerned with) but it aligns with your recent posts about the way back machine. As it pertains to your dilemna - I have beautiful kids - they will add countless dimensions to your life - but I would suggest that becoming satiated with your own being will somehow take precedence. I find there are things I need to change about my circumstances - but that will come at a cost i m not prepared to pay - or will unfairly burden others with. 🙂
  12. when you say "now that I have everything" implies you were under the impression that successful achievement was equivalent to fulfilling ones purpose. Perhaps the later got lost along the way. (not saying i've found mine either) Want to help me find an old photo?
  13. need to borrow your big brain for a second - (yes seriously) In terms of typical protocol for virology - assume there was a man made virus (reasearch lab?) - it was designed for human infection (bio weapon?) - it was designed with dna from human (gain of function?) - it gets loose (intentionally or not) Questions - is there a way to identify the dna used in the production of that virus? - what are the reasons to finding (or not finding) a patient zero and - what impact would they have to controlling and or preventing future outbreaks? - Thanks
  14. Unless you have to pelt Moscovium 115 in order to create Nihonium 113. - Clear as mud, right? You know they muddy the waters to make it look deep. I would like to stay focused on Question At Hand - are you suggesting there are traces from time travel which is responsible? Is the virus a future "virus"?
  15. I find the likes of radiation, electro magnetics, and radio frequency things to be suitable stressors which may invoke a response similar to the effects we are seeing from this virus. Do we have any of those communicators like in star trek which scotty can lock on to - except in reverse?? Sure would explain social distancing. but what do I know - just kicking the can, and certainly would prefer to be wrong.
  16. Agreed. So I found Virus Responding to Stimuli and was interested in the graphic about Lysogenic cycle. If RNA/DNA material can become part of the HOST DNA, Can it be inherited/Passed on through generations? since we have mRNA vaccines - can that too be Inherited/Passed and lay dormant through generations? if RNA/DNA material can lay dormant until "stressed" What are those stressors? heres a thought - do we all have cancer until it's activated? Sure makes you think viruses act on cells by injecting themselves - what else do we inject and why are we doing it?
  17. I guess - those all seem very passive especially if we are in a war..... Thanks though - it was though provoking!
  18. My take on a virus not being a living thing - there is no nuclei - and they need a host - hence your "from within an organism".... Actually - the "response to stimuli" is the reason I asked to forget the "virus" and look for what else may cause what we are responding to. :)
  19. Thanks - I appreciate your take on this. similar to the "cleaning up" - my original though was more akin to a refinement or advancement.
  20. makes my point and not laughing: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genetically_modified_virus#Safety_concerns_and_regulation I consider wisdom as the ability to ignore what can be accomplished in favor of deciding whether it should be. I wish there was something for scientists equivalent to financial world "Past success does not guarantee future performance." Maybe "Safe in a controlled petri dish does not guarantee safe in the uncontrollable real world?"
  21. No worries and no apology is necessary.... Answers rarely come easy - that is what makes both the though behind it, and expression of it valuable. I'm looking forward to added discussion as well.
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