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  1. Time travel entails inducement and manipulation of a time dilation field, which is currently pure science fiction. But, hypothetically speaking, it may be possible for a very technologically advanced civilization to construct a time machine... Construct a time machine with magnets... These guys are cosmologists so engineering propulsion devices by manipulating the stiffness of space-time is not their main interest... It would probably also require some very powerful magnetic fields for an anti-gravity craft to levitate near the surface of the Earth... Magnetism stiffens space-time... Chronons are hypothetical particles of time. Hypothetically speaking “anti-chronons” could be used in a time travel scenario. The late Physicist Richard Feynman proposed that anti-matter positrons are simply electrons moving backwards in time, hence anti-chronons might also be chronons moving backwards temporally, thus, they generate anti-time. Mach's principle is an interesting conjecture. Regarding the hypothetical concept of temporally rewinding the universe to a previous era, our time traveler remains within a local bubble of forward moving time. This seems equivalent to generating a wormhole. The universe spins backwards in reverse time from our sheltered perspective as we look out the window of our time machine... In order for successful time travel into the history of our past, gravitational locking to the surface of the Earth is a necessity. Thankfully gravity works the same in reverse time as it does in forward time. Certain laws of physics, like gravity, are symmetric with respect to time. Would the time machine become invisible to observers as it traveled into the past? I think it might which points to the possibility of multiple universes...
  2. The ontological hypothesis... There is a strong correlation between the mind and the brain. The question is, does the brain produce thought or does the brain channel or receive basic thought impulses which are then constrained or limited by it in order to bring into focus the various communicable ideas analogously to how a lens can magnify light from the sun into a point. Indeed it is possible that the mind is more than just the production of a material brain, that is to say, a mind would ultimately not be dependent on a brain. If the mind is more than the production of a material brain, then the brain, while being correlated with the mind, is somehow independent of material objects such as brains. Basically, the essence of thought would not require a material basis but the many forms of matter and energy would depend on a fundamentally mental substratum in order to exist. A more complex brain such as the human brain has the capability to focus the non-material psychological impulses of the mental substratum into more refined forms of thought complexity. Formless mind is unbounded and unlimited. Perhaps "before" the physical universe existed the formless reality of mind condensed into various forms. These forms then combined into configurations of creative complexity. A fundamental law is the law of cause and effect. Formless mind would at first be free, then it would be divided into complex configurations of selfhood as it experienced complexity and creativity of the many forms. Eventually it returns back to the original formlessness with the greater experience of causality – a most foundational law. If mind is the basis of reality then the totality of existence is a mind. If the totality of existence is a mind then that mind exemplifies a definition for God who is the ultimate mind. God, who is the totality of existence is THAT which nothing greater can be imagined or conceived. THAT which exists in reality and in the imagination is greater or more substantial than that which exists in the imagination alone. God can exist in the imagination. It may be possible to imagine something greater than God. But since God is the totality of existence it is impossible to imagine anything greater than God who is the ultimate mind and therefore the ultimate reality. If mind is more than just a brain then God exists. https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/ontological-arguments/
  3. Giving tachyons more energy causes them to slow down. Just like it is theorized to be impossible for a regular matter particle to accelerate up to the speed of light it is also theorized to be impossible for a tachyon to slow down to the speed of light. Tachyons with zero energy are proposed to travel at infinite speed. I imagine that c, the speed of light in vacuum forms a barrier or reflective plane between time and anti-time universes. The multiverse become analogous to an infinite hall of mirrors. Some scientists have theorized that tachyons may solve the dark matter and dark energy problems in physics...
  4. According to Stuart Hameroff, Roger Penrose, and Matthew Fisher, there could be a type of quantum computation occurring in the brain. Mental time travel, is it possible? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Z5oDUU3y_4
  5. Jacques Vallée proposed the interdimensional hypothesis whereby these grey aliens can teleport or phase shift from other experiential dimensions or alternate realities – all existing simultaneously. It might be similar to how different frequencies can be tuned on a radio dial. These entities employ a form of time travel along with their jumps to and from these parallel dimensions.
  6. Perhaps time flows in both directions simultaneously. But, our memories can only record what is happening from the past towards the future. We do not remember anything FROM the future because we only recall what happens from the past up to the present. Seth Lloyd theorizes that the universe is a quantum computer. Perhaps there is a supreme being who operates this universal quantum computer and will occasionally rewind it back to a previous era in order to experiment with different possible scenarios... So if time were to flow backwards ...but then, only to halt in order to proceed forward again, our memories of the "previous" future(s) would be erased. Physicist Richard Feynman proposed that a positron could be an electron flowing backwards in time. Magnification of Planck's constant would entail a macroscopic quantum particle that can be engineered to encapsulate a human temporal agent. Then it would be a matter of reversing the polarity of the bubble field in order to go back in time... The memories of the people inside the field would be preserved due to the fact that their local temporal polarity would not be reversed, only that of the external bubble itself. I suspect that the technology required for constructing a working time machine will be very advanced.
  7. Faster-than-light implies time travel into the past but the theoretical impossibility of reaching the speed of light prevents us from going back in time. Shortcuts through the fabric of space-time are called worm-holes and warp-bubbles... In order to warp space-time and achieve time travel something like the Alcubierre warp drive may be required... It has been theorized by Seth Lloyd that the universe is a giant quantum computer which is actually uncontroversial. He also gives an interesting lecture on the quantum mechanics of time travel... And a briefer explanation here.
  8. After some more google research I found a patent application for a time machine. A little more digging revealed that the applicant for this patent has been convicted of some very deplorable deeds. They say there is a fine line between genius and insanity. I will study the patent application to see if it has any merits. The diagrams look very similar to the Titor diagrams I have viewed online... Jack Sarfatti has written about some interesting ideas regarding low power warp drive and metamaterials. With such metamaterials it may be possible to use light to warp spacetime and thus attain a better way to reverse time externally to the machine and/or speed it up either backwards or forwards, thus achieving practical time travel.
  9. A time capsule is one way to communicate with people of the far future. It is a way of storing information for a long duration. Then... it can be read and interpreted by our future generations. Eons from now, our posterity may store history on a vast holographic array. Then they may even read these internet forum posts about time travel. A future genius may be searching for certain keywords, symbols, and statements in order to solve some enigmatic problems existing in that future. I have been perusing some of the old John Titor postings and I see that he posted as TimeTravel_0. The "0" or zero seems to imply an origin or nexus point similarly to the origin on the Cartesian coordinate diagram. The "original" time traveler TT_0. Thus such a temporal nexus in this universe may be of great interest to all future time historians. Hopefully, more time-voyagers in the future may read this thread and consequently travel back to this point in time to help us out with a few semi-anonymous postings and tips on the "how to" for constructing a time machine. All motion is relative, including motion through time. No material object can travel faster than the speed of light in vacuum though. But if one could travel faster than light they could go backwards in time. Theoretically speaking, warping space-time and traversable wormholes allow for shortcuts through the malleable fabric of space and time without breaking the laws of physics. Space-time is very stiff though. It takes much mass and energy to put an appreciable dent in its fabric. Of course we can imagine time differentials when we are inside of a transparent spherical force-field and can observe the world changing around us. The time bubble as illustrated in the first post of this thread contains matter and objects still ticking along at their own proper rate of forward marching time even as the outside world is ticking at fast-forward or fast-reverse. But still, the law of gravity would hold our time-sphere at that specific location in either direction of forwards or backwards time. Any time travelers out there from the future when time travel exists who are physicists or engineers? Please stop by and give us some necessary clues for building a time machine...
  10. A viable theory of time travel would lead one to the engineering blueprints for a working temporal displacement device. Time travel to the future is relatively easy compared to the challenge of going into the past. While we are sitting here doing nothing, we are marching steadfastly into the future ...moment by moment. Get into a rocket-ship and accelerate up to a significant fraction of the speed of light, then return home. Time passes more slowly for people in the rocket. When they return to the Earth they discover while only 5 years have passed for them, 50 years has elapsed on the Earth. Or you could find the nearest black hole and get close to it but not too close, and orbit around it a few times. The massive gravity of the black hole would slow time considerably. After returning home, there would again be a considerable amount of time that has transpired on the Earth while your experience of gravitational time dilation(slowing of time) around the massive black hole would mean you have aged much less and basically time travelled into the future. As for going back to the past, there is the problematic grandfather paradox. Go back in history and murder your grandparent but then you would not even exist, so how could we travel back in time in the first place? One way to solve this apparent paradox is with the many-worlds theory, whereby, when we travel back to the past a new branch of time is generated. Thereby a new parallel world of possibility is created and we still retain or "remember" knowledge from the alternate future. What if... our universe is like a giant clock that can unwind itself in the reverse direction of time? If we experienced such temporal unwinding we would not remember it. That is because our memory would be erased as time was being reversed in the cosmos. Consequently, as the universe chronologically unwinds, our bodies grow younger while our memory is erased. Then it stops and we begin the relentless march forward again – none the wiser to what has actually happened. This revelation of the chronological unwinding of the universe got me to thinking about a design for a time machine called the time-sphere. Exotic matter is required in order to warp space-time enough to time travel. This exotic substance is also referred to as negative mass. The outer time sphere requires an inner sphere that is shielded from another layer of negative mass that envelopes the inner sphere. When the outer sphere is spinning the negative mass in it begins rotating at high speeds as the inner sphere remains anchored and does not move. The negative mass in the outer sphere begins reversing in time as it warps space-time. The outer shell carries the inner shell along with it into the past. Since the contents of the inner shell are still moving forward in the thermodynamic direction of time, there is no memory loss or reversed aging. Essentially this is a tunnel in time to our chosen destination in history. It can also be referred to as the classic wormhole or stargate... Once we reach our temporal destination that is still at the same spatial location on the Earth, the rotation of the outer sphere is turned off and both spheres are synchronized into the forward moving time of the past. An observer in the present would see the time-sphere suddenly disappear when its time is reversed due to the rotation of the outer shell. Alternatively, if it is discovered that negative mass is not viable then it might be possible to use miniature black holes that can also be rotated at high speed, thereby providing another form of protective shell for the occupant's thermodynamic arrow of time within it. [ATTACH]41._xfImport[/ATTACH]
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