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  1. Nothing like that, no. It's a nuclear fusion reaction. If China did release this as a bio-weapon, then it backfired on them. I think it was someone from one of the two bio-hazard labs that was at the wet market in Wuhan. That's were they buy the animals they experiment on.
  2. The virus is a weapon. O.k. So time travel is very straight forward. What you do is you start with a radioactive element called Nihonium 113. You pelt that will subatomic particles until it becomes Moscovium 115. This creates a bubble in space-time-distance. It's a micro-black(hole)marble. This bubble creates a ring of ripples. The bubble is your present time. The outer rings of ripples are the past of an alternate universe. As you are levitating over the ripples, you can then choose to travel to an exact time in this alternate universe. It's a copy of the universe you come from. This means you can never go to the past of your own universe. But someone from another universe can travel to the past of yours.
  3. Here's how the Titor Foundation explains it. Time travel is for 2 purposes. 1, to have another you in another similar universe bring things that you lost in your universe to your universe. If the multiverse is like a fun house of mirrors, if you are traveling to another universe, a copy of you in another universe is traveling to your universe. You can always travel back to your original universe. 2, to go and live in another universe and with your foreknowledge, make small changes and live there until you hopefully die a happy old man.
  4. This is the original John Titor a.k.a. Oliver Williams a.k.a. Mike from 2037". The only proof is the Freemason logo on his graphic. I think it is very indicitive as people who are not Freemasons don't normally use that logo to identify themselves. You can also see that John Titor is about 3 things. Engineering, Military and Hollywood. He also went to the South Dakota School of Mines and Engineering.
  5. Interesting. John Titor(the guy who is the voice of Oliver Williams on the Art Bell show) is a Freemason. Here is proof. "Mike from 2037's Logo". https://www.pinterest.com/johntitor2063/john-titor/oliver-williams/
  6. Walters wasn't mad at you. Remember, he's the guy who got bitten by a snake and survived.
  7. T. A. Walters is a Florida fiction author and expert on natural time travel portals. Also read "Rip Van Winkle" by Washington Irving.
  8. On the origin of the name "John Titor". I believe that the guy who is the voice of "Oliver Williams" is a big fan of "Terminator" and "Demolition Man". Oliver Williams' Single Seven's depiction of the future seems to come from these movies. John is based on 2 people. John Connor and John Spartan. Titor is a mix of several words. Time Traveler, Terminator, and Titshaw. That's the name of two women who are married in the John Titor Foundation of people.
  9. No. I am not John Titor who is also known as "Rick from Mississippi, "Mike from 2037", "John SingleSeven from 2063", and "Oliver Williams". He's the guy who went to the South Dakota School of Mines and lived in Southern California. His speciality is agriculture and engineering. He's a scientist and somewhat of a genius. I believe he hired the Habers, Kostuchs, and Willabus family from Disney "Futuretown" Celebration, Florida. I believe they hired Karen Haber and David "Boomer" Brin to help them write the story. That is the original John Titor. I'm the other Titor.
  10. He listened to you about Hydroxychloroquine too and now it's sold out everywhere. Don't worry. There is also Avigan. If you are still sick, consult your doctor about it.
  11. Parkinson's Dementia --> Prions Spectrum --> Chronic Fatigue Syndrome --> Gut Suppressing Viruses going to the Brain There is a viral connection to CoronaVirus --> Remdesivir must be ramped up. Inform the President. Do not say it was from me.
  12. Yes. I remember posting this. I have encoded some clues about #CoronaVirus here.
  13. Global conflict with North Korea? No. How about the current conflict between Russia, Turkey, Greece and Syria? Turkey is currently flooding Greece with migrant invaders. Russia has secretly entered war. Smart brain chips? Because machines can break and be hacked, cyborgs in the near future are not a thing. Mobile suits like the one Tom Cruise wears in "Edge of Tomorrow" is a thing. We call them EXOs as in exo-skeletons. Just see the current technology of Boston Dynamics Atlas. That's the same thing that goes into the EXOs that we consciously control. Elon Musk uses that same robotic technology to build fully reusable space ships. We'll see that in this lifetime. The U.S. President in 2030 is not Ilana Remikee. Yes. We will reach the Moon and Mars again and use it to test inflatable habitats and farming. Elon's spaceships will get us there. Google Glass-style robots make no sense. Yes. We will use augmented/mixed reality devices more. But they will be safety regulated. Your field of vision must not be obstructed while you are moving.
  14. Yes. And Titor will do it again. https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=Fringe+writer (Google) https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=mr.+robot+writer (Google)
  15. The monarchy will be a thing of the past. A fellow co-worker traveller of mine is the direct descendant of Kaiser William Ludwig. We are the same rank.
  16. The E.U. and U.S. will reform under the Russian Federation within 10 years. We call it The World Federation. Mark my words under this date.
  17. Good guess, John 2. But anybody could guess that. brexit just happened.
  18. This is the exact response that I want. Thank you. The thing is, you really should say that J.T. was a HOAX. It's all generalized nonsense.
  19. Since 2004, Olympic officials have been accused of taking bribes. In the case of the Rio and Tokyo Olympics, those accusations have been proven true.
  20. Ah, someone with reading comprehension skill. So many people say he said the Olympics were cancelled "in" 2004.
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