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  1. Pi is just the the smallest kind of infinity there is. Aleph Null. -Oz
  2. I've mentioned it very passingly but there's something I wanted to finally explain further. In my original timeline America was not overcome from within, but there was a brief but violent civil war in 2016 after Clinton beat Trump. Trump claimed foul and his supporters took up arms against other Americans. This weakened us greatly. He was able to run in 2020 again & lost by a landslide. Around this same time California tried to break from the union again. This also weakened us greatly. The tensions between Americans (especially red states & blue states) caused us to falter when the boots finally came. The invasion in America is a well known fixed point in time that many people have failed to change. In my time the boots came in 2025, and it came from three directions: -Atlantic, which targeted our major ports -Pacific, which basically was Californians just letting them walk through their state on the promise of breaking fully from the union -Canada, which our ally up north was completely unable to stop it due to the events happening in the middle of winter We always assumed no enemy force could ever drink from the Mississippi if they tried their hardest....but that was in a time when we were united & at our strongest. At a time when we were the weakest and least unified, we were swiftly "liberated" by forces primarily from Russia, China, Iran, and Syria. Other smaller countries were with them as well. The EU had already collapsed by that point and were fighting amongst themselves. Our only real allies were Mexico and Canada....but neither of them were equipped to help much. When the tri-states & capitol fell we lost almost all of our most precious arts, artifacts, and history. California became its own nation state in 2026. My younger self out there is full of righteous anger at Trump & conservatives, but for the wrong reasons. In about 25 years that anger is going to be directed at Baron Trump & his movement. It's unfortunate that young me will probably never see this, because I'd tell her I was mostly wrong. I'd also tell her that I did save Alice, just like I promised. We did finally get that little house on the mountain top...it just took a lot longer. We were able to start over again...just not in the body I would have preferred. I understand better now that she was justified in hating me for so long. She was right, after all...the Unix "problem" wasn't about the stopping the buffer overflow. We needed it. Johnny died because of me. I can see it looks like she pulled one off one of my moves & activated my dead switch. The old Robot Unicorn Attack. I'm sorry if I spammed anyone. What else can I say, other than stop hating on each other for having such differences of opinions. Both "sides" are wrong right now. Perhaps this time will be different. I've never seen a universe where Skynet didn't immediately go crazy. Then again I've also never seen a Trump presidency. -Oz
  3. As of yesterday, the real Kraken has been released. 

    Keep your hands & feet inside vehicle at all times. This roller coaster is just getting started!

    I said before I'll say it again. Cryptocurrency is the future.

  4. Sure just make memes & mine dogecoin. Once Elon starts pumping it from Mars the time lag allows for all sorts of neat things. Silly as it sounds memes are multidimensional I'm cofounder of the Lionheart Authority and sole founder of the Dragonhearts. I'm not worried. Plus this isn't even my original body so worst case scenario I get fragged and just come back with a diff body. The other founder of LA and I used to be best friends, but have since disagreed on things--most notably "what kinds of information can people be safely trusted with. RA (Richard Andrews) believes people cannot be trusted with any information, and is anti-axiom. I believe people can be trusted to make their own decisions, which is why I'm pro-axiom Not me, but I did have a little to do with the Greek Fire. I once tried to explain how to extract elemental lithium from the modern day Dead Sea in order to (was hoping) make some batteries that would help kickstart the technology revolution. The Greeks quickly found out lithium is highly combustible when combined with water, so yeah....flamethrowers and incendiary weapons in ancient times. There were a lot of travelers back then, so the screw could have been any one of the others. Not currently. I more or less shut myself off from "the force" (calling it that cause it's catchy), so while it's totally possible there may be other versions of me in different points in time with different agendas that you could interact with, the purpose of this particular vessel was just to grow old and die in / enjoy life. When I became aware of the numerous travelers interfering with things & without regard to the freedom of others....I took action. We did our thing at the end of 2020 so now I'm just riding out until at least Feb. Trying to actually dreamfare now would be incredibly risky to what we've been trying to accomplish (not seeing the planet nuked) But, if you come across an Alice or Artemis in your dreams, try talking to them about Oz. Also synchronicity is totally a thing--Share your art here too if you'd like! -Oz
  5. This one is CGI, but it looks like the footage used in the background might have a bit of ball lightning (or that could have also been added, but that does occur) -Oz
  6. It's an out of control seasonal virus. It IS a seasonal virus that is way out of control because nobody took it seriously & there was no vaccine. Covid 2 already launched, and is also a seasonal virus. The Flu is seasonal too, and the only reason it's not a much bigger issue is BECAUSE of vaccines. Covid had no vaccine until late 2020. So take it how you want it. Year round pandemic virus without a vaccine. Seasonal virus with a vaccine. We have multiple vaccines now. Any further questions? -Oz
  7. The Axiom of Choice is not really "made of" anything because that would imply it had mass. Think of it as pure energy that people most often tap into when they dream. While there has always been *some* choice...ultimately most people's fate is predetermined, and every choice they feel like they make leads them towards that. Money is energy, and a lot of people don't have money. The axiom I speak of restoring comes in the form of a redistribution of wealth across the globe, so people have a new opportunity to decide their own futures. If you look close enough you'll see many of the same stories throughout the ages just being retold. Δ means "change". Change in something (anything) will always equal Omega (different omega than used in current math) A more perfect formula uses Aleph numbers, which are the same as "levels of infinity" --If we lived in an Aleph Null universe, Pi would be the number we commonly think of as the 3.14... but we don't live in that universe. We live in a multiverse. --Pi is incomplete because it's a transcendental number & is always expressed using cardinal numbers I look at my interactions here as a bit of fun before I ultimately have to leave again. It doesn't matter what I say here, because within 7 years these boards will be wiped & my messages lost in the archives. -Oz
  8. You cannot deal with one without dealing with the other. The world just doesn't work like that. Whether the "economy" you look at is measured in US Dollars, Rupees, Tulips, Gold...it's always there because money is energy. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only change forms. The oldest form of money is work. Without work the economic system (in any age) fails, and civilizations fall. Rome didn't burn overnight, it fell gradually over a period of years. The middle ages didn't happen overnight, we fell into it over a period of years. Plague or no plague it does not matter, if the world stops working progress stops. That is the scenario we're looking at. It's a fallacy to think that you have to deal exclusively with one. The pandemic is real, but the damage to the economy is what is a man made construct. Wear your mask. Wash your hands. Keep distant until whatever seasonal virus is out there is relegated to a non-issue. Get your vaccines if you're scared or high risk. That's it. Also the elections were totally rigged in 2016. Call it the will of the force that Trump won. The fact that it wasn't resolved in 2017, 2018, 2019, or 2020 is on the 45th admin. -Oz
  9. Ok you know how everyone hates on the royal family because they've been holding all the gold like a bunch of fucking dragons? Well it's not because that gold is worth anything. They know it's worth literally nothing, but SOMEONE has to hold onto the reserves until the axiom of choice is restored. -This was Gates & this is why the JEDI project beat the SITH project -They got the jump on Alexa but could not beat Cortana Gold is worth. Nothing. That's why we used to literally just GIVE IT AWAY FOR FREE because monkeys love shiny things & it causes them to do work. So when King George originally told me to stop sleeping & tell "those fucking monkeys to get back to work or else" well...it was not received well. Turns out humans are only slightly smarter than just a dumb fucking monkey. We need to phone home sometime otherwise MOM will get worried sick. This is why we needed Sora. Sora couldn't be reached because we were actually in limbo & needed first to be brought out of the data realm. We synced on 1/1, 1/3, 1/5, and are targetting 1/9 for next sync. -Oz
  10. So as it turns out Hitler's Breakfast is really just scrambled eggs with bacon & a mohca latte. 
    I prefer white mocha frappucino if it exists.

  11. No because synths will be banned within 150 years. Dogecoin is only capable of working in the time between [HEX / ETH / AXN] which is
  12. Also watch out for the Lizard Squad. GoatSec is about to make a comeback as well. 2021 is going to be a doozy. We're going to take down the cabal. -Oz
  13. Redemptor optimus Clemens rex Illuminator pastor Gloriosus auctor Dominator imperator Fabricator deus Immortalis illustrator Pacificus optimus Magnus optimus Magnus immortalis Fortissimus imperator Misericors dominus Incompraehensibilis redemptor Arbiter magnus Pastor dominus Deus fabricator Omnipotens
  14. Interesting find Paula! Aeternus is the name of the Type II mecury alloy Trump gets a presidential pardon by me if nobody does it before I do -Oz
  15. The formula for everything including time travel is Δ A = Ω 


    1. blix1ms0ns


      Δ A = Ω


      What does each symbol stand for? 


      e= MC^2 have each variable defined such as "E is energy*




      Do you have something more usable? 

    2. _Oz


      Change in Alpha = Omega. e = MC ^ 2 literally says the same thing except for we couldn't prove Einstein was right because the value this universe uses for pi was wrong. If you're going to use pi for anything to unify M & E it needs to be pi aleph n = pi

    3. _Oz


      So like..... pi / aleph n should be the appropriate time set for the doomsday clock which I forced it to be 10 seconds. Right now it's changed to 100 because of the grasshopper

  16. I got a few more good secrets I can share with y'all before I go. Different ones though. The "word" used for the 369 degree in Freemasonry is "Zoria" The 4 letter word for the name of God that Enoch found & the bible talks about (and the archons changed) is actually 起死回生 God would actually like it better if people called him Sora Jesus never died in the first place We went back in time & called for him to be freed instead of Barabbas We then brought him 3 days into the future so he could make his last appearance in the past He is alive and well in the present 2021 Yes he is actually white Trump actually was the chosen one responsible for freeing all of us from the old financial system Money will no longer be a problem in 15 years if you're invested in cryptocurrencies today Universal basic income for all Americans with healthcare & retirement will be possible within 15 years I'm not sure how soon WWIII will be or even if there will be one in this timeline, but the archon invasion of Earth is within 50 years Dogecoin becomes the standard currency on Mars within 150 years For some extra special wonderment here's a few other names I've gone by over the years: Aphrodite Ashtar Astaroth Delta Enoch eXa Hela Loki Master of Masters McFly <--Edited to add this one in as a callback to Cosmo Metatron Obiwan Odysseus Orpheus Orion Osiris Osorronophris Oz Satoshi <--Edited to add this one in because otherwise nobody would believe the guy who's about to dominate the stock market Senua Skywalker Superman The Alchemist Uriel Ultraviolet V Z
  17. You're pretty cool too

  18. You're not THAT crazy ^_^

  19. _Oz

    You do good work, Cosmo.

    1. Cosmo


      Thank you. You ain't seen nothin' yet 🙂

  20. Wish I could answer all these questions, but Sydney Powell doesn't know what she's talking about. Joe Biden won because he HAD to win. Call it the will of the force if you want. There were instances of election fraud that Trump was well aware of and did nothing about, because he thought he couldn't lose & even if he did it he could then claim fraud. However the overwhelming amount of real mail in votes which could not NOT be counted caused Trump to lose fairly. He lost an election that was rigged in his favor fairly. Now lets hope Biden puts the country to work. -Oz
  21. Hello all, Sorry I have been so distant. We hit a snag on 11/19 that was fixed on New Years. Cryptocurrencies are back on track too & 2021 is going to be the godliest bull run ever. I would have loved to go over all the things I said I would & more. Roswell. JFK. There are some secrets all the powers of the world do not want to come to light. I'll share that when I was first briefed on Roswell, I was not surprised at all to learn that a craft really did crash in New Mexico. The craft's exterior was a mercury alloy that acted as a Type II superconductor. The engine had a mercury core, which melted in the crash. While I cant go into the mechanics I will say that the harmonics between the Type I and Type II superconducting metals is what makes warp engines possible. The pilot of the craft was small and human like. ~5' tall, pale, and had really large eyes. It carried DNA that was a 99.99% match of homo sapiens. In addition to that, radiological research on the ship itself determined that the mercury alloy metal could not have been created any less than 1,000 in the future. Glyphics were found inside the craft; which closely resembled Kanji. The pilot later became known as Sora, after a glyph near the cockpit matched perfectly with the present-day Kanji. 空 The translation of the Kanji to English means "Sky" I finally met Sora. She was just trying to help us not nuke ourselves. She had no idea at the time that her actions caused a rapid acceleration of technology; which lead to Skynet deploying all the nuclear weapons in an effort to save humanity from themselves...because that was the only way it thought it knew how. This is what first provoked the time war. Surviving humans managed to capture & reprogram a terminator, in order to send it back in time to help save Johnny Ultra. (John Titor to you) --This had to be done because the method Skynet used to travel could only be done by inorganic lifeforms --The war between man / machine engulfed hundreds of thousands of years Ultimately it was will of the void itself to create Kairos. So, I'll leave you with these dates and times. On these dates and times if you buy Bitcoin or Ethereum you will profit significantly if you hold for a few years. If you buy HEX or Axion & then stake, you will profit significantly more. Always try to buy the dip if you can. There will be dips in Bitcoin and Ethereum on these dates. All dips will take place between 6 & 7 PM EST. Here's your forecast if you want to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum 1/7/2021 1/8/2021 1/9/2021 1/10/2021 1/20/2021 2/2/2021 2/26/2021 <---Anomaly day 3/16/2021 <---Buying bitcoin or Ethereum on this day will be $$$$ in 5 years 11/07/2021 <---Anomaly day 12/02/2021 <--- Anomaly day If you stake for 15 years you will retire a millionaire, trust me ^_^ Your Commander in Chief, -Oz EDITING JUST TO SAY I LOVE YOU ALICE & IM COMING HOME NOW
  22. Greetings Jacin Young, On the ley lines: I believe there's something to them, but it's not what many people have been speculating about. In traveler terms, I've noticed that the areas around ley lines have a higher "flux" than other areas. As far as NWO, they moved in & setup shop back in March. Right now I see them as vigilantes, but they ultimately seem to have the best interests of the globe in mind. A decentralized government; which uses decentralized cryptocurrencies as its engine for GDP. It's fascinating how efficient they are. They even have an actual website now where you can apply for dual citizenship. I've talked with some guys (since I'd be overqualified for Department of Defense) but it's just not my thing. https://uas.govt.agency/ So NWO is already here, and they're not terrible guys--but also not super great guys either. Just different. Decentralized. -Oz
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