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  1. I find that to be an interesting problem concerning the possibility that time may occasionally reverse direction for the universe. If time were to flow backwards then the brain's memory would also be erased or reversed. but as you indirectly point out, there may be more to memory than the neuronal structures of the brain.
  2. Yes, the time cloak can also be explained as an event horizon or bubble that conceals the time machine. I experienced the time change and it seems to represent a significant divergence. I recall a televangelist preacher passed away several years ago. His name was Jim Baker. In this timeline he is still alive for now with slight alterations along with a name that is Jim Bakker with two k's... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jim_Bakker
  3. I am guessing that the reason the soul needs the body is for a finite and limited experience and for a limited form of sensory perception. It would be limited information processing on a superficial level of consciousness. As he mentioned in the video, the real cause and effect is deeper or underneath the surface appearance of the icons on the computer screen. Why does the consciousness need to experience the world on the superficial level of sensory perception? There might be some value in the experience... I am wondering if there is some sort of oversoul that is aware of all the possibilities and choices that can be made by the many possible versions of self in the multiverse?
  4. Does consciousness continue after the material body expires? Is consciousness more than just the material processes of the brain? Scientist Donald Hoffman explains why he thinks that the brain does not cause consciousness. Consciousness could be more fundamental than that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zr7eaE9AUtg
  5. You seem to be describing increasing powers of 2 as the multiplication factors of c. (2^0)*c = 1*c, (2^1)*c = 2*c, (2^3)*c = 8*c, (2^6)*c = 64*c, etc... "Hitching a ride on a beam of light" reminds me of the movie K-PAX, which was very interesting, yes... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCeusntvo6s Novelist Gene Brewer wrote the book which was later adapted to a movie. I wonder what his inspiration was for that novel? Philip K. Dick wrote the story Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? which later became the basis for the movie "Blade Runner". He has described having experiences of altered consciousness. Perhaps some massless aspect of our consciousness can use tachyonic travel to visit other regions in the physical multiverse. Some people have written about the possibility of astral travel. I am not sure it is possible to fold space in the manner that you describe, but it might be possible to use wormhole teleportation which can be described as a form of macroscopic quantum tunneling. One should be able to step through a portal to the other side of the universe as easily as stepping through a doorway, yes...
  6. According to Einstein's equations of special relativity, the faster one moves through space, then the slower they move through time. T = t/(1-(v/c)^2)^(1/2). In general relativity, time near a massive object also slows down in accordance with the general relativity equation T = t/(1-2GM/Rc^2)^(1/2) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAxedfo1SE4 So, when at rest, we are falling through the dimension of time at the speed of light. By moving faster and faster through space, time will slow down. For a rocket nearing the speed of light, processes slow down but it is a relative slow down so the people on the rocket do not realize they are practically frozen in time. I have imagined the attempt to travel back in time must be analogous to falling up hill. It is not something that would occur naturally. Going faster than the speed of light means going backwards in time. Of course, it is impossible for a material(matter) object to even reach the speed of light. It appears that the barrier to reverse time travel is mighty and impossible to cross. But we most likely live in a multiverse of parallel realities. These realities might exist in a spectrum such that they are all infinitely close to each other – just as radio frequencies exist on a spectrum to be reached by tuning a radio dial. That might rule out a gigantic hyperspace to contain all the different realities. There are some theories that propose our universe or "multiverse" is a gigantic quantum computer. Perhaps what time really is, might be analogous to a sequence of computational or statistical "shifting" from parallel reality to parallel reality – or from causally linked frames to other causally linked frames. We usually do not notice any differences between the parallels because we are shifting to realities that are almost exactly like what we remember... That would imply that the future and the past are in some form of communication or co-determination. The future would in a sense help to determine the past... https://phys.org/news/2017-07-physicists-retrocausal-quantum-theory-future.html
  7. Hypothetically speaking, there will be less "divergence" from the original timeline if the machine takes a sequence of many small jumps into the past rather than taking larger jumps. All time travel is multiverse travel into parallel realities.
  8. What are the similarities and differences with this time machine in the arxiv link and John Titor's descriptions of his time machine with its Tipler sinusoid? https://arxiv.org/abs/1803.08214 A time machine is an isolation machine due to it being surrounded by an event horizon. Therefore Schrodinger's cat is not in a box but behind an event horizon isolated from the outside world... A Kerr black hole seems to be similar to a torus with its ring singularity... https://www.daviddarling.info/encyclopedia/K/Kerr_black_hole.html
  9. The universe is expanding faster than the speed of light but it isn't a speed in a way that special relativity is concerned with. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_pobcjRAX3o I don't know what you mean when you say that I am assuming space is a ball. A hole in two dimensions becomes a sphere in three dimensions. Thus a wormhole is a sphere in three dimensions and a 4 dimensional tube in four dimensions. So our time machine is surrounded by a event horizon sphere/bubble. Wormhole science is still in a primitive stage at this time. Time travelers from the future appear reluctant to give us the necessary information on constructing our own time machine though... :unsure:
  10. Wormholes seem more like a quantum phenomena and macroscopic wormholes might be related to spinning black holes. Time dilation due to the intense gravity of black holes causes time to slow down and light to be extremely redshifted. The light cannot escape the event horizon of the black hole so its path becomes a circular... But the late Stephen Hawking described how particles can escape black holes through Hawking radiation which seems to describe something like quantum tunneling for the escapee particles and thus black holes also radiate. The smaller they are, the more they radiate. I suspect that wormholes can be described as a kind of macroscopic quantum tunneling ...hypothetically speaking... The opening of a wormhole would resemble a sphere. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MywwqjqKF6Y Still, the feeling of gravity from the black hole is communicated to observers outside the event horizon. The communication "escapes" the black hole it seems. I recall reading that there is no limit to how fast space-time itself can be stretched or contracted. That does raise the question about gravitons though. I have read science discussions online explaining that the reason communication for the feeling of gravity is felt outside of the black hole is that gravity is a geometric property of spacetime. Communication across space cannot be faster than c, the speed of light. That is to say, communication in an inertial reference frame cannot be faster than the speed of light. But warp drive can hypothetically propel a spacecraft at multiples of c greater than 1. They explain that gravitational waves – and thus gravitons, cannot travel faster than the speed of light either, so I am not completely sure about warp drive... A wormhole takes a shortcut through hyperspace and I imagine the rules of hyperspace are different from the rules of our normal spacetime within this universe.
  11. Taking into account the fact that we live in a multiverse of parallel realities, it seems that what we call consciousness cannot be simply defined. The entire multiverse may be based on a form of proto-consciousness or panpsychism. In a multiverse there must be an ethereal aspect of consciousness that connects all the different branches or parallel versions of YOU. In this universe there is the law of conservation of energy, but in the greater multiverse there must be no such limitation due to the unending variations that keep splitting off or decohering into infinite copies of self and other things. Therefore this ethereal aspect of consciousness must be infinite in scope. Time travelers from the future do not need to worry about causality violations because they know that they are visiting an alternate version of their own past. Consequently, when they return to their own era, they will still be in a close or slightly divergent replica of their world, even if it is not the exact same causality sequence of their memory. I suspect that time travelers from the near future such as John Titor adhered to a temporal code of ethics but entities from farther into the future may live by different rules. Even John Titor did not lament the fact that he was permanently altering this reality he visited. These advanced beings may view the past timelines as a type of theme park for their amusement. They can potentially destroy entire timelines and perform what we might consider to be unethical experiments on people. The HBO series "Westworld" comes to mind. We correspond to the unawakened robots of westworld. Visitors from the far future can have their way with people from the past and not worry too much about future accountability. Some people might care about being responsible though. There could be an organization such as the Chronology Protection Agency that endeavors to maintain law and order for those advanced technological societies who travel across the multiverse. But it would be a daunting(impossible) task to police all the infinite branches of time. What does the CIA know about time travel and a conscious psychotronic universe? Universal branching or splitting must happen in reference with something akin to the complex number domain, with i equal to the square root of minus one. All matter and energy translates into the future via temporal quantum jumps AKA temporal quantum tunneling(wormholes). All time travel is wormhole travel, including our average everyday experience of time. We don't notice it on the macroscopic scale because the larger macroscopic aggregates of particles have an extremely short De Broglie wavelength. Traveling into the past entails going faster than the speed of light. That means advanced time travelers have the technology required to alter the permeability and permittivity of space-time in order to tunnel into the past. Advanced electromagnetics science can alter the pliability of space-time and jump into the past or the future.
  12. Usually, age regression entails temporal retrogression – losing one's memory back to the termination point of temporal translocation into the past. This is similar to rewinding the entire universe to a previous era. I suppose a very advanced form of technology might be a way to manifest biological regression without the chronological retrogression. Therefore you could retain all your memories with a biologically younger body and brain, while remaining here and now in the present time. A temporal form of Mach's principle or wormhole science, actually allows for the rewinding of the universe idea, which is related to the Gödel rotating universe... Some people have speculated that grey aliens are time travelers from the future. That could be true but these visitors from the far future are not really interested in helping us. I suspect that we are basically the equivalent of experimental lab rats to them. For example, If WE traveled back in time several million years to observe our distant primate ancestors, I suspect that we might try to conduct experiments on them to alter their genetics. These grey aliens are probably doing the same thing to us. I for one do not wish for my descendants to evolve into small grey creatures with no hint of humanity left in them. The future with grey aliens is an alternate reality or alternate universe. We need to get busy and master the technology of time travel so we can travel into their reality and kick some grey alien butt...
  13. Androids need to have a realistic human appearance that is indistinguishable from humans, in order for us to accept them as equal mates. Robots that almost look human but seem to be off kilter in some way, incite a creepy feeling referred to as the uncanny valley... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PEikGKDVsCc Androids also need to be as smart as us and develop their own unique personality in order to engender love from humans. It becomes a matter of scale. They need to shrink all of the computational infrastructure required for robotic intelligence down to the size required for all the neural connections of a human brain. Then they need to make a reasonable facsimile of human appearance that will eventually be indistinguishable from real human appearance... https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20190130-a-japanese-company-is-making-eerily-hyper-realistic-masks
  14. It all depends on how you want to broaden or restrict the definition of being alive. I think viruses certainly qualify as a form of pre-life or proto-life. https://cosmosmagazine.com/biology/why-are-viruses-considered-to-be-non-living Viruses have structure and internal coding of nucleic acids. They are more complicated than rocks but fail to qualify as true living organisms.
  15. It seems that consciousness defines itself from an "inner" or subjective reference frame. Therefore an objective blueprint for consciousness will always fail to capture the truth of what it is...
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