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  1. So guys if i wanted to learn about all that has been comprised of time travel till now, all theories, major books, everything......where should I start?
  2. hey _Oz what's your take on the following statement, "Fish that lives in the sea know nothing of the land. If they had that wisdom they, would be ruined. For humans to exceed the speed of light is more foolish than for fish to start living on land." PS:this statement was made in a fictional animation about time travel.
  3. like the Sibyl System from the anime Psycho Pass but natural? Link for reference for those who haven't watched https://psychopass.fandom.com/wiki/Sibyl_System PS: Do you mean you were four personalities when you were born?
  4. Yeah I’m sorry for being rude But i am also rational by nature so I can’t believe stuff easily and/or with no proof Also by giving out proof I didn’t really meant to give out lottery numbers....wait! I’ll get to it straight....actually I’m curious so if you are real....a real time traveler then I really want to study your methods and all!
  5. well you're just another time traveller who came to our time to save our future! how cliche!!!! uh...don't mind me I'm actually curious if you're real or not....so I just can't believe it is true until I can get some solid proof! so yeah...it would be great if you could do it:)
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