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  1. I also heard that it was fertilizer. Supposedly, a boat that docked was on fire for some reason and it spread to the warehouse.
  2. If you ever get into making music again I would recommend learning some theory. It's actually much simpler than people make it out to be. Classical is very underappreciated by a lot people in this time. But as they say, great music never dies.
  3. As a musician, I love to hear other people's music. It's a nice composition even though it's incomplete. I'm wondering if you know any music theory or if you just made it by ear.
  4. While cloning could do some good, I don't think it's worth the trouble. Couldn't they also create "perfect" human beings with high intellect and physical capabilities? Would these clones ruin the rest of regular humanity? These aren't things I want to ever have to deal with.
  5. Don't clones have a much shorter lifespan than people? I'm pretty sure unless you clone a fetus right out of the womb, it will live a noticeably shorter life than its counterpart.
  6. I saw a video where a guy did something similar by flipping a coin to decide his destination. It used the same general idea as this. As of three months ago I haven't been able to find it, seems it just disappeared.
  7. I too have noticed this. It's not just UFO videos either. Seems every time I click a video link on an old thread, it's gone.
  8. Sorry for posting on this dead thread, I just had a though about dreamfaring. I think it might have something to do with moving your conscious to another timeline with little or no technological assistance. I know you said you wouldn't elaborate any further on this, so I'm not really expecting an answer. I'm just sharing my thoughts.
  9. I think forums like these are doomed to fail eventually. I'm sure the government keeps a close eye on all these forums and as soon as they see any really useful info that they want secret they would shut them down. While having so much access to information is a gift, it is also a curse. I would take talking with a person any day over google.
  10. If you can, could you elaborate on this? I'm very interested in any details you could provide.
  11. Hello Oz, In your above response you wrote that there are still things in your time that people don't know about the universe. Would I be correct in saying you still don't have a clear answer to how the big bang happened/the beginning of everything?
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