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  1. When a time traveler goes back and change something everything changes. When history changed traveler should dissapear in our timeline, because he never needed to come back, future that traveler came from never happened. I believe that happend to Titor, he/she will travel through time until the end of time itself, just not in our timeline anymore. I believed that he/she changed something, because all the info we have that there was no ww3 start at 2015. But in present, there are changes lime mandela effect, it aint tho. İf there is no one experienced in time travel, its all i can say
  2. Titor said he come to stop the WW3 that starts 2015, he said he come from 2036, he said that he'll be gone... He shouldnt have to be gone, when timeline change whe shouldnt be here in the first place but now that he was, there was no ww3, there was a John Titor. I have reasons to believe there shouldnt be corona virus, i believe that Titor change things to worst, what i need is talk to Titor, if he/she was here by time travel like said, must be here to answer the questions that only he/she could answer
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