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  1. What is a polynomial. Fine Omni. If you want Omni gods then God help you. <><
  2. Ever hear of fight or flight? DNA tells you. So add Freeze to DNA please. Flatulence is a byproduct. We have had BeanO supplements for awhile now. I grew up in the South. Einstein knows that. Bershesgarden Germany is where Eagles Nest is. Google it for targeting coordinates.
  3. Can u capture meta data off of a magnet 0f any kind or shape, ferrous or non ferrous ?
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4o0qnSeVQQ Did he get this from now? Or am I looking at it from seeing it from him?
  5. Look at Hans Zimmer videos on youtube. Please. He is a musician.
  6. What year are you responding from? Or do you simply not have access to SCI images?
  7. Speed of light? Fine. How fast does no light travel? Ask Watson. Or Jarvis if he is nearby.
  8. With Hollywood we don’t know fiction from non fiction. How do you create a digital black hole graphic with a Hubble Telescope? Any images online, maybe an artist view?
  9. lol. Or l0l. Is absolute zero. In binary it’s 1’and 0 only. Do you want me to recreate Adobe for you? Or give you my resume to show you proof?
  10. Math equation. How do you convert an irrational number into an absolute value? Then ask to define absolute Truth.
  11. Or was that the beginning of a fake news campaign to welcome kid Un into the family?
  12. Sorry. I forgot about the Posiedon Adventure movie And the Bedford Incident movie is not really related. You can get lost in a TV or theater.
  13. YouTube, play theory. Better yet create the theory of it then show it. Did they?
  14. If life is based on science and not belief would Scientology have clues to life’s goals?
  15. If you study Winston-Salem, NC You will find everything you need.
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