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  1. It’s not a spiral. It’s called a helix. DNA is a double helix. Telomeres control aging process. Regenerative Research is the study of regeneration of life. I have never watched “The Life of Pi” due to close friend who passed. The first 5 minutes of the movie went off script for me. It was too hard. Maybe soon.

  2. Paycheck. Birdcage. My sister’s cage. She had a parakeet. It mysteriously died. The cage was 6 feet off the ground. I grew up listening to the music box dancer. If you look for videos on YouTube you will see Christmas versions of that song. Those videos is a gift to you. My sacrifice for that gift is my sister’s bird. The choice to listen to those videos is yours.

  3. How do you terminate infinity? In computer progress we used to use terminators when we had to daisy chain. Why the terminator. Time is not in an hourglass. It’s not on a clock or atomic clock. Chicago museum has a earth rotation influenced pendulum. Is that pendulum accurate. A quantum computer said they reversed time a fraction a year or two ago. So what is true time. Is a particle of time round, where pi exists?

  4. Multiple gifts of Holy Spirit. I can’t find all verses but if you google a keyword with bible then the Bible may try to explain your topic. To me Jesus is all stories of the universe. Crucified. Then all of the universe is free. But religion controls the stories regardless of which one. Urantia knows more than I. And within Christianity they are not comfortable. Future knowledge comes with consequences of it. And truth of the past comes with consequences. When I was born the Bible was the word of God. As I got older even churches called the Bible the inspired word of God. The word and implied word are different. Imagine if Adam Lilith and Eve spoke English before fall of man. I live 1 hour from Eden NC. The museum explains the continental split thru there which ties in with Genesis.

  5. Whoever translated Bibles to use the word Aliens in Bible verses is a bit strange. Sure I have many weird experiences. The first time I saw Mars was Martian Chronicles series decades ago. If they can imagine Mars then, then who knows what they know. Why Martians, who coined martians?

    Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus? I know its a book, but really? Be sensitive to humans. Just say Men are men, women are women. and introduce Law of Attraction in the Garden of Eden instead of a talking Serpent. (I guess the Law of Attraction just recreated the original Lilith in Genesis 1:27 and the three of them Adam, Lilith and Eve are reconciled in Truth.) When humans know Truth they will know. Tree of Knowledge they knew knowledge. So to reconcile Truth you have to forget knowledge. Because knowledge is knowledge passed down, true or not. Nanu Nanu...:)

  6. As I look at some information about that future day, I see that Mars, Saturn and Neptune are all in their proper home place from my perspective. Is that significant in some way too? I think I remember reading years ago that the founders of USA knew the positions of the planets at that time and selected a Cancer sun and I believe a Gemini ascendant. In case anyone is interested, the sun sign is your inner self and your ascendant is how you introduce yourself to the world.

    When you say no shadows and only light, what do you mean? How do you know that moment in time for the universe is one to be recognized?

    Again I studied crypto in the military so I am partially dyslexic. I see the perfect purpose of all letters whether implied or not, etc. For example Mars, Saturn, Neptune I do not understand astrology. So to you they are planets but in that sentence it is MSN separated from lower case. In 2013 I knew about June 6, 2013 before that date. I did not know what though. Edward Snowden debuted on CNN. He had already gone public. CNN was created by Ted Turner who is Bipolar. This planet has 2 poles so whoever coined that illness was probably Bipolar. Ted wanted to see the end. After seeing paycheck movie I guess he was afraid of Pandora's Box. I hear that that jam box plays good music these days. :) Growing up in Bible Belt we all grew up with mysteries. If you recognized a mystery you were king for a day. June 6, 2013 is 6th Month, 6th day and 2013 = 6 if added. It does not mean anything, there are many sequences.June 5, 2020 I was put into protection for a few days til the media settled. Few know about July 4, 1187. A Saturday. You can google it. Its the conquering of Jerusalem. So this year is a stressful time on that day. I don't know what will happen.

  7. Im not heavy on planets, but Im born May 16, 1970. I don't know how to get more center mass than that. Im not a bully. Like the Beatitudes in Matthew 5 I am meek enough for an inheritance. Like John 3:16 I bleed too. So my desire to help you comes at risks as you know. I was in Desert Storm so I don't mind risks or possible sacrifice. Due diligence gave me the face of a Broggio family model used centuries ago to depict Jesus. So I have to live with that you don't. I grew up in a family of synchronicity. Nothing is fiction for me, unfortunately, just memories of people and places. I don't know who coined doppelgängers, it was slang for curves on a woman where I am from. But if you are looking for clues, Doppler Radar and cymbals are phonetic clues from ancient Phoenicia. I do not know their purpose. Im easy to talk to, just stressed about realization that is always progressive as is life itself. My earliest memory of alternate history is "Phoenix" on TV with character Bennu from Ancient civilization, early 1980's I think. It was a love story tv series. In my life I don't have the luxury of imagination. An Idea is pure. But life has a tendency to muddy it. So infancy of an idea is often pure but quickly manipulated.

  8. This is Pandoras Box used for Cryptocurrency. You know who holds the credit for it, so he will need this to make it work. The problem with Bitcoin is that it is singular. In currency you have denominations for balance. 1 dime equals 2 nickels, etc. Bitcoin is great, over $9000 per coin today, but only 1 denomination. But we all know 2nd mouse gets the cheese. I think apple uses a magic mouse these days. Care to chat?


  9. In Traditional boards the boards are exposed to air. The have gold plating for better efficiency. These boards are encased and appear to have different connectivity. Electronics have a problem with Blue Light. So green cases? Currently we are experiencing wireless charging of cellphones. If the technology already exists for wireless circuit board connections then something else replaces physical connectivity. Computers come with USB, Firewire etc. If WIFI and Bluetooth go extreme then 5G+ is unknown to the makers of this film and have to deal personally with Pandora's Box. Pro Bono is fun.


  10. I may be thinking of solid state circuit boards like they used in Paycheck with Ben Affleck. I grew up with circuit boards. So to see it in a movie is pretty cool. The two semi domes he puts his hands on reminds me of Enochian Tables found on internet. The GUI of $90MILLION reminds me of a paycheck paid with Bitcoin...or its competitor. etc....

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