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  1. 1977-8ish. A guy shows a machine to a research office. The first machine is a test with no pilot. I don't remember where he sent it. But soon they were able to make a life size machine with a pilot. I guess they found the test machine and analyzed the data from it. I don't remember title but i think the main man and woman went to a prehistoric era. (Maybe trying to be an Adam and Eve type couple?)
  2. Is metaphysics an accepted physical science? Can it effect physical time and space (if time and space is physical)? Rhonda Byrne writes about physically manifesting the future into now. The Secret and 3 books that follow. So if you want to manifest time machine then create a learning language. I don't know the science of The Time Travelers Wife so I don't know what that is.
  3. Twitter uses bots. There is a Twexit July 4 so I am told.
  4. Wargames in the 1980's was AI in Hollywood. Broderick. Im Army. We train via war-games. On Internet you can search REFORGER in 2020. Don't search for it during the Cold War or you will cause a time quake.
  5. We were suppose to spend Christmas together but some world leader invaded another country somewhere. So I had to go convince him to leave.
  6. My kiss good bye was a Christmas call on a satellite phone in Desert Shield.
  7. My prom date from HIGH SCHOOL was from Australia worked at World Trade Center. So it didn’t work out. Tori Eggleston. RIP.
  8. Signals can do things we don’t understand. If JT got online it is not necessarily that he was accessing online from that moment. If he talked on phone it does not mean from that time. I grew up with early wireless. We could tune our radios to the frequency of the phone and listen to our conversation on the radio. Hint hint.
  9. I got an email from Zeshua in 2027. So it doesn’t mean they are claiming to be with us. They are claiming to have the technology to communicate from there to here. But that technology causes what they call Time Quakes. Which are more dangerous than black holes.
  10. If you want real sources then you will have to use http://web.archive.org/http://(url) across the whole infancy of the internet and USENET to unlock every secret under the sun. If you do then prepare for the consequences on July 4, 2020. I’ve seen enough proof for a few years of doing that. Good night and Good Luck.
  11. Pi is the formula used in a circle. Is pi applied to a globe or is that a different symbol?
  12. Did you ever figure out why Hitler hated Jews? Did the many other demographics of the holocaust occur in the first version of the holocaust or was history rewritten to include the millions of non Jews never mentioned in mainstream history books?
  13. My dad owned a Lazair. Crashed first one. Then bought a new one. Ultra lights are used in military so they are ideal. There was an episode of Otherworld that used the Lazair for combat. If Hollywood is a Multiverse then so be it. I guess anything is possible.
  14. Looks like the movie 2012.was off a few minutes. Probably due to the non Exactly 24 hour rotation of a flat planet.
  15. Regardless of Noah’s Flood is a hoax or not it looks like we may relive it.
  16. When the first rainbow occurred it was before the story was recorded. And much of science and nature had progressed before it was written about. Now if you are going to call an arch a bow then that is your choice. A bow is a figure 8. So why did we coin rainbow word after Noah’s Flood. Maybe the heavens looked different then giving the FIRST FREAKING rainbow on earth a primitive shape never seen. If you want to create apologetics to defend the flood then fine. But I’m dyslexic so I try to understand grammar as it is written not implied. So for me a bow is a bow. Not an arch. So who translated the Old Testament to use the word rainbow? Or was there even one. I was told there was. קראט are a few typographic symbols on my keyboard.
  17. What theory would allow future electronic transmissions to be received today? Our atmosphere is a wall keeping most transmissions within the atmosphere infinitely. If the future exists which it obviously does then what theory allows that time and space to communicate with today. If you say wormhole technology then how do we build that technology.
  18. John Titor is married now. Please let him retire in peace. You people do nothing but bury him. I don’t know why I bother trying.
  19. Another word for Twilight Zone is “Game Theory for What if”
  20. I mean imagine an engine that uses the force of water to propel a vehicle forward. The byproduct is water out the exhaust. Which evaporated naturally. Then rain falls from it. Infinity ♾
  21. How much was the water fueled engine inventor paid off for back in the old days?
  22. What lead up to Tesla’s free energy? Did it drop in his lap from the progress of wireless charging of phones or did he have a library of knowledge to back it up?
  23. God created the heavens and the earth. I don’t know where the moon came from.
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