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  1. 1977-8ish. A guy shows a machine to a research office. The first machine is a test with no pilot. I don't remember where he sent it. But soon they were able to make a life size machine with a pilot. I guess they found the test machine and analyzed the data from it. I don't remember title but i think the main man and woman went to a prehistoric era. (Maybe trying to be an Adam and Eve type couple?)

  2. When the first rainbow occurred it was before the story was recorded. And much of science and nature had progressed before it was written about. Now if you are going to call an arch a bow then that is your choice. A bow is a figure 8. So why did we coin rainbow word after Noah’s Flood. Maybe the heavens looked different then giving the FIRST FREAKING rainbow on earth a primitive shape never seen. If you want to create apologetics to defend the flood then fine. But I’m dyslexic so I try to understand grammar as it is written not implied. So for me a bow is a bow. Not an arch. So who translated the Old Testament to use the word rainbow? Or was there even one. I was told there was. קראט are a few typographic symbols on my keyboard.



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