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  1. Here is the off script notes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVYHJcm5I2A
  2. Just don’t put a landing strip next to Devils Tower and watch Close Encounters with the Third Kind. For all I know the whole movie is off script.
  3. Being Russian I guess Russia would control it. So we had to understand why he lost. But now can it be revisited? Or has it been. We now have wireless chargers for phones.
  4. Then ask yourself if Stephen Hawking helped.
  5. No computer yes. Look at blueprints in Contact movie to understand.
  6. Then watch movie contact. With Jodie foster.
  7. If Solomon knew about 2020 what would he do? He would write Ecclesiastes. Yes my bible changed. It went from Sergius Paulus to SERGE in all caps. But only for a season. I’m a combat veteran so I was in hospital when it happened. Calvin? I haven’t seen the movie yet. Movies I watch go off script like the Bible changing words. So I don’t watch much. • • • - - - • • • is all I know.
  8. I guess Sylvester finally caught tweety bird. About time Disney.
  9. Revelation 22 the whole chapter. Then read the whole bible in reverse if you wish. Be careful. The axis may go from 23.5 to vertical
  10. Or an Atom, proton, electron, Boson, god particle, neutron TRON if that’s a word in science. Pi of life. Or Life of Pi if you want to see the movie. It’s on YouTube.
  11. If it never changes it’s a constant. The earth does not expand or decrease. What is the finite value of pi for planet earth?
  12. I guess if metaphysics can manifest a future item into the present then the law of attraction would be the magnet that would draw that future item to the present.
  13. What would be a paranormal science of future artifacts?
  14. If you square pi does it give you a finite value
  15. Is it the True Independence Day of the Universe, not limited to this country or that country, this culture or that culture....this planet or that planet? There are no more shadows, only light. <><
  16. Some say Solomon, son of King David in Israel. Is that because of this message from today? Or is Sergius Paulus of Acts 13:7 the Richest tomorrow? A picture of time is priceless. So whoever whenever is free to see the future if they choose. But they have to live with the consequences.
  17. Regarding photo technology and displaying photons or tachyons or whatever form of energy on a photo what explains the concept of blur on an image. Is it energy smeared on glass or film? On John Titor image there is no blur of motion.
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