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  1. I’m starting not to like Hollywood because of so much fiction and non fiction weaves together. Technology for talking dog was in animated movie a few years ago. Today who knows what secret labs have for the good of mankind. Maybe one day Hollywood won’t have fiction anymore. Only theoretical Game Theory on huge screens. ?

  2. Well thanks to Desert Storm I was born with synchronicity. So it’s pretty freaky.

    Who invented synchronicity? Carl Jung and Albert Einstein? Or did I just create it and gave them credit as a gift?

    I spent a few years with Einstein’s younger doppelgänger in the 1990’s. He and his family knew that. I did not. And he never mentioned it. Now I have no proof of their forwarding address. We were close friends.

  3. My experience with going off script was in intel. Argo during Iran hostage situation. Snowden movie. At end they went from a cinematic scene with identical living room as Snowden. Then intel animated the video to show the real Snowden in that room. If you want to watch millions of videos on the internet looking for clues be my guest. I’m Robert Downey Jr’s doppelgänger. Have been since Weird Science. So for my ending in Endgane is one that I’m fighting to avoid. So the secrets of this forum can keep me alive. Thanos is personification of the wrath of the Old Testament. Robert is Jewish. So it’s the end of the Torah meeting the New Testament. Like Christ I’m an open book without the Heresy of the Cathars. <><

  4. Makes sense. Druids study trees so tree of knowledge would control progress of language. Enochian tables are now in English. So before fall of man Adam spoke English but Moses was not given that secret when he wrote the Torah. New Jerusalem in Revelation 21. Southwest corner is Borrego Springs CA Druid’s are smart. But us Shamans are too. And we are fed up with the lies. Ask your area out in 51. They concurred. You just can’t see it with disbelief. <><

  5. I think we do what we can with the time and space we are born into. Regarding religion and time, 2 Kings 20:11 time goes backward. Rumor is the math of that verse helped NASA launch its space program because they could not get a craft to re enter. Bible is full of math for the good of mankind. <><

  6. I'm going to be thinking a series of YouTube videos that will help understand the physics behind time travel most of them will involve plasma as well as microwaves and exotic vacuum objects also known as charge clusters ball lightning



    YouTube of safire project showing transmutation


    Bob Greener teleportation of with nova device showing exotic vacuum objects marks


    Bob Greenyer on Hutchison effect


    Bob Greenyer describing Evo shape

    atch this one


    will add as needed

    Looking at teleportation video, the crystalline deposits in aluminum, is that the beginning of transparent aluminum from Star Trek "The voyage Home" movie sequel? Some things are stranger than fiction.

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