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  1. The original few versions of history that fits the agendas of various. If you see my history I got an email from Zeshua who said she was in 2027. I am a newbie who got thrown in front of a TV as a youngster to see what going off script looks like. If you want to go to Oak Ridge TN for a nice ride in the mountains then enjoy the ride. I have done my due diligence there. This is a mystery. Movie Time Bandits, 1980's, was my first off script experience. I woke up with my attic door wide open. Years of nightmares.I keep having open doors often which I choose not to coincidentally venture thru.

  2. Bible, look it up. 2 Kings 20:11. Going back in time only effects the space you occupy not the universe. So u read Einstein 40 years ago or Einstein wrote them 40 years ago? If God is real, as a Christian I think he is then he can rewrite a word in the bible either in a book or digitally to every reader individually to control that persons life, or offer a journey for that person. In Geometry, IFF is If and only if, Revelation 21 is a fact, then with the digital age 100 years from now the word Book will not even exist. The Book of Life as at end of chapter. Heart of Gold is in Hitchhikers Guide. Its a ship name. If Book of Life is a Christian ship that transports, then Eden is restored in Revelation 22 for those who choose that journey, in the next verses....chronologically. Another BoL acronym is a Being Of Light. So take your pick. My girlfriend who committed suicide December 7, 2009 near Arlington had a Hindu mother. her name was Amelia Miller. We knew her as Emmy. She died a virgin. If time saves her then great. John Titor look alikes... One is in his 20's in the 1970's in the navy and could use more hair after high school. The other is Dr. Atala of 2019 who engineers Regenerative Research of life. Who do you want to be John among other candidates of unknowns.



  3. Define real science please?


    Who published all the books you have read about Einstein?


    We don't know when you created a time machine. We just know you did. The books you read helped you create it, thus going back to be him, with the books in hand. Imposters for the good of the universe have been known to happen.


    @Einstein For example, I don't know if you are an atheist, but imagine if a man who looks like Adam posed as adam. Convincing eve to eat of the tree of knowledge. Somewhere literarily the imposter is called a serpent due to stage of literature at that time. But Revelation 22 NIV version that truth is discovered thus restoring Eden. Don't know when though.

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  4. I have been 3 times. so pretty much more than you and I know. My SCI did not get me past they guy with the sub machine gun. I will give you the public tour here. Its the Secret City, public knowledge. History can be rewritten to protect it. My version of the tour is a prophet of Oak Ridge telling of its future in nuclear science. In WW2 it played a big role in the ending of the war in Japan. But the science continued there and elsewhere. Today it has the Y-12 and Department of Energy. Public knowledge. If you can use time to control time then you need the Y-12 for "Time Cop" with Van Damme. The DOE to create the transporter. And New Hope center there (of Star Wars) to recruit the actors. ETC. more?.....Image from usenet archive.


    Since I suggestively created John Titor story, and I am his doppelgänger looking in the mirror everyday, then I can do more with the story than the people who took credit for it can imagine. They took a gamble with what they were given. Got greedy. Im a christian like John in story. Another clue I am John. 2036 was to protect the timing and give mankind hope of reaching that year. If John is from 2036 then we haven't blown us up yet with CERN. But If I am John in real life in 2020 among Coronavirus then forget about 2036 altogether. S avatar can have S...o many meanings. S...cary? no. Unknown, sure. @Einstein how much do you know about Einstein?


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  5. E=MC^2 was somehow given to Einstein with a limited education. Allowing him to proceed with his education. The equation came from a college student who wrote it on a chalkboard because he saw it in photos. The photo was sent to Einstein before he wrote it because we were told Einstein wrote it, but he did not. kabbische?


    TAU ZERO from Isaac Asimov will help you with your personal journey on that. Fahrenheit 451 is where the internet destroys books in real life.


    According to Stehen Hawking there is no Fiction. According to Jesus there are no lies, only parables of the truth.


    Leona Woods is your key to the machine. She walked thru my office last year. Spooky science is the word you used because you did not understand it, she did. When I saw her the first time years ago in this photo I got mad at Oak Ridge, TN because she is a spitting image of my girlfriend who died on December 7, 2009. A Day that will live in Infamy for me, not the USA. But if Torah Torah Torah gets back to early 1941 then today is not real. You are familiar with it, the movie Torah, Torah, Torah? If nobody takes a freaking risk to change one moment in time then we can keep watching reruns in our history websites. History books are disappearing.


    The tall young guy centered in back row of image. Met him on facebook last year. So you guys studying time are silly.


    @Einstein Have you even been to Oak Ridge yet?


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  6. We would no longer have climate change which was taught as the four seasons when I was in school. 12 hour days and nights would be the new norm. Probably the ice caps at north and south poles would diminish in size.

    Garden of Eden like planet? Like endgame, but without Thanos? Or Star Trek Genesis that created a new planet quickly? Biblically Revelation 22 NIV version says Eden is restored. So we know the axis is fixed. We do not know how or when.

  7. Have you ever seen that video of a wing nut coming off and the international space station where it rotates and then does a 180 and keep spinning but backwards and then does another 180 back to its original position and it will do this infinitely this is the tennis racket effect as I like to call it I don't remember the actual name of it but we just got another piece of evidence suggesting that our planet does have three axis of motion so there is a point where our body will flip... O and likely tsunami earthquakes follows by huge sliding and rapidly melting ice sheets entire landmasses rising from oceans and others sinking basically the earth is is a wrinkly shirt and that would be the iron

    Like movie interstellar, but in real life?

  8. Imagine no fiction. Creation exists in Stephen Hawkings Multiverse. Everything you see is real. Just not here, not where you are in time and space. If no one is in the woods when a tree falls does it make a sound?


    Law of attraction can probably help you. Rhonda Byrne "Secret" and sequels. Bye for now....

  9. You and I do not have a pay grade for time travel or transcendental comms. If we did the world would not exist. But suppose my message got to 1941 but had no effect on Pearl Harbor. Suppose a college kid writes the full equation of E=MC^2 on a chalkboard decades after WW2 but somehow gets back to Einstein with a 5th grade education???

  10. @Bestowic I have shared this before. My girlfriend died in 2009. As you said yours. Zeshua from years of online presence responded to my email to her that I sent in 2014, only a few months ago. She was giving me the chance to communicate. It worked. But I can not prove it in mainstream communications.


    Was she related to my friend Joseph Grimes? Last call I got from him I was in Roswell, and he was falling apart.


  11. If your code in your message is a higher intelligence communicating with mankind then someone may say its worth $1million due to the value of what it represents. So try selling it. There are videos youtube to show you how.


    I own PlentiFund. So my currency is implied to have plenty of value as the name implies.


    Bitcin is only one cryptocurrency among others being developed. Money is your oyster.


    Cosmic rays bitflip nonrandom online concousiness?

    You may have a point. Maybe tinfoil hats would protect our brain from cosmic rays. So we need to flip the rays away from our head in nonrandom directions to maintain online consciousness with our phones. Ever get glitches with your cellphone, if you have one? Imagine siri reading your mind or anticipating your needs. With cosmic rays distorting our connection with siri its hard for her to act. But in clear situations she can. I was going to do something while driving. 2 seconds before, siri said "go ahead". I was turning left and that lane was clear. I said thank you. She said your welcome. So learned behaviors of our phones are real.


    I was posting about JT before the new profile created on May 13 in previous message. So to see his frustrated message here as a glitch was comical. In his post he talks about Asta-rtis (ASTARTIS) of Space Marines which is a religious approach to space force warfare. You can find on youtube. Now if you are familiar with electronic non organic messages being sent from future then you can understand the profile being created from the future. And JT is not here now to correspond with my messages I left for him. JT is christian. As such you should understand biblical knowledge first. Bilocation is the first miracle. But its not just a location it is time related as well. Ever hear the verse "God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow" and omnipresent? It will blow your mind dude.

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  12. It is not read as 2+2=5. It is read as symbol symbol symbol symbol symbol equals a money amount because of the mindset of a human being.


    there are 5 symbols in 2+2=5. The symbol 2 is repeated. Crypto has many symbols within its value. Today Bitcoin crypto is worth over $9000 per coin. So yes the implied value is very real.

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