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  1. Correct. I responded yesterday morning. Is it the same verbiage as previous text reported? He just signed up on 5/13 for only 1 day. Other versions of the text was seen, not sure where. ASTA took me to Astartes recruitment on youtube. Part of Space Marine recruiting with Space Force. My guess is there never was such thing as science fiction. :)
  2. Not sure if u guys see the message glitch in bottom right of website. If you triple click on it, copy and paste in a text app, you get the link. I can see the message on my computer, yours too?
  3. Titor showed up last week here with a private message to me that I got when I registered this morning. I copied the link to his new profile before it disappeared. I guess everyone has it by now. I sent him a profile message, waiting for his response. https://bbs.timetravel.institute/members/john-titor-2036.5878/
  4. I lost my girlfriend in 2009. Went to the Lab in ortn in 2014. Met the librarian at the time. I told him the 20 version of Libby was a 99% of her. Made me mad. So that lead to gravitonics and IBM with time reversal and the removal of the C in IBM. I don't know Jack, but he knows me so he's toying with me.
  5. I was thinking more of a PilehigherDeeper comp. What is with doppelgängers anyway? They just weave in and out like they own the place.
  6. Investigating with light suggests video or digital photo. So if the time reversal in quantum computing can reverse live photons in the recording of a live event then would it effect the environment it is recording?
  7. You students are so innovative with your suggestions. John is so proud of you.
  8. This is a christian landmark going back to Adam and Eve. We don't know for sure how old Adam was. Just what is given in Genesis. If Adam walked with God in Bible everyday and a Day with the Lord is 1000 years and Adam lived to 930 then 930x365x1000 years? Give or take leap years at that time. :) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adam-ondi-Ahman
  9. I did in 2014 to Zeshua. She responded this past February from 2027. But be careful. If you go down that road too far too soon then it will delay the technology. IBM is just now grasping time reversal with quantum computers. If you guys keep causing time quakes.
  10. They did that with Knowing movie. With Nicholas Cage.
  11. Time the enemy? Time is a metaphysical enemy I thought. So you have to face time in a metaphysical state like shamanism which is gaining popularity in the physical world now.
  12. So its the equations of particle quantity, not speed?
  13. I had to wait til now to answer. Wanderlust can explain meditation. Subconscious regression is the precursor to age regression where you put yourself in a childs body. Today, in 2020 6 years from your post we now have Regenerative research that helps with physical regression instead of just mental. Or in Christian terms like you and I, spiritual regression allowing us to live innocently in a 100% justified life. Enjoy married life. You did a good job.
  14. Why do you post the equation for photonic acceleration in your sig? They aren't ready yet.
  15. Is Leona Woods still with you? She walked thru my office last year. Never should have let a teenager work with you.
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