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  1. Can you post YouTube links of these particular episodes? Just want to see the episodes with my own eyes and make sure photoshop is NOT being used on these memes.
  2. Please post a YouTube link of that particular Simpson’s episode. Cheers.
  3. Yes, folks are just taking his word as truth. He invented a story based on a boy in that picture. I think Basiago was featured on Jesse Venturas Conspiracy series in season 3.
  4. Yeah, the spy camera is pretty neat. But my mind is still a bit freaked out that somebody in the late 1800’s was using a “spy camera” to secretly take pics of unsuspecting folks. And the results of the pics were of a high quality, imo. Quite amazing.
  5. Hi. Just got to ask. Where is Lincoln in that pic? Here is a couple pics to the 19th century spy camera. . I must admit, the more I think of it the more absurd it seems. It’s like history has been somehow “rewritten”:
  6. I’ve always found the bottom pic, curious. Who was Matthew Brady taking a picture of? Changing subject slightly, I was recently surprised to find out that button hole spy cameras were being used around this time period as well. I was under the impression that they were a 20th century invention.
  7. Don’t all Presidents talk about the topic at least once during their term? I’m sure they all talk about aliens on the moon and stuff.
  8. I am not the claimant. I’m kinda relaying from memory a post I read on an Internet forum in 2019.
  9. I remember reading about a person who posted last October 2019 that they was from the year 2030 something (I don't think it was the Titor 2036 year). This was posted on an internet forum. This person claimed that from 2020 onwards, times were going to be difficult. They said there would be a Superflu that killed millions. They said that the British Royal family would experience troublesome times. I think they said that the Queen would die in Dec 2019 (Obviously got that one wrong) They said that Trump would win 2020 election and that the Democrat Party feel it was unfair/rigged. Riots then ensue (they named the cities/states but I cannot remember). This person mentions that social media is taken over and regulated by Governments (due to being bailed out, I think). They also said that in 2028 (I think) that somebody called Lauren Underwood would be President of the USA. This person also mentions that Time Travel is developed from some sort of Augmented reality/VR technology. The person behind this technology is called Kyle Rand. I can't remember anything else. Not sure if this claimant visited this forum.
  10. Wouldn’t surprise me if substantiated public disclosure occurred in this crazy year of 2020.
  11. Yep, I’m aware of the umbrella term, “Coronavirus” All I can say is this: 1) This is the first time ever my niece has caught a “cold” in late May. 2) This is the first time ever my niece has ever lost her sense of smell and taste due to a “cold” I know there is a first time for everything, but the coincidences in my nieces case cannot be ignored; Occam's Razor and all that.
  12. I’m not sure I understand the point you’re making? I certainly believe that there is a virus that is spreading. My niece works in a hospital and undertaken a few shifts on a Covid Ward. One morning she woke up with typical symptoms including loss of smell and taste. She tested positive. Fortunately, her symptoms were only mild and her sense of smell has now completely returned after a week or two.
  13. A propaganda weapon? What are people testing negative and positive to in swab tests and Antigen tests?
  14. If this Covid is some sort of biological weapon, wouldn’t there be a higher fatality rate?
  15. Hi Paula, long time no see. Hope you’re well. Do you remember spots being made in TTI whereby an alleged time traveler said that big riots would break out in Minnesota?
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