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  1. There was a war that was supposed to happen between Iraq and the United States of America of course this war was stopped by so-called Time Travelers. The outcome of this war would have been tremendous and would have lead to World War 3. Of course, there are other things that the presidents have done and I said to other countries that are still not been released. And this will have a tremendous outcome on our timeline. So what if the war between Iraq and the United States happened... When will the United States be today?
  2. To be honest this is theoretical. read as you wish. Prayer very much changes they reality around you in fact just speaking change is the reality around you. When you speak you're sending waves out from your throat that vibrates sear technically sending out vibrational of around you. This again goes into a theoretical science your brain is full of electrons and you choose to say and we don't know if sound waves affect Quantum particles yet or even if sound waves is quantum particles so when we speak we're sending out Quantum particles all around us letting our environment I know we mean that some words send out different types of vibrations so different vibrations means different Quantum waves that's why in the "Bible-quoting" Bible its says if you will ever need help casting out demons just say Jesus name This word, therefore, has a Quantum effect around the person and I personally believe they might be other words out there that we don't even know what day are that can induce Quantum fields. These then come to languages that mean languages all have 1 outputs to us it probably sounds like English French Spanish or something like that but in the quantum field they have different vibrations or different wavelengths to what they mean. I don't know what this happens to anyone else but when you're watching a movie and there's a scene that seems empowering. You feel lifted and some type of way like you feel it down in you like that's powering. That is another proof of quantum wave induction words have an effect on people and basically living animals anything that's living it can have an effect on it plants Birds everything that lives they can have an effect on it it can you probably even have an effect on basically matter but like I'm saying this is all theoretical science and theoretical means someday it might be true or it is not true at all so it's up to you to believe or believe not what to believe.
  3. the united states will not say anything what so ever. Acknowledges that they do indeed know something but they are not revealing it for the sake of war or technology advances that would change the world as we know it today. But of course, we're on the verge of finding technology advances that would help us greatly if we do not have any Wars happening in the next few years.
  4. Hello Everyone, I am not a time traveler. but a normal human who loves to study theoretical science. okay, let's get back on topic. There there are many ways to harvest particles. particle harvesting is actually being done today at CERN labs and other particle accelerator. the question is it possible for us normal human's normal citizens of America or other countries to make particle accelerators at home. now if you haven't noticed a particle accelerator takes over tens and thousands of square miles of land. would it be possible for us to make a scaled-down version of this particle accelerator. "yes" it is very possible to make a scaled-down version of a particle accelerator. Instead of using protons as CERN does, you'll be using electrons and positrons. You're wondering where we going to get these electrons and positrons. electrons and positrons all come from one single thing a (car) battery a normal Human will have to find a way to splits electrons from the positrons through a wire of some sort once that is done and they have split the electrons and positrons into two different tubes then we can get started with particle acceleration. CERN makes magnetic tubing for the acceleration of particles. in order for regular humans to create this phenomenon, they will have to use copper wires and a metal tube that will carry the electrons and positrons this metal tube. the metal tube will have to be shaped like a spiral or a slinky. now we'll use the copper wires to create the electromagnetic field of course this was all be powered by the battery. Now once that is done you found a way to splits electrons and positrons you can now Collide them together at this time. you will have particles in 2 tubes. positron in one tube electron in another tube. The electron and the positron will then go to the combustion chamber this is where the particles can be collided and be collected for further experimentation. now you can make the spiral tubing go as long as a can you can have different tubes that connect to each other and make more Spiral this is going to be good for the speeding up the particle. once that is done we have to collect the particles that have been shot out and Spilled Out. so we have an extra two tubes hanging around the combustion chamber that allows you to collect the particles ask you out remember once a particle collides they tend to move farther and farther away. the reaction then starts, of course, you can add magnetic fields to the combustion chamber to this to allow a stable reaction or Collision is all up to the user who makes it and of course [theroratical] this can also be used as a sort of time-traveling device because once the positron and negative electron Collide this makes a theoretical science black hole basically a Quantum black hole and you can use this to time travel but of course this is still theoretical science and we have to see if that actually happens. keep in mind what we're doing here is basically creating the Big Bang over again in a smaller Factor so basically everything that happened during the Big Bang is happening in the combustion chamber so if there were no magnetic fields everything won't last the way it's supposed to so, therefore, we induce it with magnetic fields this can also keep the particles from spilling out and I can also cause Quantum black holes which can be used for time travel thing like I said this is still theoretical science and if it is true in normal person can then follows John titor instructions on how to make a time-traveling or gravitational warping device.
  5. Hello _oZ, Why would you expose you're a time traveler while in this day and age you can be tracked on anything, in fact, why would you even go on this exact forum you should have a protocol in a place. like a wave transmitter that transmits @ current wavelength, only a TTI can receive. It should take you a week or 2 to get your fellow colleagues back. Also about the different timelines frankly if you say something in this timeline you're you are affecting this timeline but your timeline will still be intact therefore if you told us about your time machine not only are you telling us how to make one or either how it works your timeline will never be affected but ours would. To everyone else, if you don't know how the timeline looks like a timeline is basically a tree it starts at the same spot but differentiates when moving forward different types of other lines that merge, unmerge. its seems like you have moved forward hope u read this soon ✌
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