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  1. @Classicalfan626 Can't even do it yourself... Lazy. Your beliefs aren't facts without reputable sources.
  2. @Bestowic Those unemployment stats were already on a steep decline from Obama's presidency, Trump took over basically right at the end... Those stats are not his. Those other things are not all that impressive... If you refuse to cite sources, there is no reason for anyone to believe you, same reason I got asked for sources... and gave them. Unemployment Stats https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/LNS14000006
  3. @Bestowic Unless you can start showing sources, stop making random claims. Just because someone's opinion differs from yours doesn't make them China's puppet lmao. And there are no loaded questions, Trump just has Foot in Mouth Syndrome.
  4. @Bestowic At least read my sources before making your own assumptions (like my race), baseless claims (calling me racist) and false statements (saying he's done more for the black community than Obama), like Trump... You'll make a fool of yourself.
  5. @Bestowic I am literally white. Rofl. Furthermore, he has done NOTHING for minorities besides separate them from their families in mass deportations and travel restrictions, such as the anti-muslim travel restrictions. He has not met the demands of BLM, he just said some words and never enforced them. As for defunding police, that isn't necessarily the best move without a solid replacement plan, but that's not something that would happen immediately, it would take time before they had a new system to implement.
  6. @Einstein @KerrTexas @PaulaJedi @sergiuspaulus @Bestowic @Classicalfan626 There is an absurd amount of proof everywhere you look. Trump saying he's not racist is like telling mommy that you didn't steal from the cookie jar despite the crumbs still being on your lips... This is about all I feel is worth my time at the moment, but it is quite substantial for anyone not fangirling Trump. Some people wouldn't accept the proof no matter what, even if Trump "grabbed them by the pussy". Feel free to offer your own sources if this isn't enough... I'd love to see what has you all so convinced. Anyone willing to engage in an actual debate about the predictions of Titor instead of a political slugfest, let me know. Collection of Trump's Speeches and Rallies for you to observe proof from his own words: Collection of racist remarks from Trump: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2018/01/15/opinion/leonhardt-trump-racist.html A long list of Trump's lies: https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2020/06/01/president-trump-made-19127-false-or-misleading-claims-1226-days/ https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/politics/trump-claims-database/?itid=lk_inline_manual_35&itid=lk_inline_manual_42&itid=lk_inline_manual_20
  7. @KerrTexas The video you provided a link to made me laugh quite a bit, I appreciate it. It's fortunate that I wasn't wearing my tin foil hat, or it might have actually seemed factual. Yes, Titor discussed global warming, barely, and only to say he didn't really know much about it, only that the environment was "still an issue" and that the polar caps were still there. I am compiling my sources right now... If your sources are SO much better, why don't you post them as well? Unless, for some reason, you can't... Although, if they are as humorous as the link for Climate Change, by all means, throw them at me.
  8. I cannot take someone seriously if they deny global warming. Anyone that claims that is a hoax is not worth the time trying to convince them of reality. You are no better than flat earther’s. I will never understand how someone can speak of science in one sentence and deny it in the next. Can we return to topic please? I will be posting sources as soon as I get off work.
  9. Almost everything I said of Trump can be found in his own live broadcasts, his own words. He denies science and global warming, and, on topic of education, appointed someone who has done the opposite of help improve it. And it may not have been a reaction to him, but he has only made the situation worse since the day he took office. Also, Obama didn’t start it, racist police did. There IS systematic racism in America, left over from the worst parts of our history. That is the cause, not Obama. You are ignorant. I’ll say it again, I don’t follow mainstream media. However, the burden of proof lies on the accuser. If I am lying, prove it. Are you saying Trump didn’t tear gas protestors in front of a place of worship just to take a picture? That he didn’t racially insult anyone? Anyway, you say that I speak of leftist propaganda, but you are just doing the opposite. This is why I wanted to avoid making this political, even with an abundance of evidence, politics blind people.
  10. Donald Trump is an instigator, he insults his opponents like a 12 year old, uses racial slurs excessively, throws military weapons and troops at protestors, teargasses churches, and has personally removed great things done by the Obama Administration for health care and most relevant to today, he has removed an incredible amount of disease control efforts that would have been able to combat this pandemic. He shifts blame to anyone he can, never taking responsibility for his actions, even though reopening has already begun to cost more lives. How did Obama create a divide? Under his administration, we saw more rights given to those in minorities and the LGBQT community. He fights for equality, not division. You have blinded yourself to reality, you only see what you want to see. I'm not saying the Governors aren't a big part of the problem, but Donald Trump is nowhere close to innocent. As for China, it is a problem of a different type and scale. One more thing to thank Trump for, making relations with them worse does nothing but raise the risk for more problems and escalation. When that happens, it will be on Trump's hands. His attacks against China go beyond politics, he attacked them racially with intent on live television, multiple times. He is unable to see people as people. Then we have the issue of Russia and North Korea. Russia has been manipulating Americans just as much as China, if not more. Worse still, they have been openly hostile and are seen much more often with military vessels and nuclear capable-craft close to our waters and airspace, conducting training exercises to invade the US, etc. North Korea was willing to talk of denuclearization, but the Trump Administration bungled that as well. From where I'm standing, Trump has only shown himself to be a hostile force to everyone around us, INLCUDING us, and this will never lead to anything good.
  11. @Einstein You need to take that chunk of China out of your *** because nobody here is talking about it but you. If you like freedom and prosperity for all, you should actually agree with me... Prosperity is so warped in America that you even acting like it's even remotely "for all" is laughable at best. These "violent rioters" and the peaceful protestors are not always the same people, and you are condemning their cause for the actions of people who tend not to even be part of the cause. And the ones that are, even I can't blame them. We've been fighting racism in America for longer than the memories of people that are alive, these recent killings are nothing new, and that is why people grow violent. They have tried peace, and where has it gotten them? Donald Trump has undone decades of racial relations progress on top of everything else, and created a divide between the people, and somehow we are on the brink of repeating a war that we already went through in our own countries history! YOU can be the one to get stuck in the past, pulling down everyone around you, while the rest of us progress and leave behind a better world for the future.
  12. @Einstein, nobody is here to promote violence. If you cannot contribute to the discussion and continue to say things like you want a WACO event, then you will find yourself meeting karma face to face. People are out on the streets right now fighting for their RIGHTS to live as HUMAN BEINGS, and the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT is the PROBLEM. That's all I really have to say on the matter. As for the people who actually seem to be reasonable, let's continue the discussion. Psychic abilities or precognition would be interesting, but I personally have had several Deja Vu experiences as an adult and multiple dreams that I remember every detail of, even though I had these dreams as a young child. I remember my entire family being killed in a home invasion, and the dream was reoccurring for months after I had it. The war is coming, whether its the one Titor predicted, or another one entirely, and it's right at our doorstep.
  13. While the science behind it is questionable at best, Titor admitted he was not an expert at all, merely a pilot. Furthermore, his proposed theory of Divergence means that events would not necessarily happen as described so the WACO events may not happen, I certainly hope not. However, if things are unfolding as he claimed, now is only the beginning. Things could still get much worse, to the point WACO events do occur. Do we not owe it to the future to discuss the possibilities of what is coming?
  14. Thanks for the link, but I have read them extensively due to my interest in time travel. No worries about making it political though, I'm trying to avoid that as well. As far as WW3 goes though, it is possible that it could happen still. Not too likely, but hopefully after this Coronavirus Pandemic, people will be able to come together a bit easier. At the same time, Trump hasn't exactly been kind to other nations, particularly China, throughout the pandemic. North Korea is back to being out of touch and taking a stance against the President, as well. Racial tensions are only getting worse, not just in the USA, and I find it easier and easier to think it could lead to a world war. Now, as for the civil war, that is so much more likely to happen than any of the other things Titor proposed. As we speak, there is not only the widespread protests, but the Autonomous Zone (CHOP) in Washington. Titor even said that police were involved in the unrest, and specifically mentioned many of their anti-protester weapons. As false as his story appears, it's right on the money here.
  15. No, I read the originals. He was asked questions regarding the people in those countries being involved in the conflict, to which he said they were part of it, but not the cause. I guarantee you will find the messages if you look. I never denied Russia nuked the USA, don't know why you even brought it up. Russia is even showing hostility already, and has shown itself to be working behind the scenes against the US for it's own purposes. Edit: This is the question I refer to, and it was discussed multiple times after it was posted. (How and why do the Arabs Jews become entangled in the civil war of the U.S.A?) They are not directly involved but political situations are dependant on Western stability, which collapses in 2005.
  16. The civil unrest is very real, whether you believe it or not. I do not follow mainstream media, I have my own sources. The Middle East WAS part of his story. You didn't read it very thoroughly if you didn't see it. That being said, you should go back and read what Titor said because you may just learn something new.
  17. You are looking in the wrong place, I didn't even mention China. Signs of unrest that leads to Civil War in America at the turn of the Presidential Election? The cause of the war being "order" and "rights"? Instability in the Middle East due to the US government pulling out in pretty much the worst way possible, increasing tensions across the entire region? That is what I'm highlighting here, among other things he has said. "the present hostile attack on American values by China." Has nothing to do with the predictions of Titor in any direct or meaningful way.
  18. `I think you are not aware that its a thought experiment, which I also clearly questioned the truth. The point, is how eerily similar things are now to what he said they would be. Whether it's true or not makes no difference.
  19. Anyone who has read into John Titor knows that his predictions details that, during the 2004 Election, events are set off that lead into an American Civil War, and degraded foreign policy has already left the Middle East in chaos, just as Titor said that Arab and Jewish hostility contributed to the beginning of WW3, or at least was part of it. Furthermore, if you look back, Donald Trump ran in 2000 and almost again in 2004. What if, due to divergence, his Presidency was delayed, and thus so was the overall prediction that the USA would descend into civil war before WW3 began. Nobody can say that his prediction is not eerily similar to events in recent years. It makes you wonder, however, what life might be like if Titor was telling the truth. And if he wasn't, he got a bit too close for comfort with his prediction, don't you think?
  20. Can we talk about how his prediction seems to be coming true NOW, instead of when he said? What if that was due to divergence...?
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