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  1. Why claim you're a time traveller tho, wouldn't it make more sense if you just said you were looking for the book? Saying you are a time traveller could change the timeline more drastically than just saying you want a book that will be released.
  2. Could you share any information about your time machine? Diagrams, photographs and such.
  3. Calc


    I didn't know about this. Seems like his predictions were somewhat on point, however I'm not too sure whether it's a well crafted troll or not.
  4. I see. I asked because I was wondering as to whether we're all from the same place as you, and it's just that you seem to retain the knowledge of things from there. Are you sure that it's only you and a few others from this parallel universe?
  5. You remember events and differences from your world? So the real question is, do you have "Reading Steiner"?
  6. Great taste! Im intrigued by Y2K Retrosynth, do you have any so we can listen?
  7. I'll give it a listen. What type of music was popular during the time?
  8. I would ask him what he thinks of his fame, but I would also want to inquire more about his Time Machine and how many times he has travelled (from his perspective).
  9. Titor has been an inspiration for many works of media involving time travel and sparked a curiosity for many people to get interested in time travel. I doubt he'll return, however if he did, rest assured we would question him to death!
  10. Those are amazing 3D printers you guys have! Do share your build if you manage to make something cool. I would love to give it a try too!
  11. Thank you for this explanation on True AI. So is it like Deep Learning, but without the programming itself controlling what the AI learns?
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