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  1. Doing physics with quaternions, by Doug Sweetser
  2. Off topic, I found a letter from 1845 about octonions; look at the second part, the first talks about the jacobi, https://zenodo.org/record/1431049/files/article.pdf?download=1 (7) seven (-1) negative ones
  3. So I figured that I will use octonions to create my time map. I have a lot of homework to do... why octonions, special relativity uses quaternions and the next step is octonions. Someone posted an expansion of special relativity, in this site, using some sort of time dilation. I'm going to use that on my time map.
  4. After watching this video, I believe it would challenge people's religious view. The faithful should not be affected, but many are.
  5. But then he also said, " Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you. " I believe that firmly. God is everything and nothing, the alpha and omega. What I find interesting is how being religious is finding God, finding that light within you and sharing it. I think Jesus was talking about the 7th dimension. (Why 7... it would be a long paragraph). Do you mind if I talk about Buddhism?
  6. Are angels (Multidimensional beings) aliens? I guess what trying to say is are angels (multidimensional beings) not from our solar system aliens? Are the ones which been here longer than humans natives? Last, I digress, my opinion, I think what separates humans from animals is that humans are 4 dimensional (past and future) and animals are 3 (now), and multidimensional beings (angels) are 5 and above.
  7. I found a 3d open source solar system https://mgvez.github.io/jsorrery/ created by Martin Vezina.3d solar system
  8. If you look at the definition of alien; a foreigner, especially one who is not a naturalized citizen of the country where they are living. Most religions of the world and its beings would be alien. In terms of smart beings outside of humans, I know they exist. If you want to know more about them look up book of Enoch.
  9. I remember a tv show called 1001 ways to die and the show is now called 1000 ways to die.
  10. Rambling on, going back to the idea of being on an island and building a boat to leave. The island being the "present" and the boat being the "time machine", what I left out is you would be blindfolded the whole time. Why blindfolded, at the moment, physics can't see "time" as a vector only as a scalar and traveling only to the future. Removing the blindfold would require physics to see "time" as a vector which would gain the ability to travel forward and backwards in "time". Cartography update, I need to create an 4d plane map using the solar system starting with a few days, then weeks, so on. Last, I'm going to use quaternion number system to organize the map.
  11. Looked online and I found this information. If you create a series of experiments that always work on your universe the farther you travel from your universe the least likely these experiments will work. For example the gravitational constant, it would change in a different universe; maybe slower or faster depending how far you are from your origin universe.
  12. If you use orbital locations and electromagnetic fluctuations to understand your spacial location to determine the frame of reference of time in your current universe, how do you differentiate from your origin universe from the infinite other universes when time traveling? Sorry for the long question.
  13. Another question I am having trouble with is, how do you determine what timeline you are on , and how far from your timeline I guess the origin timeline?
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