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  1. I see, so.. i'm thinking like Steins;Gate with this one tbh, but it seems even going back and reversing any changes you make wouldn't completely push the world line to 0 divergence. (and i wasn't meaning full corporeal travel, more messages from the future like in Steins;Gate when they sent just the numbers back. As for AI.. i completely agree with your moral view on it, i feel though, it would have to be raised right, to value life... I can see it being abused, even if it has free will of its own. It gives me hope, but it scares the shit out of me to think what could go wrong - the last thing we want is for it to harvest human bodies for its own uses...
  2. you should look him up.. you know, seeing how this thread is about Predictions about Trump.
  3. @Einstein You wouldn't be wrong there. It is in fact, The Ark of the Covenant. My goal was to see how you see. ?
  4. But Hey.. You're @Einstein ... I'm just a Duck - What do I know? ??
  5. So you believe in Aliens, but not Black Holes? - Where do you get your logic from? it clearly wasn't Einstein. I can tell we're going to get along like a house on fire ???
  6. Energy and Mass are always interchangeable - One eventually becomes the other.
  7. "We all live in a Torus Universe, A Torus Universe, a Torus Universe" (Sing to Yellow Submarine)
  8. You've not heard of "Hawking Radiation" then? ? Besides, Energy and Mass behave differently around a black hole.
  9. well, that's not entirely true, Black holes do emit radiation, do they not? So how can "Nothing" escape them?
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