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  1. Hi all just pinning a post for any false titors that would like to pop up and debate.... I would like to update you as I have deciphered dates times and revelations surrounding titors mission parameters and c204 temporal displacement manufacturing.. I’m not an accredited engineer and don’t have a paper due in creative writing...but I am a huge contributor to temporal displacement design I am the legal benificery of the foundational tech that allows bio mass to be displaced. my late father is the global inventor of wireless digital packet data via 202 base station transceivers (cell towers) foundational 2g packet switching router for digital gsm cdma networks. the cell area is divided into 2 predetermined areas which is split via 208 and 210 base station extenders these areas are known as 204 (inner Area) 206 outer area.. I categorically know all the components protocols and algorithms nesseasry to achieve temporal displacement perhaps I wirelessly neurolinked data from an alternate worldline perhaps I just have a cool story to tell for no underlying apparent reason My mission parameters are simple establish a temporal space agency Orion’s 177th was named after the d.o.d of titors brother 17/7 It is the sign of 7s proclaimed in revelations a symbol to represent the first resurrected human aka the second coming the war that was proclaimed to occour 2004 happens in november the horrible thing about t.t is no one will belive this until it happens costly every time I read the manuscripts left behind by titor they slightly change and evolve pretty sure my judgement creates divergence as I am the one raising John Titor and it motivates him Passively over a lifetime to learn more inturn upgrading original manuscripts I’ll call that the reverse mushroom paradox meaning don’t keep the ordnance in the dark and feed them shit. There not a mushroom I have decrypted so much information relating to the origins of time travel and the paths that don’t need to be repeated my father created the tree of knowledge (cell towers) we all take bytes of information from our apple devices john was sent back too 2001 to resurrect the inventor his grandfather with solomons key c204 I am mashiach david john adams as written in the torah I should proberbly be writing a book a hitchhikers guide to time travel 101 this title is not inspired by douglas adams hitchhikers guide to the universe my great grandson borrowed the title from me..wrote the sequels before the original prequel was drafted
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