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    Vorrei tornare nel 2017 o 2018.. comunque prima di Gennaio 2020, in cui ho perso l'amore della mia vita... a luglio mi sarei dovuta sposare dopo 13 anni insieme, dopo anni di convivenza e lavoro insieme... tutto insieme...

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  1. ANNA GRASSELLINO, THE ITALIAN ENGINEER WHO WILL BUILD THE QUANTUM SUPER COMPUTER Anna Grassellino is a 39-year-old Italian electronic engineer, graduated from the University of Pisa and awarded the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers in 2017 by Barack Obama, an award to the most promising professionals in scientific research. From December 2019, deputy director of the American particle physics laboratory Fermilab in Chicago, for the advancement of key technologies in energy physics, she will also direct the National Quantum Information Science Research Center, a program worth 115 million dollars, entrusted by the US Department of Energy, which will aim to build a revolutionary quantum computer (Superconducting Quantum Materials and Systems Center), in collaboration with Rigetti Computing, Northwestern University, Ames Laboratory, NASA, INFN and other partners. The center will also develop new quantum sensors, which could lead to the discovery of the nature of dark matter and other little-known subatomic particles. Fermilab will not, however, be the only laboratory selected in this research: four other national centers, in fact, will help the project in making progress in the quantum field, as part of the U.S. project. National Quantum Initiative. Source: “Fermilab to lead $ 115 million National Quantum Information Science Research Center to build revolutionary quantum computer with Rigetti Computing, Northwestern University, Ames Laboratory, NASA, INFN and additional partners.”, FermiLab.
  2. No @JayJay don't go ? I liked talking to you, you helped me unlike others (I added some more information about me in my profile but you can ask me anything you want) and you also said that some my question was interesting ??? I hope you will stay ... in any case don't answer the questions you don't like ... don't care ? where are you from?
  3. Hello to everybody... as title: There are some time travellers now in the world? We all are waiting for you ? ???♥?
  4. Hi @TimeTravel_0 e hi @_Oz ... solo stasera ho letto tutti i tuoi post e ho visto che sei ancora qui perché ti sei iscritto a TTI meno di un'ora fa ... quindi so che ci sono molte domande ma per favore. . per favore rispondi a qualcuno di questi? ?anche in privato se preferisci .. e continua anche qui ... per favore ... grazie ancora ... è molto importante per me, ho perso mio marito a gennaio pochi giorni prima del coronavirus e non ho avuto nessuna possibilità di vita (solo il 10%) dopo l'incidente d'auto ... mentre dopo un mese dall'incidente stavo bene (considerate che sono in coma da 8 giorni e ho avuto molti ematomi cerebrali e altri disturbi fisici di cui non scriverò qui ora) e ora non ho più casa e lavoro .. Trascorro le mie giornate qui, e mi chiedo perché sono rimasto illeso? forse ho altri scopi nella vita? magari un viaggio nel tempo per ricongiungersi al mio amore ... spero ... ti aspetterò ... ?ma ... non c'è pericolo che tornando indietro nel tempo nessuno muoia mai? Vorrei tornare al 2017/18 non troppo lontano ...
  5. @JayJay ?mi hai dimenticato? Mi dispiace se il mio inglese non è perfetto in questa domanda ma sono stanco di usare google translate .. ?ho studiato inglese a scuola e ho studiato lingue e ho letto l'inglese come mia lingua madre quindi ... ho provato a scrivere by own.. cosa pensi??
  6. ciao jay jay .. scusa, so di aver già fatto tante domande ?ma stasera ne è venuta in mente un'altra ... e magari avendo parlato con ichtion avrai già la risposta. quando torni indietro nel tempo, torni all'età con cui hai iniziato o torni anche tu a quell'epoca? per esempio se oggi ho 30 anni e torno indietro di 10 anni ... quando arrivo ne avrò sempre 30 o 20? Penso che questa sia una domanda interessante! beh ... grazie ancora e ancora ... stasera ho fatto ulteriori ricerche, e alcuni viaggi in passato, anche se solo microparticelle, sono già stati fatti al cern e in italia ... comunque sono italiano, ecco perché il domanda su miss Italia ? you, da dove vieni? buona notte?
  7. Mi dispiace ... il tuo nome è Jay Jay, non Jey Jey ... ???
  8. hi jey jey .. i read everything and thank you again for your time spent here, thanks. also for the compliments on some questions. about the pandemic I believe that what said could absolutely be true .. but I am not a scientist nor a doctor so ... who knows .. for the rest, I thought (and I hope to be honest), that the time machine would be invented in 2028, at CERN as predicted by noah novak and james taylor ... and to tell the truth everything that Noah has predicted has come true so far (on 2019 for example). of course, I still find it absurd that no one has warned us about this pandemic. however I conclude by telling you that the answer on miss italia is due to the fact that it is the first next prediction ... instead of waiting for November and the election of Trump or other ... in any case, I repeat, that any time traveler who can read these words .. can do a search on the internet and give us answers. well ... waiting for other travelers ... I wish you a good evening, thanks again and see you soon!
  9. hope that concrete answers will arrive soon regarding these time travel experiments! now is my only hope!
  10. hello, thanks for your answer .. I had posted the questions in this forum but I think the amdin have moved them. here is the link: https://timetravel.institute/topic/8677-25-questions-about-hypothetical-journeys-in-the-past/ however, in reality they are questions for time travelers, even if I have already read that you have given some answers, through him. what to say ... hopefully good !! Thanks again!
  11. Is this time traveler still here? is it possible to communicate with him? and also can he move by moving from state to state? in any case, if you can communicate with him, would you ask him, as proof, who will be miss italia 2020? thank you i posted 25 questions for him today... any answer??
  12. Hello all time travelers of the posthumous year to 2020 .. I hope to post in the right thread, if not, the admins will move my question to the right thread. Also, I am not English but I am translating via the internet, so sorry if there will be some grammatical errors. So .. I am writing since August 26, 2020 ... I have already done a great deal of research on time travel, on chrononauts, on testimonies and predictions, on developments in the physical / scientific field ... on the revelations regarding John Titor, Noah Novak .. to the various types of paradoxes and obviously to the theories and rules of physics and / or mathematics by Einstein, Ron Mallet, Stephen Hawking etc ... So I have some questions to ask you about it. Since, however, it is for us, who still do not have scientific proof of time travel, a question that is still doubtful, I will ask you to answer some simple questions that will absolutely NOT change the course of events, except for VIPs or cmq not for common people let's say ... then first of all we are in a pandemic period ... the first question is: HOW NEVER HAD NONE OF YOU FORECAST / FORECAST? I understand that he could have created a space / time paradox but he could have used words like "there will be a disease, many states will be affected" etc ... cmq .... WHAT PANDEMIC IS THIS? WHAT'S YOUR NAME? IN WHAT STATE DID IT BEGIN AND WHERE / WHEN DID IT EVOLVE? Ok now let's go to the questions about the future .. obviously all the questions asked so far and the ones I will ask you, are questions that with ANY research on the internet ... will have the answers! 1: when, more or less, will the pandemic that is affecting us end? 2: Who will be "miss italia 2020"? 3: Who will win the "Sanremo 2021 festival"? 4: Who Will Win the 2021, Freestyle Swimming, Olympics? 6: Who will win "vip big brother 5 in 2020/21" in Italy? The choice of these questions was made on the basis of news very close in time to my present, so that I will not have to wait too many years before I have evidence. Then ... let's go now to the questions about time travel / time machine ... so ... Some crononauts (real or fake they are) have stated that time travel will be possible from a certain year... 7: what will this year be? 8: When will the first time travel be? 9: will it be carried out by a human or will they try with animals? 10: When will the discovery of it be? 11: to do it Will you pay? If so, how much higher? (Millions, billions etc) 12: where will it be possible to carry them out? From cern or nasa or from your own home? 13: Can we travel in any year we want? 14: if I go back, for example to 2008, can I meet someone who died in 2020 and is therefore no longer here today? 15: if I meet him, considering the various paradoxes etc, considering that I am perhaps in a parallel universe ... will he die in the same way and on the same day? Even if he will no longer be found there or will he have another job and another lifestyle? 16: considering that going back in time I would not say anything to anyone to avoid paradoxes etc., but cmq I would try to help as much as possible about the pandemic we are experiencing, are you sure that no one else would? 17: can you leave how and when you want or not? 18: can anyone leave or do you have to work for example in the army or in particular posts? 19: when will we start talking about time travel, especially in the past, on the news, TV etc? 20: when and where will the first real time travel tests be carried out? 21: when we start in the past, what happens in the present? For example to your loved ones .. will they see you anymore? 22: do you land in a parallel universe? 23: Can you bring objects such as notebooks or photos with writings? 24: when you go back in time do you already know what will happen? Do you remember everything or will you relive the life you had in that moment? (We always assume that I go in 2008) 25: in 2016 I met my two little dogs who are for me like daughters in all respects. Since I will not be able to take them back and I would not ... it is sure that I will re-meet them if I let go of all the events of my life in the same way (or almost, in the sense that I would only change my studies) than how did they go up to that moment? Ok, for today I BELIEVE (I'm not sure) ... I'm done ... sorry for the length, each question is numbered so that you can number the answers and it will be easier to connect them ... the ones I particularly care about, for a major loss this year are: 11-13-14-15 (especially !!) 19-21-24-25. Ok thanks again everyone, I think that these questions will be asked by many like me ... In any case we are here for you and you for us. Ask for help if we can ... see you soon and have a good trip !!! :)
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