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  1. wow, now it may just be the canadian in me talking but that sounds like a realllllly bad idea. Ps: i'm back
  2. honorable and all it seems hat siegmund has been kicked in the nuts (metaphoically) by MOP
  3. I didn't know that? copyright laws are weird, i wonder if anyone has copyrigted the term "time travel"? i mean HG wells had the book, but who thought of it first?
  4. let me count the ways i doubt it, 1. no one is first to create anything as trivial as a T-shirt design now a days, everything has been thought up by to many people to be able to say who did it first. 2. well, looks like theres only one reason i doubt it...
  5. Re: worst food, you've ever eaten? I can't see the pics RMT, repost em?
  6. Re: worst food, you've ever eaten? ahh RMT horney as a teen ager eh?
  7. Re: worst food, you've ever eaten? I can see the pics, and i am now wondering if were on the same page....(metaphorically)
  8. Re: worst food, you've ever eaten? You'll excuse me if i shudder *shudder* you just brought upon a whole new world of weird....but are u serious? cuz i loooove pineapples
  9. Re: worst food, you've ever eaten? Lets hop onto the other foot whats the best thing you've ever eaten? Shepards pie Pineapple and don't put your girlfriends name either, thats so immmature...and i'd win, my GF is a model :yum:
  10. The oracle of delphi was just getting hallucinations from natural gas, but she was hardly ever wrong.
  11. Re: worst food, you've ever eaten? 2 week old pizza that had fur on it Butter scotch ice cream and using spicy nacho doritos as spoons pepperoni sticks and a can of root beer for breakfast. ....then again i'm 16
  12. well then, let me welcome you back, and hope we can put past transgressions behind us and get down to some serious...umm...what do we do here? ;)
  13. RMT, what was that about you saying he was going to be better and more patient?
  14. Hey, i have a spirit in my basement that i'm gonna get rid of but i don't want to kill it, I want to trap it in a crystal and then relase it into the after life. I was wondering if anyone knew how to do this or a place i could find out where to do this.
  15. no it's the sad truth of our meger little race and how we blame everyone for our screw ups
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